A.U.A.'s everydaycarry.com pocket dump
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I reckon A.U.A.’s being a bit coy with his everydaycarry.com pocket dump. What are the odds that the Spanish police officer doesn’t carry a wallet, keys, badge and phone. Still, props to the cop for carrying a baby GLOCK. Despite the arrival of the diminutive single-stack 9mm GLOCK 43, the double-stack 9mm GLOCK 26 is still a superior choice for concealed carry — at least in terms of grip and capacity. Concealability, not so much. Maybe A.U.A. doesn’t care because . . .

cnon-LEO] civilian handgun ownership is an anathema in Spain.

If A.U.A.’s GLOCK 26 “prints” (i.e., it’s visible through his concealment garment), would that be a problem? The general public probably doesn’t expect anyone to be carrying a pistol. (Except the bad guys, maybe?) When you don’t look, you don’t see.

Here in the U.S., the same lack of firearms awareness applies. When I open carried in Rhode Island, no one gave my gun a second look. Mostly not even a first look. If someone saw my gun they simply assumed I was a cop. I wonder if the same would be true in New York City. #notmymonkeysnotmyzoo

I also wonder if the baby GLOCK enjoys the same popularity now that the 42 and 43 are around. Which one of this ballistic threesome did you or would you choose?

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  1. I haven’t tried the single stack Glock. But I have to believe that it would feel better to my hand than the double stack versions. Couldn’t feel any clunkier, at least.

  2. Of the three? The 26.

    It’s not that much more difficult to conceal (with the proper attire) and it will accept magazines from its larger brothers, Glock 19 and 17. All things being equal, why not give yourself options with a plug-and-play 15 or 17 round factory magazine on your hip, in your pocket etc.

  3. I think I’ve shot Glocks in every caliber except 45GAP (does anyone??) and 357SIG. The 43 and 26 are my favorites. I’ve been gravitating a bit more to the 43 because, as well as I shoot the 26, I shoot the 43 even better thanks to the grip. I’m running 8 round mags, the standard six with a Tango Down 2 round extension. True, the longer grip length can lead to less concealability but it’s more than made up for by that slightly slimmer frame. And when I absolutely need the shorter grip I’ll run a standard mag and the 43 pretty much disappears.

    One 2+mag in the 43 plus one spare 2+ mag means 17 rounds available in a skinny, shootable package compared with 21 rounds in the same config in the chunkier 26. And even with the 2+ extension the 43 mags conceal more easily than the 26 mags

    • i also own both a 26 and a 43, and i completely agree with you. The 42 only makes sense to the recoil sensitive, otherwise the 43 is essentially the same size

  4. I chose the 43. Only Glock I now own.

    I get a much better grip on the 43 than I did the 26. I wear a large glove so YMMV.

    I can shoot the 26 just about as well as the 43 but it takes more effort due to the grip (or lack thereof for me).

    My son loves the 26 but hates the 43. Hands a re different.

    Concealment-wise – the 43 is much easier for me to conceal and comfortable.

    To me, the big advantage of the 26 is taking 19 and 17 magazines.

    I would also purchase a Glock 19-sized pistol with a single stack – especially if it was a 40.

    My 0.02.

    And good thing he can open-carry that watch – it’s bigger than the danged pistol.

  5. The Spyderco ‘Harpy’ has been my faithful EDC defensive blade for about 25 years now.

    Awesome blade…

    (Back in my ‘Tasteless’ days, I’d rate it as 4 Choads up, *Way* up. 😉 )

  6. My wife likes the 27 for certain applications. Personally I find it way, way too small for my hand. It might work for me with an extended floorplate on the mag but I have not tried that yet.

  7. Only Glock I have is 42. The 43 didn’t exist yet, and clothing I wear at work doesn’t play well with double stack anything. I am very interested, however, in the P365.

  8. My EDC is Glock 42 plus two spare mags. Yes, I do know that’s not much compared to what many others carry. I do own bigger pistols. But A, I’m hoping the odds of me unexpectedly needing more firepower are quite low and B, I’m a teacher. A relatively cheap gun that’s easy to conceal well, makes reasonably big holes and has decreased chances of dangerous overpenetration seems like a sensible EDC choice.

  9. While I own the 43, I’ve shot the 42 quite a bit and I think it’s a great 380 choice. A little smaller than the 43, light weight, and with the right ammo it’s a potent pistol. In fact, especially for people that are new to guns and that might not have a chance to spend lots of time at the range, I’ve often recommended it as a good soft-shooting defense pistol. It’s a little bigger than some 380s but that means a little more mass, a little more grip, and easier handling overall.

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