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From NRA-ILA . . .

Here we go again. Four years after then-Vice President Joe Biden said, “Our enemy is the gun manufacturers,” gun control advocates are still trying to convince Americans that violent crime results from law-abiding businesses providing a constitutionally-protected product under exacting government scrutiny.

Amidst the gun prohibition lobby’s never-ending — and usually illegal — campaign of harassing lawsuits, Everytown has now upped the ante with its new “research” effort, “Inside the Gun Shop.” The point is not to shed understanding on America’s heavily regulated firearm industry, however. Instead, they’re trying to impugn and dox the businesses that make the Second Amendment possible.

Everytown uses the report to insinuate that the real problem behind firearm-related violence in America is that greedy, profit-motivated businesses manufacture and sell guns without scruples or effective oversight. The demonization of guns and businesses is no doubt a double sop to the organization’s left-leaning audience, which is often as eager to blame Capitalism as guns for the nation’s woes.

It’s also ironic, given that Everytown is funded almost entirely by billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg, who made his fortune by providing technology and information services to Wall Street, the better to enable its supposedly rapacious financial exploitation. As CNN once wrote, “Wall Street as we know it today wouldn’t exist without [Bloomberg’s] innovations.”

Michael Bloomberg
Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Bloomberg would undoubtedly agree that economic theory and common experience establish that making something more expensive reduces demand for it. Thus, an ongoing strategy of the anti-gun movement is to advocate for piling as many regulations and requirements on top of the firearm industry as possible to drive up the prices of the industry’s products.

This allegedly means something profound. (courtesy

This, eventually, would make firearms so expensive for the consumer as to price many people out of the market. “Inside the Gun Shop” accordingly advocates for “[d]oubling the cost of an FFL” and mandating security, inventory, and personnel practices that would make manufacturing and selling guns economically unfeasible for many, not to mention unaffordable for their customers.

But the report goes even further, publishing a searchable map of licensed gun sellers – including a filter that sorts “residential” from “commercial” licensees – so its gun-hating readers can know exactly where to direct their ire and who to complain about to local officialdom.


Yet, as the report itself acknowledges, most of these businesses are run out of private residences and account for a very small volume of the overall gun sales in America (90% of dealers are responsible for only 16.5% of sales, according to Everytown’s figures).


The point of “outing” them in an easily searchable website is to make them a figurative and literal target. Yet this applies not just to bigoted gun control advocates but to thieves who might find a house with a stock of new guns an attractive target for burglary. This puts a lie to the report’s supposed concern for public safety. Indeed, it actually creates a public safety hazard.

But such is the unscrupulous, scorched-earth character of modern gun control advocacy. As ever with single-minded zealots, the ends justify the means.

There is, however, a simple response to the report’s claims. It’s the criminals, stupid.

Tackling gun crime from the lawful supply side misallocates blame and burdens the livelihood and liberties of honest people, while giving armed criminals (who ignore and operate outside of the law) an advantage. None of this is a surprise coming from Everytown, however, which also has a side hustle disparaging the police.

“Inside the Gun Shop” also takes the reader inside the disordered thinking of gun control advocates, and its premises and recommendations should be rejected.

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      • “…anybody could do and present it as some revolutionary act of virtue-signalling change-bringing.”

        The real danger starts when they decide to publicize state firearm registration lists acquired under ‘government in the sunshine’ laws.

        You can bet your ass they are most likely already doing this now with state concealed carry permit lists. It may not be legal, but I bet some Leftist Scum ™ clerical drone would be happy to compile those lists and pass them on to fascists like ‘everytown’ to use at their convenience… 🙁

      • yes its trivial to do that. But they fact Everytown did it shows how desperate they are. Its not like its a secret, but the Everytown purpose for doing it is different because its to specifically use it to ‘amplify’ criminal activity and create ‘vulnerabilities’ by providing targeting information of innocent people.

        Of course that’s all the anti-gun idiots do any more, simply increase criminal activity by their actions. They increase no-guns zones and more people end up getting stabbed/beaten/robbed/shot in no guns zones – they splash mass-shootings all over the media and more mass shooters tell they used this coverage to learn from and it emboldened them to do it – they create more anti-gun laws in blue state/cities and restrict more law abiding people from owning/carrying guns and crime goes up in those states/cities – the effects of their anti-gun activity and lies and deceptions goes on and on.

