Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Tom

An ultra-reliable, concealable DA/SA pistol and one of the best EDC knives on the market. Done deal. See what Tom’s carrying at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. avatar Geoff PR says:

    One of the best light-n-tight loadouts in this series, to date.

    A CZ, ’nuff said.

    Fenix E12, single AA cell light – Selectable 8 to 130 lumens output.

    A plain-edge Spyderco, much easier to maintain than the serrated edge ones.

    Outstanding work, Tom!

  2. avatar S.CROCK says:

    This is one of the more practical edc pictures I have seen. I would like to be seeing actual pocket carry dumps but it was still refreshing not seeing a backpacks worth of gear. If I see a backpack or spare mags for a spare gun I just ignore it and scroll away.

    1. avatar HandyDan says:

      Well, considering the website that TTAG grabs these off of have nothing to do with the pocket dump tagline, each one that has a backpack full of stuff is a perfectly legitimate part on the original website. I specifically posted the backpack worth of stuff yesterday because I am sick and tired of overly critical people complaining that ‘you can’t fit all that in your pockets’.

      BTW, I doubt he is putting that very nice CZ in his pockets, so where is your criticism now?

    2. avatar Jonathan says:

      Ever lived in an urban area where you are running around on public transport? You’d use a backpack too.

  3. Yay! Foreign object in the trigger guard for no apparent reason!

    1. Um hello! That’s the Tactical Bump-Fire Stick© from Mall Ninja Corp. “It’s powerful, but stealthy as the footsteps of a Navy SEAL”!

    2. avatar Curtis in IL says:

      Gun stores do that to prop the gun up so you can see it at a better angle. But they usually use shotgun shells.

      1. I’m aware. Just joking around but I guess it didn’t land LOL.

    3. avatar tmm says:

      That’s not all. This firearm is listed as a PCR, which is the compact size decocker model with alloy frame. It does indeed have a “D” designation (for decocker) and the decocker lever in view. All metal CZs have either the decocker or the safety…not both. So why do I see the hammer in full cock? With a foreign object in the trigger guard?

      Not the example I’d be following.

      1. avatar tmm says:

        Or the angle makes the hammer look farther back than it really is. The detail in the picture composition makes it hard to tell, but I do believe the hammer is at the half cock position. But still, trigger guard. No longer wildly stupid, but stupid.

        1. avatar Tom says:

          Half cocked, unloaded.

      2. avatar Jonathan says:

        That’s the half cock the decocker lowers to on a cz.

  4. avatar tsbhoa.p.jr says:

    full size 75 carries, but it’s big. the compact looks right, but no decocker for me. p07’s are cheap, but i’d rather have this or a p01.
    where is cz’s single stack?
    bought an old t-series belgian p35 today to complement the feg copy.

    1. avatar Joel says:

      The CZ P01 Omega is true ‘perfection’ for me.

      The compact is better looking though….

  5. avatar YZAS says:

    Non-crenulated EDC light. Minus one on the operator points brah

    1. avatar DrewN says:

      Eh, as long as it stands up by itself. I usually grind the lens end ones down myself but leave the tail end alone so it can stand.

    2. avatar HandyDan says:

      I specifically look for non-cenulated bevels in my flashlight. I hate the way they always seem to rub my leg raw.

  6. What makes it a better angle?
    I didn’t know guns were such Divas.
    That’s why I like my Glock. It is ugly from all angles. The only view I care about is from behind the sights.

  7. I got it. Can’t say I LOL but I did LOTI.

  8. avatar Docduracoat says:

    CZ does need to come out with a single stack 9
    The one pictured here is a little too large for concealed carry
    The CZ Rami is a quality compact gun, but it is fat in the grip
    Come on CZ!
    Are you going to force me to buy a Shield?

    1. avatar Joel says:

      At least dry fire an LC9s before buying a shield! 🙂

      But a single stack built by CZ would be saweeet!!!

    2. avatar justin says:

      Guess I’m the oddball that likes carrying a Rami. Way more accurate than any barrel that short has any right to be.

  9. avatar justin says:

    Ah, CZs. Once you have one, they are just like Pokemon, you have to collect them all.

  10. avatar strych9 says:

    Nice and simple. I like the knife too. Not the biggest fan of that light due to it’s battery but overall it’s a good light.

    Well done.

  11. avatar Mort says:

    Love it.

    The CZ-75 Compact design is, for me, the best handling pistol in my hand that I have ever held or felt.

    I say “design” because I have a couple of Caniks. I have a Canik C-100 that is a fine pistol… outstanding for the $300-odd bucks I paid for it. Even in compact, it’s a bit too big too big for me to EDC… but damned if I wouldn’t slobber over a scaled down “sub-compact” DA/SA hammered version with a single stack.

    The thing is, every time I see genuine CZ-75s, they are significantly more expensive… $500-700ish, depending on farkles’n’sparkles. The fit and finish of CZ does look a step up from Caniks… but are they really superior shooters? More durable, more reliable? When I see well-used CZ-75s priced accordingly, they don’t seem quite as nice as my Caniks.

    Anybody have both and care to compare? As a shooter, I have a suspicion that my L-120 will go round for round with a real CZ for half the buy-in… but I don’t actually *know* that. Do you?


  12. Now instead of a writing utensil inside the trigger guard of an unloaded weapon with the safety engaged, replace that with the finger of an Israeli supermodel in a bikini and listen to the moaning and groaning from all the safety Nazis about poor trigger discipline.

  13. avatar jimmy james says:

    Worst looking grip screw I ever saw in my life.

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