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Eddie Collantes has the American flag draped around his shoulders as he attends a debate watch party hosted by the Miami Young Republicans, Latinos for Trump, and other groups, Tuesday, Sept. 29, 2020, in Miami. The first presidential debate between Republican candidate President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden is being held in Cleveland Tuesday. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky)
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Amnesty warns that Black and Latinx voters are particularly vulnerable targets of armed intimidation, and urges governors nationwide to take immediate action to protect every person’s safety while they vote. These precautionary measures would also protect tens of thousands of poll workers, who will be putting themselves at great risk already by volunteering to work in a crowded environment during a pandemic.

“The United States’ uniquely permissive gun laws are pouring fuel on the flames of a combustible moment, while the rules and norms to protect people participating in the elections from violence are not up to the task,” said Ernest Coverson, Manager of the End Gun Violence Campaign. “Given the surge in gun sales, the recent rise in political unrest and violence, and the sobering reality that there are more guns than people across the United States, Americans are more likely than ever to come face to face with armed individuals at their polling place. There are concrete actions that state officials can and must take to intervene.”

Amnesty issued the following recommendations:

  • Prohibit guns/firearms from polling places. While most jurisdictions across the U.S. limit armed law enforcement officers from within 100 feet of the voting booths, the majority of states have no laws regarding armed private citizens in or around polling places. People should be held to at least the same standard as law enforcement officers. Secretaries of State across the country can institute temporary measures to guarantee that polling places are free of the threat of gun violence.
  • Expand funding for gun violence prevention nationwide: Ultimately, gun violence is an ever-present threat in the lives of people living, working, or traveling in the United States, a threat that has increased in recent months. Amnesty supports a significant increase in local, state and federal funding for gun violence prevention programs, sustained well beyond election day. From Baltimore to Chicago, these programs are proven to reduce violence, but many this year face significant budget shortfalls because of plunging local, city and state revenues. A longer-term investment in gun violence prevention across the U.S. will enhance the ability of every person in the United States to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

Amnesty International Pre-Election Advisory Press Release

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  1. Yet another left wing organization targeting guns instead of weapons. Antifa goons with chains and knives OK. John Q. CWPermit not allowed.

    • It’s like when some nondescript, irrelevant person chimes in at a meeting:
      “Who are you again?”

  2. Too bad the title wasn’t “FEC Shuts Down Amnesty International‘s ‘In-Kind’ Support To Democrat Candidates – Investigation To Follow”. These international “nonpartisan” charities and NGOs are in actuality, typically, neither and really should be held accountable for providing quid pro quo support to political parties.

    • Amnesty International are a bunch of hypocrites of the highest order. They object to people being arrested and imprisoned for political or religious reasons, but for sporting affiliation lock ’em up, throw away the key, and increase the voltage.

  3. The sad part that makes this so completely ridiculous is that this is already the case. Atleast in my state, I can’t carry a firearm with me into a polling place. It’s already illegal. Wether I am licensed to carry or not.

    • My trapshooting club was a polling station. Up until 2006 we shot trap on election day with voters going in and out of the building. Never a problem.
      Then a fucking Karen raised a stink and we had to cancel the shoot because of guns.
      The club soon after told them to find another poll location after members voted on it.

    • I’m not openly suggesting that anyone commit any illegal activity (hello Special Agent Smith who’s reading this from the black van parked across my street), but isn’t the concept of concealed carry such that the weapon is never seen nor known by anyone but the carrier because it’s…well…concealed? So who’s going to ever know, unless magnetometers are installed at polling entrances?

      • Concealed guns are exposed all the time for different reasons.
        Bending over to pick up something dropped on the floor can temporarily expose a gun hidden in the small of your back, or in your waistband.
        Reaching up for something on a shelf can also momentarily expose a concealed gun.
        And of course if you pocket carry, it can just fall out of your pocket when you pull something out.
        Same thing with off body carry in your purse, when you reach in for your voter ID they can see your gun there.
        This got to be such a problem here in Florida that we had to pass a law that momentarily, accidentally exposing your gun in the ordinary course of business is not the crime of brandishing a gun.

        • @docduracoat:

          And of course if you pocket carry, it can just fall out of your pocket when you pull something out.

          If you pocket carry and have other stuff in your pistol pocket YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

    • I OC to vote every time. If I get an “I voted sticker” I put it on my holster.