    • An appropriate counter-move would be to publicize a searchable database listing names, addresses, telephones, and emails of anti-gun activists. Give them a taste of their own medicine.

    • The that location tool must have been designed by a retarded midget (as Bimpberg). Worthless to find a local to me gun retailer.

  1. I would not dare enter my table top FFL’s home uninvited. He is very well armed and as a former police chaplain, has many friends in law enforcement. In any event, the location of most FFLs is necessarily public if they intend to do any volume of business. I do agree however that there has been a push by the ATF and gun control groups to eliminate table top FFLs. Since most store front FFLs in my community charge $75-$100 for an internet transfer (if they do them at all), losing my table top FFL would make internet purchase uneconomical.

    • “In any event, the location of most FFLs is necessarily public if they intend to do any volume of business.”

      *Strongly* disagree. That data puts them in direct personal danger. FFLs should be covered the exact same way they do for individual law enforcement personnel.

      They don’t show up at all in internet people searches, since someone arrested by a cop could use that data for retaliation purposes.

      Since a cop enjoys a degree of internet anonymity due to their work, FFLs should enjoy the same consideration…

      • Yes, years ago the progs in Iowa allowed newspapers to print the address of every CCW holder. 1st class Moronic. Invitation to home invasion. Today, might as well assume every household in Iowa has guns.

  2. Lol
    Yep, we’re going show them. All we gotta do is let everyone know where they are so no one will go there. I’m sure it will hurt sales.

    Who needs an advertising dept?

    On the other hand…
    They are blaming the hooker while saying the John that pays has no responsibility. At the same time though, mapping where every hooker can be found.

    All it tells me is just how ridiculously dangerous these people are.

    • How do you figure Hunter, apparently, can quickly find hot, high priced hookers (and blow) within minutes of arriving in any city? Must be a DB somewhere.

  3. I moved out of commie Washington state in April. I surrendered my FFL in January before moving.

    I pity the people that moved into my old house since Everytown still shows the FFL as active at that location. The coo-coos that live around there may target the house for harrassment or theft.

    Before the new map typically only gun purchasers would be looking up local FFL’s.

    I wonder the liability if thieves admit in court they are using Everytown’s map for for five finger asset collection?

    • if Remington was a precedent not a settlement I would sue everytown for advertising to gun thiefs if my ffl was broken into.

    • What could go wrong? Outdated information for one. Criminals are usually impulsive types who don’t double check and verify details.

      People who unknowingly bought or rented properties previously occupied by crooks have been subjected to home invasions and drive by shootings.

  4. The tactics they use for store owners, politicians, conservative speakers, etc. are gonna be dealt with a little differently!!😉😈

  5. I don’t object to already existing public information, I object to using it for nefarious purposes like most of the militant leftist wack-jobs are. You know they will target the rural mom & pop FFL’s first, harassment first, then either with direct attacks or with proxies, AKA “swatting”. It’s going to happen and people will die, and the blood with be on the hands of Michael Bloomberg and the Everytown wack-job “moms”.

    • Swatting has more to do with the inept leadership of SWAT teams. Those people just go in with guns shooting up the place before ever thinking to ask why. Ya know…the cops the left love/hate so much. It’s a product of hacking where the bad guys tell good guys what to do and they foolishly do it.

  6. I say let’s use the Everytown database to search our nearest FFL and send them a thank you email for helping you find the FFL close to you to purchase a firearm. If a whole bunch of folks do this, how long do you think they’ll leave the search engine up?

    • Btw, I just tried to do a search on the map and it is garbage – at least for finding anything in Florida. I will eschew any feedback to them that the map search doesn’t work

  7. Anyone know how to get the home address of all Everytown members and Bloomberg etc. Turn about seems to be fare play.

    • look at their business docs, get their registered agents address from those and start with that.

      But some of the members addresses are already known, no im not going to start doxing people here. But this is not a new idea actually, where a lot of them live has been known for a while, its actually available from public records for many of them with all the main anti-gun organizations.

      but we aren’t the mentally ill people they are and the rest of their left wing cohorts are, they purposely do and facilitate and embolden criminals that result in violence from criminals against defenseless victims, like for example No Guns Zones and disarming victims.

