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Levi says this is his winter carry compliment. We don’t know about you, but that looks like it would work very nicely 365 days a year. See everything Levi is carrying at Everyday Carry . . .

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  1. Please give a good reason why the gUn needs to be propped up but the Leatherman and the flashlight do not.
    And if the gun needs to be propped up, why does it have to be done with something in the trigger guard?
    I am not imagining too many idiots photographing their guns this way. The stupid is real.

      • “A lot of gun stores prop their guns up this way.”
        So that makes it okay?

        “It not only gives you a different view of the pistol, which some people find aesthetically pleasing, it saves space on a counter/shelf while not holding the guns all vertically where all you can really see is the backstrap/top of the gun.”

        It isn’t asthetically pleasing when there is something that doesn’t belong there is obstructing the view.
        It saves no space on the shelf because it is still basically laying flat.

        • “So that makes it okay?”

          It doesn’t really matter to me. The rules state that a gun is unloaded once it’s been checked to be so. That status is revoked when the person who checked it steps away. If the person who placed the object in the trigger guard made sure it was unloaded before placing that peg there and the next person to pick it up does the same when picking it up I don’t see a serious safety violation. YMMV.

          “It isn’t asthetically pleasing when there is something that doesn’t belong there is obstructing the view.”

          Note that I said some people find it aesthetically pleasing. You don’t. That’s your opinion and that’s totally fine. Aesthetics are in the eye of the beholder. Personally, I don’t much care. I care about functionality and ergos.

          “It saves no space on the shelf because it is still basically laying flat.”

          As stated this is simply untrue. (Thanks rules for triangles!) I tested it myself with my EDC pistol. (A full sized .45 USP with a threaded barrel). Lying flat the gun measures ~5.75″x9″ with the slide forward and no magazine. Propped up using a dowel rod it measures ~4.5″-4.75″x9″. That’s a 1″ to 1.25″ savings along the X axis (X axis of a theoretical display case) of the gun, a space saving of 17.39-21.74%. In a display rack of 30 pistols that would save you 30″-37.5″ of display space allowing for another 6-8 firearms to be displayed on something like a 13.5′ shelf.

          Now, I don’t know shit about display shelving but largish shelves for your house are often about 77″ in length. Laid out flat you could fit 13 pistols of the size I’m using for this example. Putting them up on a peg you can fit 16-17 pistols in the same space. That’s an increase in displayed firearms of 18.75-23.53% in the same space.

          That’s some serious space saving if you’re displaying handguns for the purpose of selling them, especially if you make a few hundred off each one that you sell, more if your margin is higher on the extra models you get to display by better utilizing that space.

      • This is Micheal in GA’s thing. He trolled my EDC about a month ago for the same thing. He needs a new hobby and new common sense.

        • Yeah, Michael in GA is kinda anal about it, but I have one of my own, that plural vs. possessive form apostrophe thing.

          Folks seem to have a default mode that if a word ends in an ‘s’ they should just add the apostrophe.

          EDIT – On second thought, I do have another thing I get anal about, misuse of the ‘Darwin Award’ that most folks seem to get wrong.

          Hint – It’s not a ‘Darwin Award’ if someone has managed to reproduce before they died. It’s part of the ‘extinction’ thing, that your genes died with your stupid ass, sparing humanity for all future generations of your defective genes…

        • “It’s not a ‘Darwin Award’ if someone has managed to reproduce before they died.”

          Is that part of the rules? I thought you just had to kill yourself in a stupid (entertaining) way.

        • It really depends on who’s rules, I use the stricter rules from back in Usenet days when I hung out on alt.tasteless.

          Use it the wrong way with the A.T. chimps, get your head ripped off and stuffed down your own neck…

        • “Ain’t you the guy that argues that mixing alcohol and guns isn’t bad?”

          You might be thinking of me. I’ve advanced that argument here a few times. I stick by it.

          Unless of course you’re talking about pouring alcohol all over a gun… 91% isopropyl might clean her up nice but a decent whisky? That’s just wasteful and it makes a mixer that will bust your teeth. Plus, after your DGU, pulling a Tom Waits and saying that it’s the gun that’s been drinking isn’t going to make the cops smile.

        • I will not refuse to drink because I carry a gun and I will not refuse to carry a gun when I go to a bar.
          At least I don’t post videos of drinking and shooting. Showing pictures of a Sharpie inside the trigger guard is displaying bad trigger discipline.
          “Oh but it is unloaded”. Yeah! Then don’t bitch about my Glock because I have to pull the trigger to field strip it. Don’t bitch about the super model with her finger on the trigger of a prop gun.
          I am just pointing out the hypocrisy of it all.

  2. Is the beef really with something in the trigger guard? Or is it an artistic flaw that one is propped and not the others, that bothers you, Mike in GA?

    The hammer is down on the single action gun, not really understanding your issue(s).

  3. We prop em up with something through the trigger guard cause it works like a champ.

    Worried about it ? Don’t do it.

    Drink a shot of whisky and chase it with a Bud Weiser then lay your gun down flat.

    Problem solved

      • Are you as outraged by having guns point at you when you walk into a gun store?

        In every one I visit, the muzzle is pointing at me when i view them.

        Maybe they should dismantle pistols and let you put them together when you want to see them.

        What could go wrong.

        I just think its a non-issue……unless you propping up loaded pistols in a display case…..then they will go off….if someone pulls the trigger.

        • Same with a finger then. I’m looking for consistency.
          I’m not a “safety Nazi”. It’s not my point to show the danger of this overused act. It is just a copycat technique used by people who have no imagination. Just like the duck lip selfie. They don’t know what to do in front of the camera so they pucker their lips and make a peace sign. Why? Because everyone else does it. It makes you look stupid. A pen light holding up a gun through the trigger guard looks stupid too. Can’t you just lay the gun on a magazine and get the same effect? It’s unloaded so it isn’t like you don’t have the magazine right there to use. Artistic value my ass.

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