The Kardashians Talk Gun Control. Again.

The Kardashians (and a Jenner) talk guns (courtesy

In the video below, scripted members of the Kardashian clan discuss guns and gun control. It starts out with Khloe giving Kendall Jenner solid advice about firearms selection . . .

She tells her half-sister to go to the gun range and try out a few guns before choosing one, looking for a pistol with the proper fit.

Note: if these young ladies weren’t multi-millionaire “it girls,” the chances of them getting a carry permit in LA County (where most of the filming is done) would be somewhere between slim and none. And slim’s left town. But they are, so…roll tape!

Just not on LA’s 16-hour “safety course.” I don’t think a single member of the clan could sit still for half that time (even without chemical assistance). Anyway, Kim Kardashian (yes, there are a lot of them) is anti-gun. In fact, she’s a spokesmodel for Everytown for Gun Safety. So when KK “happens” in on the girls talking about guns — surprise! — she intervenes.

Khloe justifies Kendall’s desire for a gun by pointing out that her model sister “literally has a different stalker outside her house every few days.” (Nice of them to rotate.) And “she’s a single girl who lives alone.” (I bet Kendall isn’t even alone in the bathroom.)

“That’s what you have security for,” Kim counters.

Kim Kardashian's Parisian robbers

Despite the fact her sisters and the camera crew don’t burst laughing — or if they did it was deftly edited out — this has to be the funniest thing ever said on the series.

On October 13, 2016, a trio of firearms-wielding criminals waltzed into Kim’s hotel room and held the whatever-she-is at gunpoint while they ransacked her apartment. In France. (Another European “gun control” paradise.) Ms. Kardashian’s bodyguard was elsewhere at the time.

Khloe asks Kim if she’d have known what to do if she’d been armed during that robbery. “I would not have known what to do, ” Kim says. “It was three against one. Six. Or seven. I’m not Laura Croft.” Although there is a certain physical resemblance . . .

Kim Kardashian is a hare krishna. Kinda (courtesy

Then, and not for the first time, we get the scripted Everytown for Gun Safety talking points, in a studio setup, with brooding music composed for the occasion.

“I personally am not a fan of owning guns and having guns in the home,” Kim declares, “especially with everything we’ve learned.” (What do you mean we, fabulously wealthy celebrity woman?)

Keeping Up With The Kardashians slips immediately into full anti-gun agitprop mode, complete with black-and-white testimony from survivors of “gun violence.”

Kim closes this excerpt by arguing that she doesn’t have guns in the house . . . for the children!

Kim Kardashian and friends (courtesy

Except of course, she does have guns in the house. They’re just wielded by armed security. And plenty of ’em. But I bet that thought already occurred to you. I just hope that it occurs to millions of their adoring fans.

I bet it does.

KUWTK reminds of nothing so much as Dallas: a fabulously rich family that [supposedly] has the same problems as the show’s middle-class viewers. Only viewers know that the Ewings/Kardashians are not like them. Their problems are not the audience’s problems.

The Kardashian’s ballistic soul searching has no impact on TV viewers’ instinct to protect their families from criminal predation — for millions, by force of arms. It’s entertaining — perhaps — but irrelevant. True?


  1. avatar Reggie Browning says:

    How can she go “That’s what you have security for” but not recognize that the vast majority of women can’t afford security? or does she think that only celebrities have stalkers?

    1. avatar JasonM says:

      If those women can’t afford security, they should reprioritize their finances, like buying a Mercedes instead of a Bentley. And if that’s not an option, they should talk to their fathers about restructuring their trust funds, so they can afford security and a Bentley.

      1. avatar Julius Corrino says:

        “Why don’t they just eat cake when they have no bread?”

        1. avatar JeffInCa says:

          Well played sir

  2. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Colion Noir said it best “when you call a police officer, you’re calling a gun.” In Kim’s case it just happens to be that she takes the private plan instead of the government subsidized one.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      Because private security is (theoretically) contracted to actually protect you. Police have no such legal responsibility.

      1. avatar Big Bill says:

        Unless, of course, that hired security happens to be somewhere else. Like in the case in France.
        She was left totally defenseless, with no idea of how to protect herself. She was lucky.
        And she fails to understand that.

  3. avatar BLoving says:

    “Khloe asks Kim if she’d have known what to do if she’d been armed during that robbery. “I would not have known what to do, ” she says.”

    Well, if instead of sitting at home mindlessly rambling on about a subject they are all hopelessly ignorant about, they were to instead go attend a basic handgun instruction course they might then have a better idea of how to deal with the problem.
    But no. Continued willful ignorance is much easier and makes for better television viewing.

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      The klueless Kardashians wouldn’t sit for a gun safety course, this is 2017, for cripe’s sake!

      What they *would* sit for is BLoving’s YouTube gun safety course. (Set to Barry White music, of course.)

      Break out that video cam and get to work… 😉

      1. avatar BLoving says:

        Any video I’d make would get quickly spiked for violating YouTube’s service agreement. But at least y’all would finally get to see my Ruger phoenix logo tattoo before the moderators dropped the hammer on me. 🤠

        1. avatar Specialist38 says:

          I need some brain bleach….right now.

          Oh the humanity….

  4. avatar Paul53 says:

    The whole Kardashian family is my idea of nothing.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Agreed. +10

      1. avatar AZwild says:

        Love that scene, but the “good answer” he’s referring to is very timely today.

