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Forensic engineer Jacob Allen obviously likes to be as unencumbered as possible. Hence the NAA mini revolver. and a minimum of extraneous gear. Check out what’s made the cut to travel in his pockets at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • How dare he not show the contents of all his vehicles, boats, aircraft and hideaway/hunting cabins. He’s just not playing by the rules.

  1. Ah the spacepen, I love them.

    You can write with it inside an oven at 425 on wet paper.

    • The US spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop the space pen. The Russians used pencils.

      • Back in 91 or 92 there was a Russian space exibit at the science museum in St Louis. I went on a weekday morning and it was nearly empty. I was looking at a space flown Soyuz and noticed that the stringers (ribs) that were visible on the bottom were different on one side than the other. I was trying to figure out what engineering reason would account for that. A man came over and said if I had a question, pointing to a old guy across the room, that was one of the designers. He called him over and interpreted my question. The man looked and puzzled it over for a minute and said (in Russian that the guy interpreted) “We didn’t make many of these models and we probably ran out of the stringers so we used what we could find. Probably we used some from an even older one.”

        Now, if that had been us, we would have made more stringers to match, no matter the cost. Even if we had to reopen a factory to build those 10-12 parts we would have done it even though the parts on hand were perfectly servicable.

        I learned a lot at that exhibit. My dad had worked on Apollo heat shields in the 60’s. Fancy high tech ceramic and titanium honeycomb. The Russians used fiberglass and calculated how thick it had to be to burn off on reentry and still have enough to protect the vehicle all the way down.

        The difference in the 2 programs came down to build simple and cheap to a calculated risk versus build to the least risk no matter the cost or complexity. Comparing Gemini and Apollo to Soyuz in terms of crew lost in flight our way worked the best, by far. Only when we started to try to cut corners on cost with STS did we lose Astronauts.

      • …until they, too switched to pens. After they realized that a conductive broken-off pencil point could short out electronics.

  2. As a man who works with is shirt tucked in and clothes that fit properly, I approve this pocket inventory.

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