Daily Show On Iowa Handgun Bill

“’The Daily Show’ took a disturbing turn on Tuesday night when Trevor Noah did a segment on the new law that the Iowa state House is working to pass allowing children under 14 to have handguns,” rawstory.com reports, intentionally misrepresenting the bill. As Raw Story previously reported, “The bill would allow anyone under the age of 14 to handle handguns under adult supervision, with no age limit.” But facts are but a minor inconvenience to the antis. And, as they say, you don’t cut funny. As above. Lke this . . .

“Beliebers vs. Directoners just got a whole lot more interesting,” Noah said about the notorious feud between teen Justin Bieber and One Direction fans.

Now that’s funny! Not true, but funny.

“Just to get this straight: Some guy picked up the phone and called a lawmaker and said ‘Hey, uh, my kids need guns.’ And they were like, ‘Done!’ And every day in America there’s parents calling lawmakers saying, ‘Hey, my kids died because of guns.’ And they’re like, ‘Uhh, can you hold?’” Meanwhile, in Iowa, you need a license to braid hair, but we’re giving children handguns. We can’t have condoms in school but kids can have guns.

There’s that word “have” again. Some might say gun control advocates “have” a problem with honesty. I’d “have” no problem with that if they did.

Anyway, I find it interesting that there’s no pro-gun comedy conservative newscaster. That said, I laugh at Sean Hannity a fair bit. Just sayin’.


  1. avatar Gunsplain says:

    There are two kinds of people who get offended by comedy: authoritarians and overly sensitive people.

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      Ah, but what’s the Daily Show again? When they’re talking about a “serious issue”, you’re supposed to take them as journalists. When they show obvious bias or incredibly stupidity, then they’re comics.

    2. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

      And when you combine the two, like a perfect storm of narcissism and self-hate, or an epoxy of butt-hurt, if you will, you end up with the Social Justice Warrior.

    3. avatar AnOregonian says:

      It can be forgiven that you’re unaware of the third, much rarer, breed of people who get offended; Those who do not demand that something be done by those in power. They instead counter offensive deeds with deeds of their own to show correct behavior, and counter speech with speech of their own to correct erroneous claims.

      1. avatar Kevin says:

        There you go with more mansplaining.

    4. avatar barnbwt says:

      Also morons. I’ve met exactly one person who absolutely hated Idiocracy (as opposed to loving/fearing it) as the stupidest thing he’d ever seen. Their favorite scene? Dilldozer/Assdozer fight. ‘Nuff said. Most people are pretty moronic after a day’s hard and/or soul-crushing work, which is where The Daily Show comes in.

      1. avatar 16V says:

        Someone still watches ‘The Daily Show’? Once Stewart retired who bothers?

        1. avatar Blah Blah Blah says:

          Who watched it when Stewart was on? Sanders voters?

          /trevor noah is a douche on EVERY issue.

        2. avatar 16V says:

          Stewart was funny. And almost always factually correct. Interpreting those facts is a different thing, but even when you disagreed with him, 90% of the time it was still pretty funny for a show cranked out 4x a week.

          But humor is subjective.

        3. avatar int19h says:

          When it was Jon’s, whatever he said, it was actually news. With a heavy dose of satire, yes, and unabashedly biased, but it actually told you of the important things that are going on in politics, and what’s more, it did a better job at it than pretty much every mainstream channel. And the satire, while not light on personal attacks, was focusing mainly on the issues.

          With Trevor, now, it’s just a stream of personal attacks with little substance. It may still be occasionally funny, but it’s just not worth the time and effort, and certainly not useful or enlightening in any sense, the way the old Daily Show was.

    5. avatar Anonymous says:

      That depends on one’s definition of comedy.

    6. avatar neiowa says:

      QTF is Trevor and is he funnyman or just a quotababy?

    7. avatar Don says:

      While Trevor Noah is a good stand up comedian, I wouldn’t consider the Daily Show to be “comedy” since Jon Stewart retired.

    8. avatar nynemillameetuh says:

      Since when is The Daily Show considered comedy?

      1. avatar Benny the Jew says:

        The problem isn’t that whether some consider it comedy; the problem is some actually consider it journalism.

