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Vlad describes himself as a “plain clothes detective” who carries his gear…in an Oakley Extractor sling backpack.” See what’s in the bag at Everyday Carry . . .

Detective Vlad carries a GLOCK 23

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    • I’m more concerned about the lock pick set he’s carrying. are self described “plain cloths detectives” breaking into places they shouldn’t be? Because that seems slightly illegal for LEOs (and everyone else)

      • If they have permission or a court order these is nothing illegal about bypassing a lock and doing so in a destructive manner is generally frowned upon if it’s avoidable.

        Cops are, quite literally, the reason a snap gun exists.

        • Seems like if you had permission from the court, you would just grab the lock picks before leaving if you thought you were going to need it? instead of carrying it around every day with you for those “lock picking emergencies”

        • Not every situation that might require picks is one where you can go grab them from the office.

          Sometimes it’s simply more expedient to have them with you. I have a set in my car for exactly that reason.

          As I said, the snap gun was invented for cops. It makes picking locks faster and easier with minimal training and practice. Cops open a lot of locks with non-destructive means.

      • That’s why I like this “pocket dump” thing. Just bought me a lock pick set, and it looks like a good one.

      • WTF? They got a warrant they show up with 12 buddies and kick the door in, shoot the dog, slap down the old lady, raid the fridge, and steal all yur shit. The lock picks are for sneaking in and stealing yur shit to come back with a warrant for.

  1. “Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Vlad M”

    Sorry, I really have to call this one…unless he wears cargo pants everywhere he goes, there is NO way this is a “pocket” dump…

    • Maybe he does?
      But then again, just about everything there can go either in a pocket or on the belt (some things pictured are scabbards and sheaths).

    • The caption says he carries all this in a backpack(Oakley Extractor). So not BS, just pushing the definition of the title…

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