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Dom C’s pocket dump dominates the EDC Spare Mag Olympiad. It’s a happy stick! Strictly verboten in America’s slave states, carrying the extended (not “high”) capacity ammunition magazine might trigger comments like “Are you happy to see me or are you preparing for a gunfight with MS13?” But we know the truth . . .

You can clobber someone [posing an imminent, credible threat of grievous bodily harm or death] with the GLOCK happy stick, should your GLOCK 19 become lost or unavailable in the shuffle.

Do you schlep a spare mag everyday? If you do, is it extended or the same capacity as the one nestling in your carry gun?

[I’m also down with the SOG Trident for its seat belt slicer. Having tried and failed to extricate someone from a car wreck without one, I now keep an emergency knife so equipped in my vehicle.]

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  1. I try to carry a spare mag. Don’t judge me.

    It is same capacity for LCP but 17 rounder for SR9c.

    The 33 round Mag would be the hardest thing for me to conceal (comfortably).

  2. When needed, more bullets are always better. But my 45 extended mags are far too unreliable for every day carry. I do however carry a spare glock mag in 13 round matching the one in the pistol, but usually only if I feel the need.
    I know, but if you feel the need, should you be there to begin with. Well, maybe, sometimes I have to go to rather shady areas or large venues, then I will bring it, daily to work, usually not. The G21 in a Fobus holster is bulky enough.

  3. My usual EDC is a USP .45. To my knowledge there isn’t an extended mag for it so I just carry a spare 12 rounder. When I carry something else, like a G19, same thing I carry the a spare standard mag.

    So generally I’ve either got 25 rounds of .45 on tap or 31 9mm on tap. If I need more than that it’s a hell of a gunfight and I probably need a rifle.

    As for this EDC: I like the flashlight this guy carries but I question the choice of knife. Not that the Trident isn’t a good knife in terms of design but the question is when it was made.

    The SOG Trident of old was a badass blade. The new ones are again badass. There was however a pretty good time period where the blades were made in China rather than the US or Japan. The ChiCom blades are dogshit.

  4. Why stop there? Why not two whole bandoliers full of happy sticks, one over each shoulder?

    I carry seven rounds in the weapon, and seven rounds in a spare mag. If that’s not enough, then I had better work on my people skills.

  5. When I carry my G26 at church, I carry a 17 round mag with xgrips. For EDC my G26 has a 15 round mag with xgrips and a spare to go with it.

    My guitar doesn’t fit around the 15 or 17 round magazines when I play at church.

  6. I carry a spare 10-round for my G 26, a spare 7-round for my P-32, and a speed strip and/or speed loader for my LCR.

    OWB kydex mag holder for the Glock. 21 rounds total.

    The 7-round spare is nice because it fits in the watch pocket of my jeans with a NeoMag magnetic mag clip, and as I’m left-handed, that’s perfect for drawing the magazine. 15 rounds total.

    Speed strip and sometimes Speedbeez speed loader have to go on left (strong) side. I’m reasonably good with the Speedbeez, but not competition level, but I’m not really, really planning to reload a revolver in a flash in the middle of a gunfight. 10-16 rounds total. I use the speed strip more in warmer weather as it’s slimmer than the speedloader. Speedloader for when I have jacket or coat to keep it in the pocket, and then I still probably have the speedstrip in trouser front pocket.

    I have a belt clip for the Speedbeez, but I honestly rarely use it — it has to sit in front of my OWB holster and adds a lot to the bulk. Speedbeez speedloaders are just fantastic, BTW, much better than the HK or Safariland speedloaders. Really fast to use, to load, and secure to carry. I own some HK speedloaders and have owned Safariland (sold them with an old gun), but I’ll never buy more now that I’ve tried Speedbeez.

    The LCR is my most common carry.


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