    9. avatar Reggie Browning says:

      It’s also perfectly reasonable to be offended, or at least respond seriously when a comedian is trying to make a serious statement. It’s not the same as social justice warriors being offended by rape jokes because they mentioned rape. It’s an entirely different thing when people are trying to send an actual message that they believe in through comedy. The “It’s just comedy” excuse doesn’t save everything. If it’s just comedy then that means what you’re saying is untrue, if it’s not just comedy, then people have a right to attack the issue.

    10. avatar Lucas D. says:

      You overlooked people intelligent enough to spot the differences between actual comedy and social conditioning with some fart sounds. When someone in a serious debate over gun rights start rattling off made-up bullshit about children buying guns on the internet or at the local 7-11 like those are things that actually happen, it makes you want to take a second look at those “comedians” just telling their silly “jokes.”

  2. avatar Johannes Paulsen says:

    What does violence in America look like compared to comparatively gun-unfriendly South Africa?

    Asking for a friend.

      1. avatar Colorado Kid says:

        So go back to South Africa Trevor, where the murder rate is….oh, I see, that’s why you moved to the US, It’s actually safer here.

        1. avatar Blindman says:

          He’s probably bright enough to prefer an impossibly miniscule chance of being shot by a legal gun owning lunatic (USA) to the much larger chance of being defenceless when you’re slashed with machetes and then set on fire while your wife is raped (SA).

        2. avatar Chris says:

          Howzit Boet? I worked in Joburg for a year in 2000 and wish every American would have the experience I had.

      2. avatar MeRp says:

        If you showed that map to someone who had never seen a map before, and so had no idea what country is which, and asked them to point out the country, based on that map, that had the least restricted gun rights or the highest ownership rates of guns, I’ll bet they’d get it wrong almost every time. It seems like gun ownership/rights alone have zero correlation with overall violence rates, at least as a purely single point in time snapshot.

  3. avatar Evodave says:

    WTH I am lost, since when have children not been allowed to use a hand gun with or without supervision.

    Is this a state issue?

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      First two-hundred-some-odd years of our nation, and most of history prior to that. ‘Course, the condoms-hadn’t-been-invented-yet issue meant that children were often starting/raising families at ages we now consider horrifying, and often raising their siblings much earlier than that. Oddly enough, these two issues of basic personal responsibility are completely unrelated (in fact, strongly inversely related) in the always-conflicted minds of progressive liberals. Children must be warned of the dangers of the world ever-younger (being very charitable in representing most sex-ed & condom-dispensing as ‘warning/prevention’ rather than endorsement, here) yet must be protected from them ever longer well into adulthood.

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        There most certainly were condoms 200+ years back.

        Trust me, you would *not* like like to use them.

        Think along the lines of animal intestines, and the lack of *any* appreciable sensation while using them…

        1. How do you know about this lack of sensation?

    2. avatar Mike says:

      Yes it is a state thing. Here in Iowa, it’s a felony for a parent to hand a 13 year old a .22 pistol but perfectly legal to let a 3 yr old shoot an AR. Now I’m totally fine with parents letting their kids shoot whatever they deem appropriate, but this demonstrates the current state of Iowa law that we’re trying to fix. Also, this isn’t just a matter of people calling up their lawmakers and asking for it. This and several other bills fixing Iowa gun laws have been shut down for years in the Iowa Senate and only stand a chance of passing now because it’s an election year and things seem to be coming to a proverbial head.

      1. avatar Evodave says:

        Thanks for the info. I live in a socialist state on the LEFT coast however one a bit diff than most. FYI – We allow a lot of personal freedoms with a each to their own attitude. Hard to believe it’s a blue state.
        We can use suppressors anywhere, get SBRs, full autos, open and concealed carry just to name a few rights and not counting the so-called artists rights to do live totally nude sex acts after 18 years old. You know cuz a public sex act is a self expression of protest right. Not joking.
        Now some negatives, no hunting with a crossbow, no use of live bait for fishing or hunting, no baiting (grains etc) of animals, no dogs allowed in hunting, varmints, bear, couager etc., no night hunting of varmints (cyotoes, fox, varmints, etc) no locating lights on your hunting arrows, there are more silly things but you get the idea.
        I find it difficult to believe how each state has a little different twist, look or interpretation of US rights.

