Smith & Wesson M&P9c Concealed Carry Handgun
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Noah’s everyday carry concealed handgun choice is the reliable, stealthy Smith & Wesson M&P9c. As for his other gear, we’ll leave you to dissect that, dude. See all the details at Everyday Carry . . .


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    • It’s a antimicrobial shower wipe, similar to the things backpackers have used for years. Dude Wipes just have a “manly” scent to them. Basically to prevent common infections, remove a lot of dirt and insure that you don’t smell like you’ve hit the gym hard all week without taking a shower.

      Tear open package, wipe yourself down and maybe apply deodorant. Now you can come off the trail and walk into a grocery store to pick up necessities and the folks three aisles over don’t smell you. (You don’t realize how bad you can smell until you’ve gone a week without any real hygiene other than brushing your teeth. Even more gross, after a while YOU don’t smell yourself or your friends any more because you’re “nose blind” to the scent but other people can quite literally smell you from 30 feet away or more.)

      Lots of people use them if they work in a really hot environment so that they can go to lunch without smelling like a dirty, unwashed hippie. For example: they take off the dirt and collected other grossness you get from SMAW welding pretty well. That way you don’t look like a coal miner when you take off your hood and go to lunch.

      • Also very good if you break some wind that’s a *little* less than, er, ‘dry’, so to speak.

        The guy’s version of regaining a little bit of that ‘shower fresh’ feeling.

        (A cure for ‘slime-ass’, for the uncouth folks like *me*… 😉 )

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