  8. So I closed down my residential FFL at the beginning of the current administrations shenanigans, and moved to a different state. My old business still pops up on their map as an active FFL, which is unfortunate as it puts the current owners at risk for robbery or worse.

  9. Understand in 1930s Germany similar maps were used to announce the location of ✡️ owned homes and businesses.

  10. What they don’t understand is have a disturbance at a gun store, is not the same as having a disturbance at some other retail business.

    There are plenty of videos out there of gun store employees shooting people who cause such disturbances.

  11. when my guy moved to okie, i typed a nearby zip and ffl into a search engine. anybody anywhere near you pops up.

  12. Sounds like a good reference site for many…
    Maybe someone should find their membership list and publish it and any emails/phone numbers/addresses that may be attached.

  13. Someone should post Giffords home address, email and cell numbers. These idiots won’t stop until they are also harassed by activists. These people are UTTER garbage.

  14. maybe we should have a searchable on line database of EveryTown members homes…with addresses, names, net worth etc…

  15. We need to post the Name, Address and Phone Number of every “Everytown” supporter online. Harassment works both ways, and it’s long past time they suffer the same tactic they use against us.

    Civility be damned.

  16. Trailer parks on fire
    Mikey’s been cooking up something
    If you want a biscuit come on then Mikey’s got it jumping. Get it from the kno, get it from a pro, get it from the ho.
    Mikey wants them guns gone
    And he ain’t slowing down, slowing down.

  17. Comparing the number of FFls to Post Offices is a specious argument. There are nearly twice as many bars (~150,000) and three and a half times as many massage parlors (~250,000) as FFLs.

  18. Tit for Tat. Start publishing the names and addresses (with Google Maps info.) of all the staff, board members and media people that promote ‘gun control’. Remember that Hitler had the German people register their guns before they confiscated them. Then they started rounding up opponents and executing them.

  19. News Flash boys and girls; ALL Federally issued licenses are a matter of public record, and have searchable databases…which is how those idiots got the “research” in the first place.

    The fact that everybody is losing the minds because some group of anti-gun mental midgets proved their own ignorance by posting a searchable database that already exists…just gives them the attention and self-righteous satisfaction they seek.

    When the enemy shows it’s own stupidity…don’t aid them.

  20. There are also dozens of gun-related websites (GunBroker…fflgundealers…palmettostatearmory…ffldealernetwork…to name a few) that also have searchable FFL databases that provide the exact same info as what has been posted by the left wingnuts at Everytown.

    The fact no one upset about those searchable databases kind of makes all the b**ching about Everytown’s seem a wee bit hypocritical

  21. “gun control advocates are still trying to convince Americans that violent crime results from law-abiding businesses providing a constitutionally-protected product under exacting government scrutiny.”

    These people are idiots. This has been repeatedly debunked by independent non-biased researchers, some government sources, and sometimes by gun control advocates their selves.

    • Sadly, I disagree. They may be preaching to idiots, the uninformed, and the apathetic citizen, but they are hardly idiots. We can only speculate to their ultimate motives, but this is a well coordinated and funded multifaceted attempt to remove all guns from law abiding citizens of this (once?) great country. I just don’t hear of much discussion about where all this is coming from. Nor is there much talk about where all the recent obvious creation of race tribalism, Gender issues, etc. It all seems to coming from a take-over of our education system. Smacks of a “50 year Plan” to me. History will eventually reveal what we seem to be currently blind to. Mark Levin is one of the few who have taken the time to document the downward slide of our education system. The only way to win this is to focus on the Disease as well as the Symptoms.

  22. Well… (this is a link from Lucky Gunner)

    It isn’t https but it’s there. I’ve seen other sites like this and the single biggest issue is always accuracy. Many ffl’s last for decades and some for generations but that really isn’t the case for most. These websites aren’t generally updated that well. Anyone that might pursue an ffl license should think twice about using their home address. Regardless of the type of license.

    The fact that Everytown did this isn’t what interests me anymore than Trumps Tweets did. The low information crazies that follow them are going to do whatever they can no matter what. What I am concerned about is the way it all gets used. But seriously, that’s just the reality of the internet. When someones personal residence is listed, that can easily create serious problems.

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