        1. avatar Evodave says:

          “Difficult to understand why each state interpets rights so differently”

          I was attempting to type.

  4. avatar Vhyrus says:

    As much as I have been ragging on Trump, I have a very selfish desire for him to actually become president. This stems from a Daily Show skit where Jon Stewart compares Newt Gingrich to Donald Trump calling him ‘moon trump’ and saying ‘like earth Trump, you will never be president either.’ I want Trump to be president just to make Jon Stewart throw up.

    1. avatar barnbwt says:

      It’d be a lot easier to just get a job at his favorite diner, I’m just saying…

    2. avatar Doc Samson says:

      Same here! I am have become convinced that he will continue to act like a petulant dictator, but one who I will (hopefully) agree with most of the time. But oh, how the libs will freak! Might be totally worth it.

      Complete side note: I work in a public school and we have a strong minority (around 30%) of conservative minded staff. Our new admin was quick to take down a painting of our school icon and put up a pic of our cheesy smiling Prez. We are just waiting for the day they have to take it down and put up a pic of any conservative, but I know that the Donald would make them extra nauseous!

      1. avatar neiowa says:

        More likely that a big old portrait of Karl Marx will replace that of Dear Leader. OR they will rename the school Obumer U.

    3. avatar Johannes Paulsen says:

      I’m not a huge fan of Trump’s either, although I find the why’s behind his rise to be fascinating.

      However, there might be something to be said for having a President whose every act and motive would be questioned and scrutinized at length by every other national politician AND the media. It would be a welcome contrast to what we’ve had recently.

  5. avatar Louis Marschalko says:

    Send him back to South Africa!

  6. avatar Russ says:

    Free the Iowanians. Hair braiding for all!

  7. avatar Illinois_Minion says:

    Anything for attention or a laugh.

  8. avatar Kyle in CT says:

    The beauty of the Daily Show under Jon Stewart’s direction was that he was (mostly) able to walk the fine line of mocking things, without coming across as simply saying, “you’re all stupid, and shouldn’t even be responsible for tying your own shoes”. Trevor Noah hasn’t figured out how to do that. I can’t watch the show anymore because every segment has a harsh, judgmental undertone that makes it feel less like comedy and more like a NYT opinion piece that just happens to be humorous. If you watch his standup, he does a really good job, and that undertone actually works because his subject matter is basically rooted in South African modern history. But in the context of the US and the Daily Show, it just doesn’t work.

    1. avatar Don says:

      Agree with your assessment completely. In addition I think John Oliver fails to walk that fine line in the same way Trevor does.

  9. avatar RockOnHellChild says:

    John Stewart used to actually make me laugh, though, he is a hardcore leftist a$$hat. The new guy doesn’t even get a chuckle.

    Hell, I can even get some laughes from John Oliver’s new stuff. His Drumpf thing had me in stitches.

    1. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

      Stewart had his moments, probably more of them than I give him credit for, because I’d only ever catch clips of the show in other venues, like here, and not from watching it directly.

      Funny is funny, that’s the business, and they really have no obligation to be either fair or balanced. Still, when I learn that a majority of people under 30 (read: Bernie “Santa Claus” Sanders voters) get their “news” from the “Daily Show”, SNL’s “Weekend Update” and the goofy late night talk shows, then suddenly funny gets scary.

      1. avatar Roymond says:

        One reason Stewart became a trusted news source was that he got his facts straight. That’s one of the marks of a true comedian: he takes reality as it is and makes us laugh, And like a few others,he was honest enough to come back and apologize when he got something wrong.

        This new guy seems to think he knows what reality is enough that he doesn’t have to actually know anything. That kind of humor can be offensive to people who can’t stand the stupid.

        1. avatar 16V says:

          Exactly. Even if you hated Stewart, he was (more so than pretty much everyone else) right about his facts.

          NOT every time. But far more than the current state-run media.

