Slidefire bump fire stocks resume sales November 1
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“New Jersey lawmakers are making a push to ban the possession and sale of so-called ‘bump stock’ devices, like the ones used in the shooting massacre in Las Vegas, during the current lame-duck session,” reports. “Legislation to outlaw the devices was advanced Thursday from the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee by an 8-0 vote.” That’s Garden State gun grabber unanimity. Yes, grabbers. Check this out . . .

The bill was sponsored by several Democrats, including Annette Quijanao, D-20th of Elizabeth, and Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald, D-6th of Voorhees. It seeks to make possession or sale of the devices a third-degree crime, punishable by up to five years in prison and a $15,000 fine.

The Democrats’ bill would require individuals in possession of the devices to surrender them to law enforcement within 90 days. Licensed manufacturers and retailers would have 30 days to turn them into authorities.

You know that thing called “the takings clause” in the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution (applied to the local and state governments through the Fourteenth Amendment)? The one that says “private property [shall not] be taken for public use, without just compensation”?

That doesn’t apply, apparently. Not in New Jersey. Bump fire stock owners get bupkis. And that’s the best case scenario.

New Jersey State Police (courtesy

Like any law, this one’s backed up by the threat of force. NJ’s 90-day bump fire stock surrender demand could see jack-booted New Jersey State Police officers (or SWAT team members) knocking on doors demanding the immediate surrender of the offending piece of plastic — or else!

Surely, New Jersey Republicans — ineffectual as they are in what is effectively a one-party state — are raising the alarm. Don’t call Nancy Shirley . . .

Republican Assemblywomen Nancy Munoz, R-21st of Summit, and Holly Schepisi, R-39th of River Vale, have sponsored similar legislation that bans the devices, but calls for even tougher penalties for possession. Their bill would also require the devices to be surrendered sooner.

Bump stocks have no practical use,” Munoz said Thursday during the committee hearing. “It is simply a deadly gun accessory, and this is recognized by the National Rifle Association. No person should be allowed to have one or buy one.”

So New Jersey Republicans and the NRA don’t have New Jersey gun owners’ backs. Who does? Truth be told, slopes don’t come much slippery-er. To paraphrase Martin Niemöller . . .

First they came for the bump fire stocks, and I did not speak out— because I didn’t think bump fire stocks were worth defending. Then they came for the “assault weapons,” and I did not speak out—  because they let me keep mine. And so on. (Hint: this doesn’t end well.)

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  1. That bill doesn’t go NEARLY far enough! What about other deadly device substitutes like belt loops, other pieces of plastic…or even sticks!

    Heck, let’s just put anybody in a “blue state” in jail TONIGHT.

    For the children!

  2. “Bump stocks have no practical use.”
    “What practical use does small batch bourbon have?”
    “It makes people feel good.”

    • Hmmph. I’ve told the wife for decades that the vast majority of crap cluttering out house and garage has no practical purpose… but we’re in Texas where that is permissible… 🤠

  3. Seriously, this law is so unConstitutional, they’ll have to paint a penumbra around it just to keep it from getting struck down.

    We have to saturate NJ with bump stocks now. Sell ’em at a high enough price so when the courts deem just compensation, the state won’t be able to afford it.

    • That’s a good plan except that unfortunately they do not plan to compensate. It’s a “turn it in or go to jail and pay a hefty fine” proposition. The state will actually make money, especially if some enterprising official then sells them out of state (I’m just saying)

  4. How exactly does NJ know who has what?

    Does NJ have a licensing requirement for purchase of accessories?

    • No. The state has no way of knowing who owns a bump stock. What’s really stupid about this is it’s already illegal to mount a bump stock on your rifle in NJ. These morons passed an earlier law which allowed you to own one but penalized you if you used it. I’d like some “legislator” to explain the logic of that law to me.

      • Kinda what I figured but then I thought “Maybe NJ one-upped Cali on stupid laws and requires a license for firearms accessories and I somehow missed it”.

        Also, Devil: ROFL! Too true!

  5. “New Jersey Bump Fire Stock Ban: Five Years in Prison, $15,000 Fine for Possession or Sale”


    The crime of capital murder use to carry a death penalty, that never stopped anyone…

    • I bet you would do more time on a bump stock charge than murder in NJ. Liberals are really sympathetic to criminals

  6. I’m not saying that a F16 should have an accident right over their stupid parliament and trop all it’s bombs right there. But i wouldn’t be compalining if that did happen either…

  7. Let us review New Jersey Representative Nancy Munoz’s comments regarding bump stocks:

    “… have no practical use.”

