We don’t know if Marshall Dillon’s sidekick would have pocket carried a GLOCK 43 if he’d had the choice, but Festus the systems architect has chosen to (in a DeSantis Nemesis, from the looks of it). And with that extra mag, the G43 will definitely reload a lot faster than the deputy’s single action revolver. Check out the rest of modern day Festus’s gear at Everyday Carry.


  1. That Fenix is one of the absolute best all-around carry flashlights. Set it to ludicrous brightness for unexpected BG situations, and dial it down to the lower levels for long term use. I have one in my flight bag, one in my pocket, and one in the truck. Best $70ish I’ve ever spent not in Tijuana.

    (I think its a PD35, but the image isn’t quite clear enough to tell.)


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