Tanner Raimer's Taurus PT111 Millenium G2 EDC pistol
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Tanner, an  IT tech, carries light, useful gear…and nothing more. See all the details at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. What man owns (I’m going to assume the Rolex Sub is real for postarities sake) a Rolex, but buys practically the cheapest carry gun he can find!? Nearly anything would be better than a Taurus.

    • The Rolex is to tell the time, all the time, correctly. The PT111 G2 is to keep it from being stolen by bad guys. The cops won’t confiscate the Rolex that didn’t get stolen when he has to use his Taurus, and he carries a Taurus because the cops WILL confiscate his pistol if he uses it to protect his Rolex.
      …or something like that…

  2. The PT111 and a fake Rolex: Good enough to impress at first glance.

    I’ve had both. Only people who owned Rolexes could tell mine was fake. And my Taurus shot well enough unless somebody shot a Shield.


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