      Pennsylvania does not specifically prohibit carry at polling places, so unless your polling place is at a K-12 school, you are fine to carry. If you want to be the test case for OC voting in K-12 schools in PA I will introduce you to the best gun lawyers in the state.

      As far as amnesty International, they are missing the point. In other countries the government has armed men at the polling places to ensure you vote a certain way. In America the electorate carry guns to the polling places to prevent anyone form making us vote a certain way.

      • Isn’t hysterical screeching about constant hallucinations an acceptable cause for removing someone’s right to arms? And to drive? If not, I’d think it should be.

    • And that’s the ironic part of their warning.

      Amnesty International has had it’s share of corruption problems around the world. Almost as bad as the UN “peacekeeping” forces.

    • I cannot remember clearly, It’s been a while, didn’t Iceland used to have an annual Allthing to settle decisions for the year. At which you could not vote unless you were ARMED!

  4. If Amnesty International actually did anything. Then They wouldn’t have any victims! Amnesty International NEEDS everyone to be a victim in order to exist…So in other words, THEY help Gangs, Criminals, Authoritarians, tyrants, and potentates to “subjugate the peasantry” (No individual rights to own weapons for self-defense) So, THEY can stand on THEIR soap box and receive $$$$$$$$$$$$!!!! While promoting agenda, agitprop, and political propaganda!

    • You just wrapped up the science of “Self Deception” (Arbinger Institute, 2009) in a nutshell. Without amnesty international’s concept of victimhood firmly in place, you have the psychological equivalent of catching them in a lie. Wouldn’t want that…! So they perpetuate a lie to support a lie. Self Deception.

  5. Send them a picture of the black panthers standing outside a polling station with bats in Philadelphia in 2008 and ask them who do they think is the problem.

    • I was going to mention that GS650G…how soon they coveniently forget. I live in ILLinoyed where gats are verbotten at polling places. Unless yer a criminal. Whatever I plan to vote early…

  6. I’ll have to look into the thing about being armed and voting. The thing about LEO being within 100′ also. When I was working I went in to vote in full uniform. No one would bat an eye. Off duty and retired I was always armed. No signs posted saying otherwise.

    • Here is same, Deputies or Sheriff can not be in building or outside of entrance within certain distance unless specifically dispatched by 911.

      Many of our voting places are at schools and churches, some fire departments ect so carrying is not something I would do here.

      Several of the Southern States were under some DOJ oversight for several decades, too lazy to look it up.

      • Several of the Southern States were under some DOJ oversight for several decades…

        Many still are, they can’t make ANY significant voting rules changes (such as requiring ID to vote) without approval of DOJ and the courts…

  7. My being armed is only threatening if you were contemplating violence against me. And in that case you were the one in the wrong.

    • My wife has a Bachelor of Arts in “Chicano Studies” from UCLA. Top that! We show everyone. Too cool!

        • Some people may think it’s racist and demeaning, but not all. It’s an attempt by woke English speakers (aka, gringos–now there’s a cool word) to impose their gender-neutral bias onto Hispanics. Replace the “o” of masculine gender and the “a” of feminine gender with “x” to neutralize the word. My wife, who is Hispanic and a citizen of a place not unlike Parador, likely has never heard the word. If she happened to encounter it, she would no doubt think the user was ignorant, especially if the meaning was explained to her. Of course, she is neither a racist nor a victim.

        • Yes, she is comfortable in her own skin. After dinner, out of curiosity, I asked her whether she had ever heard the word Latinx. She had not, and she asked me what it meant. I explained it to her, and her response was, “That’s estupid.” I explained a little more about who uses that word how, and she dismissed them by saying, “They’re estupid.” Then, she changed the subject by serving delicate slices of homemade maple syrup pie. My wife’s accent is charming, she is a shrewd judge of character, and she’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys.

  8. I havent seen any reports of threatening armed white men outside of polling places.
    On the other hand I have seen reports and images of threatening armed non-white men outside of polling places.

  9. I know this racist group of atheist internationalists, and racist Jewish socialists, has no problem with the New Black Panther Party. Standing at polling places, where mostly whites go to vote, with a Truncheon in their hands.

    And it was the racist Attorney General Eric Holder who said I won’t prosecute my people, when asked about voter intimidation. And the Jewish ACLU lawyers refused to help.

    These are the same anti civil rights people who supported the KKK marching thru black neighborhoods while carrying guns. And they have never supported the right, of law abiding blacks, to carry guns.

