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HillCntryRedneck describes himself as a director of food an nutrition, but seems to be ready to handle almost any emergency almost anywhere. His Kahr CW380 toted in a Sticky Holsters SM-2 should help in that regard. Small and stealthy. Check out the rest of his gear at Everyday Carry.

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    • Yaesu, Shmey-su.


      I kid! I kid! Nothing wrong with most of the major brands, kind of an Asian Fords vs. Chevrolet thing… 🙂

    • Two hams in the DFW area. Me, N5ZYK. The wife, KB5TTJ. We both operate, we both open carry most everywhere we go. We both have a level of preparedness unmatched by many. I am not boasting either. We both used to be storm chasers. We are still equipped to power emergency radio stations with generators in all three of our diesel pickups and a big generator at home. We can go mobile in an instant and in seperate directions if needed. We are 10 and 12 meter ready as well as 2 meter, 70 centimeter and 6 meter. My truck is a antenna farm. Her antenna has a truck attached to it.

      Pistols, lots. Long arms, lots. Ammo, LOTS. Lights, power, communications a plenty. We are out here, just no one has asked. Well not from the POTG anyway.

      • Used to see more than a few porcupine farms around here. I think a lot have gone silent key. No one to replace them?

        • “I think a lot have gone silent key. No one to replace them?”

          The landscape has changed. The draw of HAM radio used to be ‘talk to people in far, distant lands’, with the internet, anyone can do that with ease, no radio or license required. (Yeah, yeah, I know, once the power goes out…).

          There’s fair interest in the survival or ‘prepper’ community for SHTF communications, just Google prepper or survivalist ‘ham radio’ or similar.

          It’s not the way it used to be, and probably never will be again…

  1. Finally!

    A man (or woman) after my own heart! The true necessities, air, tools, and firepower.

    Although, I must say, this fascination nowadays with having to video *everything* strikes me as a bit weird…

    • “Where is the spare inner tube?”

      A spare inner tube is heavy. This guy may be a bit of a ‘weight weenie’.

      There’s no need to carry a tube nowadays, if you use modern puncture-resistant tires like Continental GatorSkin or the Specialized Armadillo

      I’ve been using the Armadillo for over 10 years now and have had a grand total of 2 flats, and that’s riding about 100 miles a week…

      • Thanks for that, I may re-tire a bit. I have limited my flats by doing a better job inflating but still get them occasionally

        Out of curiosity do you have more bikes or guns ? I feel like it is a combination deadly to budgeting

    • “WTF is that in the bottom right…”


      Actually, it’s a CO2 cylinder and holder that will deliver a blast of gas to re-fill a bike tire.

      Much faster than a pump…

  2. He rides a bicycle, the silver dog bone in the middle is a Park multi-tool and the black thing at the bottom is a CO2 inflator set up to use unthreaded cartridges. I have several of both in various seat bags and Camelbaks.

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