    “… simply a deadly gun accessory …”

    “No person should be allowed to have one or buy one.”

    Elected Representatives have NO, NADA, ZERO, ZILCH righteous authority to declare those above statements.

  8. Hmmm, still have yet to see ANY information as to what firearms were used here in Vegas on October 1st. So once again we all jump on the band wagon with facts thrown out the window.

  9. Bureaucrats and elected representatives who declare what has “practical use” and whether we can “have” something are telling us that they are superior to us, that we are plebes.

    For such people it is a tiny step to tell us what we can think/believe and another tiny step to demand that their enforcers imprison/murder anyone whose thoughts/beliefs are “wrong”.

    • They are getting there. It won’t be long before you see that in these communist states

    • Not from NJ and curious, are all those legislator women? I’m just asking because the names in the article appeared to be women. New Jersy Would do well to remember that it was EVE who got us into this mess to start with….. ink
      Seriously, it does appear that the feminazi’s are in charge of New Jersey. Women (of which I am one) do have that aspect of wanting to nurture and protect. The feminazi’s though have a skewed idea of how to do that. It’s the old “spank them all and you are bound to get the guilty one” theory. This is in fact one of the communist theories, they would rather punish 100 men knowing that one of them is guilty, where as in America we would rather let 100 go free just to keep from punishing the wrong man.

  10. Well in that case I’m banning New Jersey. Anyone found to be in possession of New Jersey will be fined $27,000,000,000.00 and sentenced to a mandatory minimum sentence of 850 years, 4 months, 3 weeks, 6 days, 11 hours, 59 minutes, and 59 seconds.

  11. The take it door is now fully open. Does anyone with a thinking brain this will stop at plastic stocks? Whats next, after market triggers, oil, springs? The list is endless.

  12. The problem stems from the lack of action by SCOTUS on making it clear that this shit is not legit. By not hearing the Kolbe case, they just opened the door for more and more of this shit to continue.

    • I agree the 4th circuit decision uphold emboldened them a lot. MD might move to a possession ban next and that’s going to be a problem. Right now sales and transfers are banned. Imagine confiscation orders.

  13. It would be far more effective to ban democrats from owning guns since they commit the vast majority of gun crimes. 99% of mass shooters are disaffected leftists.

  14. Meh…it’s Joizey. Where ALL RIGHTS go to die. You’re making Illinois look good😖😫😡

  15. I don’t live in NJ but if when they come for mine I don’t plan on surrendering it. They can return with a warrant if they don’t have one and do an (Unsuccessful)search.

    I hope these stocks are already in the 3D printing database somewhere. Not that it’s that hard to Frankenstein one together.

  16. Does New Jersey even allow a firearm that can use the bump stock as it’s currently configured? Honest question.

    • That’s the twisted part. It’s damn near impossible to even own one unless your connected. This law is political theatre at it’s finest.

    • Correct me if I am wrong I do not have a bump stock nor have I used one. I live in Jersey and all stocks on all rifles must be pinned or unadjustable. If a plain buffertube is required to operate a bumpstock than no. Any adjustable or folding stock is considered an “assault weapon” which is illegal in NJ.

      • In NJ the bump stock and any stock is legal as long as you don’t own a rifle it can be attached to. If you own a compatible rifle they can charge you under “constructive intent”. Which assumes guilt. Most of NJ gun laws are not legal themselves but have fun fighting them.

        Tldr: you can have bump stock shipped to you in nj from slide fire as long as you don’t own a compatible rifle.

  17. This is why I pay for all firearm related items including ammo with good old cash.
    Always leave as small a trail as possible.

  18. I predict that the Garden State will instantly be safer upon the passage of this vital legislation. And remember folks, “it’s for the children!”

  19. You just wait till after Murphy hits in January. He already said that he is going to sign every piece of anti-gun legislation that was vetoed by Christie. That old bitty Loretta Weinberg is licking her chops as to what she has planned for us. Remember kids its for our OWN GOOD.

    10 round mags are a forgone conclusion. I am predicting something along the lines of what Kommiefornia, NY and CT have done with the AR15s. They will either just copy one of them outright or make some mess thats even worse.

    The goal is total disarmament. Than the only people that will guns with be the police and the misunderstood utes from Newark, Camden, Patterson and other areas of such vibrant diversity.

    The one thing that never stops in NJ is ever higher taxes. Dont worry, its going to be GREAT.

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