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Kevin says this is his “typical work or casual EDC gear. We’re not sure where he carries the bourbon, but we’d be happy to tip a glass with him any time. See everything he’s carrying at Everyday Carry . . .

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    • If a gun can withstand the chemical effects of relatively harsh bore solvents, etc., it can certainly handle the mild chemical properties of a bit of ethanol.

  1. Has anyone tried Beam’s ‘Devil’s Cut’?

    I think it’s the one where they put a dumped barrel under vacuum to suck out what’s soaked in the charcoal-wood inside the barrel…

    (I dunno about lugging a bottle around. A flask seems alot easier, logistically.)

  2. He uses the bourbon as a gun cleaner instead of Hoppe’s as it adds to the flavor to his next drink. Carrying bourbon unless it is in a separate locked container could be a violation of the law in several states, says someone who has no idea if that could be true.

    • Yeah, and being “green” and recycling Bourbon bottles to drink tea out of while driving to work isn’t a good idea…er ah so I’ve been told.


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