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“Producer Tami Sagher, who worked on three seasons of Girlsput out a call on Instagram yesterday urging for all posters promoting Jason Bourne,” reports, “the latest in the Bourne franchise, to be stripped of the image of a gun. She wrote: ‘Hey New Yorkers, what if we do some peeling & get rid of the guns in the Jason Bourne subway ads. So tired of guns.'”

I believe that would qualify as “criminal mischief” in New York State (commonly called vandalism). In fact, ripping the gun off the JB flick promo poster would be a Class A misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in county jail and “significant” fines. I wonder if there’s such a thing as “incitement to vandalism.”

Probably not. First Amendment and all that. And . . . it’s gone. The post’s been plunged down the memory hole. Anyway, someone called Lena Dunham “quickly hopped on board to show her support of the proposal.”

“Good idea @tulipbone! Let’s go!” Dunham wrote alongside Sagher’s photo of the torn-off gun. The ads, which show Bourne star, Matt Damon, pointing a gun toward passersby, are understandably ill-received during a summer where shootings continue to devastate the U.S.

And there you have it: the people who want to pass laws to disarm Americans (a.k.a., “prevent gun violence”) have no respect for the law. A if you didn’t know.

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  1. Sounds like the anti-gun crowd supports restricting the 1st Amendment… which is no surprise. They only support the rights which benefit them. If they could find a way to deny pro-gun people their “due process” I have no doubt they would.

    • DaveW beat me to the punch: this shows that gun-grabbers do not respect First Amendment rights, either.

      The gun-grabber mindset is actually very simple: they want to eliminate/ban anything and everything that THEY find offensive. Period. Full stop.

      And this is okay in their minds since emotions are king and override everything else … including the rule of law when laws are offensive to them.

      Taken to the extreme, gun-grabber types are actually quite willing to eliminate people who gun-grabber types find to be offensive. The irony: it is for this very reason that we are armed and have the Second Amendment … to defend ourselves from the people who find us and our guns to be “offensive” and therefore justification (in their minds) to eliminate us.

      • What is equally funny is that they:
        1. Love to get right into the faces of gun-owners, on an individual basis, to tell us how violent and untrustworthy we are, apparently free of any fear that we might, you know, shoot them.

        2. While ignoring the laws that they don’t want to follow, assume that these presumably irresponsible, violent gun owners will all line up like good little sheep to deposit our weapons at the local constabulary when told to do so.

        The cognitive dissonance runs strongly in this group.

  2. A class-A misdemeanor?

    One year in county jail and significant fines for vandalism?

    Wow. Surely there is no crime there.

    But in any case, you tease! We all know that such laws are only for the little people… And I don’t mean midgets!

    • Side Note : When do NBC producers get charged with ILLEGAL gun buys ?? Waiting …..

  3. THAT’S a GUN? Well I’m all for screwing little Matt…but yeah what a goofy gal. You can’t fix stupid(maybe a hysterectomy?)

  4. Ahhhh New York City, where you’ll find more shelves on Marx and the Soviets than American history in most book shops.

  5. This is the same lack-of-class folks who when GW Bush won in 2000, vandalized the keyboards in the White House by prying off all the ‘W’ keys.

    Wasn’t it DG a while back who coined them ‘petulant two-year-olds’?

  6. Great, now link to one of Ralph’s posts to “prove” that gun owners are racist bigots. I really wish this site held itself to a higher standard than this.

  7. I’d really be ok with it if they did that. It would draw attention to the hypocrisy of Matt Damon, who up to this point seems to have been given a pass on his bullshit.

  8. I’m sure they don’t need to do any ripping. Just complain loud enough and Comrade Big Bird will probably ban or censor the adds for them.

  9. Oh the irony, someone who makes a living on free speech limiting the speech of others – totally shocked!

    The Left only wants a one way conversation where they are doing all the talking.

  10. I don’t mean to be a dick about this but how is this any different from when our side advocates civil disobedience over magazine/feature bans, assault weapons registration, or universal background check laws?