    Amnesty International is an anti civil rights organization. They are comfortable when murder and intimidation occur under a government they support.

    Ya that’s right I said it all.

    I remembered this From 2012:
    “Amnesty International et al.: Grab Guns. Do It for the Children. And Gays. And Rape Victims”

    Many people were fooled into donating to them during a rock concert back in the 1980s. There is even a movie of it. Which I paid to see in the theater. So many years ago.

  10. All we really need is to reinstate the Dredd Scott decision. The FBI homicide statistics irrefutably document that while African-Americans are only one eighth of the US population, they commit over half of the homicides and nearly two-thirds of the gun homicides. Latinx people also commit a grossly disproportionate share of homicides. If State and local governments were at liberty to enact and vigorously enforce laws that prohibited Blacks and Hispanics from purchasing guns, possessing guns or carrying guns, the US homicide rate would be cut by about three-quarters. Alternatively; the US could implement a program too pay reparations to Blacks. Offer them say $50,000 a head plus a free, one way ticket to Europe, Australia, Canada or New Zealand if they renounce their US citizenship and never return.

    This sounds radical, but it amazes and discourages me that most African-Americans are so disconnected from reality that they refuse to acknowledge the fact that with a few notable exceptions, they are getting killed by police because they commit crimes.

    • “If State and local governments were at liberty to enact and vigorously enforce laws that prohibited Blacks and Hispanics from purchasing guns, possessing guns or carrying guns, the US homicide rate would be cut by about three-quarters”.

      Blacks and Hispanics that purchase/own/carry guns legally are NOT the problem. The problem is people that have illegal/stolen guns that are intended to be used illegally. While guns should not have regulation, misuse of guns/carrying a stolen gun should be prosecuted with the gun charge as the main charge, not to be plea bargained away.

      • I grew up during the civil rights era. I vividly recall the speech by Martin Luther King about judging people by the content of their chatacter rather than by the color of their skin. I recall the legitimate demands for equality. I also recall the Watts riots and the Rodney King riots.

        Half a century later the African American crime and homicide rate has soared then receded somewhat, but remains abysmally high. The Black community is insisting on segregating itself. Many universities have Black only dances and graduation ceremonies. They even have Black only classes.

        The core demand of the BLM ANTIFA movement is to defund and disband the police. They also favor disarming American citizens so that they will be defenseless against the BLM ANTIFA mobs that will rob, rape and murder them with impunity. Some of us know enough about history to understand that the paucity of White people in Haiti is the result of the systematic genocide that occurred after the slave rebellion. Ethnic cleansing also occurred in Zimbabwe. The South African government is preparing for wraith redistribution as racial retribution as well.

        My somewhat sarcastic suggestion is motivated by a realistic fatalism. I have given up hope that we can have genuine racial reconciliation in America. The liberals will not allow it. The African American and Hispanic communities will not be satisfied until White Americans are enslaved or exterminated.

        • Yup. And their horrendous performance in education is a major reason they cannot understand the inevitable outcome of attempting a genocide when you are outnumbered almost 7 to one by people smarter, better educated, and better armed than you are. Since they are continuously catered to and enabled, they imagine that will always be, so they can be any manner of asshole they like. When the worm turns, it will be really quick, but really ugly, and they won’t even have a place to hide.

          And just by the way, I am not a white American, just an American.

  11. I think they might be a little confused! If memory serves, it was Killary and Obummer’s pals the new black Panthers who showed up at polling stations intimidating anyone they thought might vote for Trump! Never let the facts get in the way of a good conspiracy!!!

    • In Philly 2008. Three assholes, one with a stick.

      Talk about asking for it. Frank Rizzo would have sent 4 cars of cops to discuss the situation with them.

  12. And the Pope criticizes capitalism…my point being some people/organization are not qualified to debate certain things. Amnesty International should focus on the 100 countries where people have no freedom.

  13. “Amnesty International”, note the International,WGAFF what they Feelz as they are not related to our national elections.

