Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day: What’s Missing From This Picture?

Jay's everydaycarry.com pocket dump

The headline above Jay’s everydaycarry.com pocket dump is something of a trick question. Assuming he’s not showing his phone because he’s using it to take the picture, Jay’s got the basics covered: money, ID, keys knife, pen, watch, gun. In fact, he could carry even less . . .

A phone is a pretty good timekeeper. And while no insurance guy worth his salt would go around without a pen to hand to a potential client, the chances of needing it for some John Wick type action are pretty low. Wait. He used a pencil! Anyway . . .

What, if anything, would you add to his EDC loadout?

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  1. avatar Flinch says:

    What’s missing? You mean besides a Glock?

  2. avatar hillbillyjew says:

    A black magazine base plate?

  3. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

    A j frame.

    1. avatar A. J. Frame says:

      Why would I be missing?

      1. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

        That wasn’t your picture on the milk carton?

        1. avatar Geoff PR says:

          There are some troll commenters here I’d *love* to see on the side of a milk carton…

  4. avatar Bloving says:

    Just kidding, I don’t carry them either. I’d say this is a good,honest pocket dump with no attempt to impress anyone. I might add an extra mag, but that’s it.

  5. avatar OmnivorousBeorn says:

    RATS tourniquet.

  6. avatar hillbillyjew says:

    Duct tape.

  7. avatar Michael in AK says:

    A holster might be a good idea

    1. avatar Mort says:

      Winner winner chicken dinner !

    2. avatar Dev says:

      Look closely at the gun, there is something on the other side that it is sitting on. Looks to me like some sort of attached clip for pocket or belt carry.

      1. avatar hillbillyjew says:

        At first I thought it was a puck, but maybe it’s chewing tobacco?

      2. avatar Cloudbuster says:

        No, that’s the cable hole for a desk that’s designed to support computers and electronics.

        1. avatar hillbillyjew says:

          Not that it matters, but for the sake of getting my mind off the other crazy headlines, I don’t think it’s a cable hole grommet. Those usually sit kind of flush. If you look at the gun shadow compared to the knife or watch shadow, the gun is lifted up from the table.

          Maybe it’s filled with a few Chinese throwing stars. Or hair product. Or maybe it’s one of those new portable devices to manipulate orgone energy. They make em so small now.

        2. avatar Cloudbuster says:

          I have a non-flush one exactly like it on the desk I’m sitting at now.

        3. avatar hillbillyjew says:

          Interesting. I’m in the market for a new desk. Which manufacturer has that option?

          And do you prefer that unconventional cable management design over flush mount?

  8. avatar Shire-man says:

    Field Notes and at least five more knives.

    1. avatar Rick the Bear says:

      good scene.

  9. avatar Madcapp says:

    Tobacco products? Vaping crap?

  10. avatar Mas Cool Arrow says:

    A baby Groot sticker

  11. avatar Vic Nighthorse says:

    No DudeStick?

  12. avatar dlj95118 says:

    …extra mag.

  13. avatar Specialist38 says:

    He’s got the basics covered. #1 ….. have a gun.

    I will also have to say I am warming to FNS 9c.

    Played with one the other day.

    Not ready to replace my SR9c but it may need a friend.

  14. avatar Rick the Bear says:


    Seriously, though: a flashlight!

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      Yup. A good flashlight. I think that multi tool pen has a flashlight, but its too weak for a DGU in any low light condition.

  15. avatar Robert D says:


  16. avatar MOOOO!! says:

    8-foot electrified cattle prod?

  17. avatar Ralph says:

    What’s Missing From This Picture?

    Metamucil. Because most people can use more fiber.

    And a second mag. Because most people can use more ammo.

    1. avatar hillbillyjew says:

      Haha. Metamucil. That one got me.

      I wonder how many people die a year from constipation? Maybe I should drop it before someone tries to make dairy and red meat illegal…

  18. avatar OldProf says:

    Seriously, a good concealment holster, a spare magazine and maybe a pouch for it, and a good compact flashlight. Looks like there may be some multi-use tools on the carabiner. And don’t forget the lip balm, hand sanitizer, breath mints, reading glasses, cigar cutter and lighter…. Oh wait, all that’s in my man purse.

  19. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Hillary’s head on a stick

  20. avatar HealthyKuriosity says:

    The 12 gauge autoloader. The .45 longslide with laser sighting…

  21. avatar Indiana Tom says:

    Keys to the M18 Tank Destroyer?

  22. avatar dan543 says:

    A sig sticker for his window?

  23. avatar Cloudbuster says:

    I figure a holster is assumed. And we’re already assuming a phone.

    I don’t typically carry a flashlight. My smartphone is my emergency flashlight.

    Extra magazine is obvious for us “belt & suspenders” types.

    I’d say a different knife. That’s a poor excuse for a fighting knife — no stabbing capability at all.

    ETA: Heh. Turns out he’s got a flashlight on that octopus of a keychain. Good enough. I do, too, as part of a SwissTech tool, but the battery is dead, ATM.

    Who really needs a watch in the days of smart phones?

    1. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

      Those of us that don’t want to have to fumble our phone out just to check the time.

  24. avatar CDCarpeti says:

    What’s missing? – A photo of a Soccer Mom’s SUV outside of Austin.

  25. avatar Aaron says:


    uh, wait, that’s not it.

    oh, I got it: a phased plasma rifle in the 40 watt range!

  26. avatar Martin B says:

    A dime to call someone who cares.

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