    • It really isn’t any different. They just make the incorrect assumption that we will obey the law, while they are free to ignore any that they find inconvenient.

    • The difference is right there in the term “civil disobedience.” Tearing up someone else’s sign, their private property, without permission is vandalism. It’s a crime and not at all civil.

      Disobedience is exactly that, disobeying what someone else is mandating that you do or not do. The context of that is usually in terms of your own body, but it’s always in terms of a right you naturally have and are attempting to regain legal recognition of.

      You naturally have the right to free speech and assembly. The government just doesn’t want to hear you complain or for you to influence others to complain. Too bad. They can try to bust up your protest, which you can civilliy disobey because you’re exercising a right you naturally have.

      These gun sign haters are perfectly free to speak their mind or even post opposing signs (if the owners of the wall allow), but they have no right to reduce or revise someone else’s speech by mangling their poster. There’s no natural right to silence someone else. What they’re contemplating is a public nuisance, not civil obedience.

    • The difference the gun grabbers in this article are advocating the destruction of other people’s property, while if People of the Gun ignore the gun control and say, build an SBR, the People of the Gun have neither destroyed anyone’s property or lives.

  11. Well, Lena Dunham is also in favor of ripping off her sisters clothes and molesting her, so I would take what she has to say with a grain of salt.

    • I was going to say instead of inciting violence, doesn’t she have a rug to munch somewhere? Your comment was more appropriate.

  12. Don’t ever listen to women when it comes to self-defense/fighting/war. They are biologically programmed to branch-swing to a superior alpha males once he takes over her current male’s tribe. They would sell us down the river to get a seat at the new ruler’s table. “So tired of guns” – Bye Felicia!

  13. No respect for the law? That’s no surprise, They’ve already proven that they have no respect for the Constitution. Gun-Grabbers don’t really hate guns. If they truly do; they would discharge their armed security, refuse to act in movies, television series, and stage productions that feature guns and or armed conflict, and refuse to call police (the good guys with guns) to save them from violent confrontations. They do not hate guns they hate you and hate the fact that you own gun.

  14. So tired of guns… stop seeing the movies glamorizing those guns, then. And stop going to the fancy galas with the stars and producers that create them.

    But nah… you aren’t THAT tired of them, I bet.

  15. What a great headline. What about pointing to a racist gunner and saying “Proof: Pro 2Aers are racist?” Nice broad brush.

    • Right? The only “proof” I see here is that these two particular nitwits lack respect for other people’s property. Don’t we make a big stink whenever our opponents try to lump all gun owners into some unsavory category?

      Weak stuff, RF.

  16. Those who seek to curtail second amendment rights form a large intersecting set with those who wish to restrict first amendment rights. The rhetoric is often interchangeable, just swap first and second and speech and gun. Look at the eagerness with which anti-gunners block comments they don’t like.

    • Lena Dunham is a perfect example of this. She also happens to be a prominent feminist who sexually-abused her little sister when they were children.

  17. Saw a decent meme on, “We don’t need gun gun control, we need Big Pharma control”.

  18. I think they’re starting from the wrong end. We should take all the guns away from anti-gun actors in their movies and replace them with bananas.

  19. Damon is like much of Hollywood part of the nitwit left. This bunch couldn’t see their own hypocrisy if you wrapped it around a nerf bat and hit them in the face with it. They are self absorbed to the point of being narcissists, in fact, I suspect that they fit this diagnosis every bit as well as Obama and most other left wing politicians. When he went to speak at the Dallas Police Memorial he referred to himself at least 45 times. Everything everywhere is all about Obama all the time, just ask him.

  20. What a revolutionary. Just imagine if we had more selfless outstanding people like this willing to take a stand against inanimate objects and pictures.

    Why that would solve all the problems!


  21. FLAME DELETED Lena Dunham up her anti-gun, fat, doughy, ugly tattooed FLAME DELETED. Anyone who sexualy molested her own sister should not have an opinion on anything.

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