        2. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

          I can agree with that, as much as my limited experience allows. Stewart would often show the exact clip of whatever he was skewering, generally with enough leading and trailing footage to substantiate that it wasn’t taken out of context. Still, let’s not mythologize the man, as he wasn’t above taking a cheap shot or two for a laugh, albeit that the underlying facts were there.

          In any event, given Herr Trump’s KKK appeal and his loathing of all critics, especially the media, Stewart probably retired just in time to avoid being hauled off to Gitmo.

        3. avatar int19h says:

          The other reason was that Jon, without pretending to be unbiased, was also not afraid to skewer someone just because of their party affiliation. Here’s one example where he unloads on ATF, Obama and Holder over Fast & Furious (the last one is the best; if you only watch one, watch that one):




          And here’s skewering of the entire political establishment, including Obama, on Saudi Arabia (from 3:00 on):


  10. avatar Jason says:

    There are people out there who watch these comedy shows as their only news sources. I actually saw an internet comment the other day proudly saying just that. It boggles the mind, but explains a lot.

    1. avatar Roymond says:

      When you consider that Fox News went to court to basically establish its right to tell its commentators to lie, it doesn’t boggle the mind so much at all.

      Though at least they were honest; CNN lies even more regularly and doesn’t own up to it. But that just adds to the mix; between the two, people have fair reason to believe the news can’t be trusted any more than used car salesmen (though at least their trust level remains higher than Congress’).

      1. avatar Evodave says:

        What law suit did FOX file for its comentators Raymond?
        Is this something from Stuart show skit you are referring to?

        1. avatar 16V says:

          Sorta right, mostly wrong. Old suit, look it up.

        2. avatar Evodave says:

          I did it is fake innuendo, lie or urban myth if you like done by FOX news haters that I never knew about till you repeated their false BS propaganda.

          Prob libber lefties upset by the truth. Nothing seems to disturb them from their THC haze more than the facts and FOXs ratings records. I believe they acctually confuse FOXs cometary/opionion presenters with their news reporters.

          Dumba$$ jackwagons don’t live in reality and are unable to differentiate the differences probabley due to their news is mostly delivered by sharlatain story telling comedians.

          Seems like these false rumors were spread around to keep attention from the real liars like Brian Willams, Dan Rather, Ed Shultz, Oberwoman, etc. etc. etc. not to mention the documented everyday creative editing the liberal news, like photo-shopping the color of the Oregon college shooter making him white, changing the facts on the 911 call from Zimmerman. Etc etc.

          Understand no news network is perfect or flawless but the blatant lies, bias and obvious selective editing done by the mainstream left wing media is beyond ridiculous.

  11. avatar Anonymous says:

    So… If we made jokes about other people’s cultures – would they find it funny?

    1. avatar int19h says:

      Depends on the jokes and the cultures. I’m Russian, and I find the stereotypical American poverty-vodka-KGB portrayals as funny, so long as they don’t take themselves too seriously (e.g. Archer).

  12. avatar RCC says:

    Even here in Australia it is legal for anyone aged 11 and older to use any firearm under supervision.

    We get similar “horror stories” in main media every other year. They always ignore safe handling should be taught as young as possible

    Probably why I rarely watch any so called commedians

  13. avatar Sian says:

    And here I thought nobody cared about Daily Show without Jon Stewart.

  14. avatar Jim Bullock says:

    Ah, well, more ammo. Or was that triggering?

    Any time some anti- spews a fact, here’s another one to hit them with:

    “Oh, you mean like that law that kids could have guns – er – that it was legal for them to handle guns they don’t own, under direct supervision of an adult?” Yeah, I do not think that word “have” means what you think it means? Or are you lying? Either way, we really shouldn’t accept what you way, should we?

    If they’re with it enough to retort: “That’s comedy.”

    “Oh, well, I’ll remember that every time you quote from Comedy Central, and why have you been quoting them if you know it’s made up? (BTW, now I get why the arguments you cribbed from them make no sense. IT’S SATIRE. Sorry, I didn’t get that you were kidding.)”

