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For a student, Chris is doing just fine. Affordable, reliable revolver and a good blade. In Massachusetts of all places. See what else Chris carries at Everyday Carry.

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  1. Is there a reason why the 5th round on the speed strip is separated from the other four? Though I’ve got a 5-shot, I carry six on the strip just to have an extra. But I’m open to better means of carrying/reloading.

    • It’s easier to grab and offers a firmer, stronger grip on the strip. You load two at a time and spin the strip around for the 5 round.

  2. From one fellow sufferer in the Commonwealth to another, I congratulate Chris.

    While the retards at Beacon Hill struggle to take away the civil rights of citizens, we POTG are building critical mass in Mass. And while the political cops are complicit, some chief LEOs are very helpful and supportive.

  3. My inlaws have a couple of hundred acres in Mass and my FIL tells stories about squirrel hunting in the Autumn on Mt Washington and underage road trips to Maine to go to L.L. Bean without parental consent. Massachusetts used to be a Free-er state.

      • All I know is that he and his cousin, both 14 at the time, took moms land yacht and drove to Maine overnight to get fishing poles or some shit like that

  4. Ain’t nothing wrong with that load-out. Snubs may be obsolete, but that doesn’t mean they’re not effective. Interesting wallet.

    • Considering they are still readily available and widely used, I’d say obsolete they are most certainly not.

      If someone said they wanted only one carry gun, the snubby .38 would be on my short recommendation list.

  5. I always thought Massachusetts was an excellent example of the absurdity of gun laws. In some suburban towns police chiefs will roll out the red carpet for permit applicants. But in the next town over permit applicants are all assumed to be homicidal maniacs. Two towns, similar demographics, similar crime rates yet two different permit policies…

  6. Nice loadout! I really like this new(er) addition to the site.

    Chris – you might consider adding a good holster to your gear.

  7. Here’s the URL popup I get every other post:
    Nice, huh?


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