        Rodney replied about the Korean War saying Truman was too much of a pussy to let MacArthur go in an nuke the commie bastards to win/end the war…which is a good answer 🙂

  5. avatar Joe R. says:

    It’s good to know who the enemy is, and to define it / them.

    Anyone who takes any advice from that family is the enemy. Look what they did for Nicole Brown Simpson, and what they did to poor Caitlyn Jenner.

    1. avatar TrappedInCommiefornia says:

      Caitlyn Jenner, isn’t that the member of the Kardashian clan with the least amount of plastic surgery?

  6. avatar Smitty says:

    They are all just a bunch of FLAME DELETED,, the whole darn lot of them.

    1. avatar Rob says:

      FLAME DELETED are atleast useful for something, Smitty. The same cannot be said of the Kardashians.

      1. avatar WI Patriot says:


        1. avatar Joe R. says:


          (WOW, close enough to feel the heat of that flame. First “OBSCENE” flame that I’ve seen reported here on TTAG)

          [I agree though, not an appropriate comment or venue for such]

        2. avatar Geoff PR says:

          I suppose ‘independent contractors’ would apply…

  7. avatar former water walker says:

    LAME DELETED I’ve even wondered if the klueless Kardashian staged her “robbery”…

    1. avatar Andrew Lias says:

      Wouldn’t be surprised if she did, or it was an inside job by her body guard or something

    2. avatar WI Patriot says:

      “I’ve even wondered if the klueless Kardashian staged her “robbery”…”

      Absolutely, with kanye $10 million in debt, you bet they staged their “robbery”…

      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        Kardahians know what a ‘real’ crime scene should look like.

        Just ask Nicole Brown Simpson.

  8. avatar Winterborne says:

    To quote Deadpool: “Who fuckin’ cares?”

    1. avatar Geoff PR says:

      My 80 year-old parents went to see ‘Deadpool’ and *liked* it!

      1. avatar Joe R. says:

        They liked the positive message of:

        M A X I M U M . E F F O R T . ! ! !

  9. avatar WI Patriot says:

    “The Kardashians Talk Gun Control. Again.”


  10. avatar TheOtherDavid says:

    The Ewing family actually ran an oil company, didn’t they? The Kardashians run Kardashian, Inc.

    The original, often imitated but seldom duplicated , famous for being famous celebrity family.

  11. avatar Alec Johnson says:

    Why on earth would I give a rats ass.. what these idiots think..?

    TTAG.. I appriciate 99.9% of what you do any why you do it.. But you just wasted about 5 minutes of my day…

    Aside from this post… keep doing what your doing! Thanks!

  12. avatar Aaron M. Walker says:

    Bunch of HollyWeird elitists! Pro-aggressive LibTURDS spinning left-wing agitprop and Propaganda! Their time should be better spent improving THEIR Hollyweird escort services, and developing a line of Kardashian condomes…So they DON’T breed…..

  13. avatar Save Ferris says:

    Pardon my French but, who the fuck cares what the FLAME DELETED say?

  14. avatar Specialist38 says:

    Looks like RF got to use his fire extinguisher training.

    Lotta flames doused in these comments…lol

  15. avatar troutbum5 says:


  16. avatar spartan357 says:

    isn’t Bruce Jenner now Kanye Wests mother in law…? or something like that…?
    totally normal family and conversation

    1. avatar Rusty Chains says:

      Oh damn! Not only did I spray Coke out my nostrils on that one I now have to clean up the passenger side of my wife’s car! She thought I had lost my mind, laughing and spraying Coke and moaning with the pain, carbonated beverages aren’t compatible with sinuses!

    2. avatar WI Patriot says:

      More like surrogate when kim isn’t “in the mood”…

      1. avatar ACP_arms says:

        I’d rather see Bloving’s Ruger tattoo then think about that mental image.

  17. avatar Ironhead says:

    There is no resemblance between laura croft and kim k.
    One is a video game vixen that can be turned off. The other is a FLAME DELETED that we wish could be turned off.

  18. avatar rt66paul says:

    They are special, since they are on TV. They “NEED” security, but the unwashed masses don’t need it because we don’t have stalkers. (SARC)
    Anyone who takes a stand against firearms should not be allowed to have armed security – I bet they would change their point of view real quickly.

    1. avatar BigLou says:

      That should be law.

  19. avatar Wally1 says:

    I have to hand it to the Kardashians, I am not sure what they do exactly, but they make a lot of money from it. Evidently living in the real world is not a skill they have mastered. If they actually educated themselves before opening their pie hole concerning just about anything from politics to firearms it might be interesting, but I digress……As to Caitlin, if he/she is a lesbian trapped in a mans body, does the math work out? Or is it new math. To bad Einstein isn’t alive, he probably could figure this out.

  20. avatar ironicatbest says:

    Kardashians? I thought they were that Hungarian gypsy family that was stealing Dad’s chickens..

  21. avatar Leo says:

    stupid prostitutos

  22. avatar M. Atkinson says:

    The Niggdashians?

  23. avatar zebra dun says:

    I thought these weirdos left with Barack?

  24. avatar whocareswhoiam says:

    for group of women in the same family who have taken multiple shots to the face I can see why they want it

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