  15. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:


    Intentionally misrepresented legislation~check

    Foreigner attacking American ideology~check

    Flaming not allowed, yet sincerely desired…………

  16. avatar FormerWaterWalker says:

    Why is THIS hack working? I bet he wished he HAD that handgun growin’ up in SA. Ain’t funny McGee(if you get that you are officially OLD)…honestly I was shocked that Iowa had such stupid inane laws. I hope they fix it.

  17. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Comedy is in the presentation. This guy just doesn’t have it. Rather than being observational in nature he comes off as lecturing, condescending and carrying an agenda.

    1. avatar gs650g says:

      Maybe he’s related to Rachel Maddow

  18. avatar TroyBilt says:

    It is very sad to me that we as citizens have allowed the government to pass laws where they allow us to teach our children anything.

    We have failed as citizens in keeping a constitutional republic.

    1. avatar Roymond says:

      It comes from us letting lawyers take a document that was written to be understood by the common man and deceive us into thinking it has innumerable subtleties that require an eight-year education to discuss.

      The Founding Fathers were far too trusting — there should have been a provision requiring the common English understanding to prevail, along with one requiring the interpretation most generous to individual rights to prevail (NEVER the one most favorable to government).

      1. avatar Doc Samson says:

        Well said! The more I learn about our history, the more I am in awe that we are still as “free” as we are. Just blows my mind how often “we, the people” have given up our rights, incrementally or in great big hunks, in the belief that government can do “it” better.

  19. avatar Mister Fleas says:

    Keep it up Trevor; your ratings are way down! 😀

  20. avatar Wrightl3 says:

    I hope that this law is fixed. It’ll be funny to here the liberals cry blood in the streets.

  21. avatar Fuque says:

    For being so terrified of Guns, Liberal sure make a lot of Jokes about them..

  22. avatar haha says:

    Leftists are all about isms.

    Denying a young person their right to firearms via the 2nd is ageism. Leftists! Stop being ageist!

  23. avatar Boyd says:

    To be honest the only thing I thought was funny was that AR bud joke. I’d see that movie if they made it.

  24. avatar Emfourty Gasmask says:

    Noah has no future outside of this show. When he is finally kicked off for destroying the shows ratings enough, he will become a nobody has been that will rot away.

    At least John Stewart was actually funny. This guy is literally a tumblrite trying to act like he’s important.

  25. avatar Desert Ranger Tycho says:

    This is only funny to parents who watch this show since their idea of parenting is a “hands-off” approach. This results in exactly the kind of temper -tantrums exhibited by the “children” during the segment. I am sure I am not alone in if I did any of those things my parents would have killed me…

  26. avatar H says:

    I agree Noah is great at standup. It’s been said that none of the new hosts have settled in.
    John Oliver is well researched and expertly delivered. It is the job of satire to bring awareness to the people through entertainment.

    If you rise above the party affiliation FOX & MSNBC are pretty similar. They need each other to bounce off of each other. They could just swap positions on the same issue and keep going.

    Mainstream news is all about the ratings. There was no news in the methane leak in Cali or the still leaking radioactive water into the groundwater in upstate NY. That will kill far more people for far longer than a shhhhhhh, gun. If they report it then they will have to report who’s responsible. It could scare people. It could expose hazards of nuclear power generation. It could hurt someone’s pocket book. Can’t have any of that.

    1. avatar 16V says:

      Methane leaks and radioactive groundwater? I don’t watch them so I don’t know, but they haven’t hit the MSM yet? They’ve been features on NPR for several months.

  27. avatar DavidinNC says:

    I’ve lived in Iowa. I very much doubt this asshat can say the same thing, and he’s not important enough for me to to take the time to prove that.

    Having lived in Iowa and enjoyed a bushel or ten of the nation’s finest sweet corn, I can honestly say that I find no issue with this bill. Folks in Iowa are smart, principled, and responsible. Guns are not typically seen as dangerous, evil implements, and many parents there have already introduced firearms and firearm safety to their children.

    All Trevor has done here is shoot himself in the foot with his own ignorance and desperation to be funny.

  28. avatar LordGopu says:

    I like when statists complain about stuff like “how can kids have guns when you need a license to braid hair” instead of asking themselves why someone should need a license to braid hair.

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