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Ryan works in digital media. Hence all the gear you can’t really stow in a pocket. His choice for urban ballistic carry: a Springfield XD-S in 9mm. See everything he carries at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • Ya’ here that jwm-sian hates us old fogey types. Probably Ralph too…should I tell him I frequented some of the worst neighborhoods in Chicago with nary a weapon(or cellphone)? 🙂

  1. Getting a little tired of the constant crusty-fogey mocking criticism of anyone who dares carry anything more than a wallet, old-fashioned folder, a stick of gum and a Colt Pocket Hammerless (with no reloads) or S&W Mod.10 snubbie.

    Some of us are younger than 70 and are perfectly capable of carrying a few ounces of ‘hope I never have to use it, but if I do I’ll be glad it’s there’ gear.

    • People make fun of me for keeping my high school backpack stuffed with useful supplies in my car. In four months I’ve had an ace bandage, a lighter, Advil, condoms, my Leatherman MUT, a T-shirt, a flashlight, and two Cliff Bars taken from this bag by friends who “desperately” needed them on various occasions. I enjoyed laughing in the faces of the ones who called my pack “a stupid idea.”

      • I’ll give you a thumbs up for keeping that in your car. However, if you actually wear the backpack everywhere you go (EDC), I think the odds of you needing those condoms is significantly reduced.

        • I keep a full kit in my vehicle. IN. MY. VEHICLE. This is supposed to be pocket dumps.

          Instead it looks like folks carry a dump in their pockets.

      • I keep a hatchet and a spearhead (cold steel bushman! love it.) in my car, along with the trauma kit, flares, zip ties, a hat and emergency water.

        Why not?

    • Yea I know what you mean, I expect those comments to usually fill up the first 5 spots. I enjoy these photos because of the wide range of stuff people carry and occasionally I see something I might want to add.

    • I agree, especially in a case like this. Most of what this guy carries has nothing to do with guns. It appears most of it is in support of his photography or trail hiking.

    • Hey, be careful throwing the “old” and “crusty” nonsense around… Im 29 and I think that 90% of these EDC duffle bag dumps are a complete load of bullshit.

  2. Love me some ITS gear, have the slimline and a Tall Boy on my EDC/Med bag. Doesnt hurt that theyre DFW locals either.

  3. I’m just jealous of my inadequacy. Keys, cash, mini wallet, pistol, phone. Not picture worthy. Then again, I don’t Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, i.e. – Attention Whore.

    • Exactly. Kahr K9, blade, wallet and cell phone.
      I don’t need cord because I don’t think I’ll be rappelling any buildings soon. Field notebook? Take notes on what? Who’s at the bank when I go to make the deposit?
      Agreed on the IG, Facebook thing.

  4. How about that, I’ve been thinking about a XD-S 4″ in 9mm as a carry gun.
    My current EDC is just a Spyderco Endura 4.


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