  14. Someone should take a moment to…. Never mind I’ll do it.. Hey, Assbags international, There may be some shitheads out there acting like they are in some shit hole third world country, but, contrary to popular belief this is NOT Iraq or Venezuela and THEY are definitely a minority… No one is going to go out and shoot up a polling place on election day… If there is ANY violence it will come at the hands of BLM and Antifa and at the behest of Puppet Master George Soros.. so don’t get your panties all wadded up, our elections will go just fine (with the exception of some mail in fuckery which will be “handled”) and we will survive it in tact… There is no record of any such thing happening in the U.S. directly involving voting or a Poll location since the passage of the voting rights act of 1965, with the exception of the Black Panthers attempts to intimidate “White” voters in Philadelphia in 2008) … I personally will be “well heeled” when I walk in to cast my ballot on Nov 3rd (that’s why it’s called concealed carry)… The big problems will begin on the 4th when Trump is declared the winner and the morons on the far left start throwing their little hissy fits, It will most likely NOT go well for them… (can’t wait for the reactions of our resident “pet” Trolls)…..

    • “….(can’t wait for the reactions of our resident “pet” Trolls)…..”

      Right there with you.

  15. Hear Ye Hear Ye Amnasty International…The cat is out of the bag. All along it was hilliary rotten clintoon et al behind the lies and diabolical schemes to overthrow a duly elected POTUS. So take your lies and diabolical schemes to demonize citizens who own firearms and shove it.

    • Ahhh, actually we’ve known that for several years now, All the Brennen note did was confirm that Obama (I read it in the paper the same time as you) and Biden (huhhh?, whaaatt? Hilary who? C’mon man…) were physically briefed on her involvement which they both denied….

  16. There are signs here that say no firearms. I’m glad they post it prominently so anyone that had criminal intentions would go back to their vehicle and put their gun up. We’re all safe this way. (Que the eyeroll icon).

  17. Call ’em up and thank ’em for making sure that all blacks at polling stations are disarmed, and the only people with guns are official Trump administration government legbreakers.

  18. Wait. Did the author of the article cite Baltimorgue as an example of how gun control saves lives? LOLOLOLOLOL!

  19. Looking for the “We Must Listen To Amnesty International Clause” in my copy of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and guess what? They’re not even mentioned in those (what I consider Sacred) documents. Amnesty International, just another product of Assholism brought to you by the UN (United Nincompoops)

  20. I’ve never seen so much animosity between two opposing political parties. Bringing a gunm to vote might be a good idea.

  21. I don’t recall the Liberal Media EVER reporting incidents of “armed intimidation” against any voter anywhere in the US and that is certainly something they would have plastered across every platform and made cause celebre for gun control had it ever occurred.

    That said, the only voters currently at risk of being threatened this time around would be those threatened by the Liberal darlings at Antifa and BLM. So, maybe the MSM would not report that?

    AI is taking up a cause that has never occurred and is a threat to no one. Won’t be the first time. Guess they’ve run out of harpoon targets and need a new purpose? Guns are already prohibited at polling places, so what’s that first non-issue all about?

    • I don’t recall the Liberal Media EVER reporting incidents of “armed intimidation”

      Well, to be fair, there WAS the the guy that shot three people killing one NEAR a polling place in Azusa California (NOT election related) in 2016.. Even though it was not widely reported it COULD have been….

  22. The real risk at the polling place is from the demented Left if you don’t take their candidates’ handouts or say you voted for the radical progressive left when leaving.

    Thanks, but no thanks. I’ll keep my weapons on me when I vote to make sure I’m not harassed.

    Only one party has been known to allow or encourage rampant violence and rioting lately. (And it isn’t Republicans)

  23. Just one more leftist organization putting their nose where it’s not wanted.
    Blaming guns for violence is like blaming sparkplug manufacturers for auto accidents.

    CCW for life!

  24. This is the type of crap people write that lack a good grasp on reality. Anmesty International needs to focus on things that are actually happening instead of making stuff up.

  25. OK, well, someone needs to come up with a state-by-state list of where guns can legally be taken to polling stations, concealed or open, and post it here on TTAG. I’d do it, but I’m not much of a lawyer and “legalese” just gives me a massive headache.

  26. Fat lot of good more laws will do. It’s already illegal to show up at polling place with a weapon. But that didn’t stop the Black Panthers from doing it when Obama was running for office. The real attorneys at the department of justice tried to bring charges for that stunt. But they were shot down by the Obama political appointee.

  27. Fat lot of good more laws will do. It’s already illegal to show up at polling place with a weapon. But that didn’t stop the Black Panthers from doing it when Obama was running for office. The real attorneys at the department of justice tried to bring charges for that stunt. But they were shot down by the Obama political appointee.

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