Henry Bowman's everydaycarry.com pocket dump
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Henry Bowman’s everydaycarry.com pocket dump is a class act. Hats off to the once and future TTAG commentator for his choice of an Advanced Armament suppressor-ready 1911 and a 300 meter underwater-ready Rolex Submariner. Not to mention the Magpul Industries Tejas Gun Belt. Like the Big Lebowski’s stolen rug, it really ties the room together. Of course, none of that comes cheap. So I’ll put this question to you . . .

If you had an unlimited budget, what would you carry everyday (other than a platinum Amex)?

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      • Therefore, there’s little to no reason to carry a gun with a threaded barrel, unless your carry gun came with one for some reason and you don’t want to buy a non-threaded barrel.

      • I often carry my 5.7 can (5oz) along with my Streamlight in my vest of pockets. I think I read One Second After one too many times. No, I don’t expect to ever need it, but I spent the money already so why not.

  1. If I had an unlimited budget I wouldn’t carry other than for funzies. I’d have a dozen former SOF guys armed with full autos around myself and my family at all times.

    The fact that I can’t afford that is why I carry.

      • If you have an “unlimited budget” you are by definition extremely rich and therefore by definition you do have those threats. That’s the problem with being that rich.

        I had to do an update on my CPR cert to maintain my Divemaster accreditation a few number of years back. I did it through the dive company I was working for at the time (free!). One of the other people in the class was a teenage girl who, surprisingly, was on the Rescue Diver track (good for her I did that track and I think every Divemaster should be required to do that track but that’s another story). She was constantly followed/surrounded by a number of large, serious looking men.

        She was on vacation and during a break in the class she and her friend were smoking cigarettes and talking about her handbag. It was some super expensive multi-thousand dollar clutch that she was in LOVE with. Blah, blah, blah. So, I finally just asked WTF was going on here. Rich girl getting a CPR cert for a Rescue Diver certification… unusual. Passel of large, muscular, serious looking guys with serious situational awareness who guard her at all times, very unusual. Well, turns out she’s a diving fanatic (awesome, good for her) and her daddy was SUPER rich. She and her friend had arrived with their mothers and other family from Europe members on a 400ft yacht. Daddy would be on island in a few days, flying in on “the Lear”. Yeah, fucking serious money here.

        Anyway, I ask about the dudes constantly following her. I mean, they come onto the dive boat with her and even dive WITH her. WTF? Our Divemasters aren’t good enough for you?

        She explains that her dad is “like top 1% in the world rich or something” and that these guys have followed her around and escorted her everywhere since she can remember. There have been threats against pretty much everyone in her family for kidnapping and/or murder so these guys are a “precaution”. As a teenager of course she thinks it’s “stupid”.

        Yeah, well when you’re as rich as her daddy is you hire that kind of security 24/7/365 because kidnapping/ransom/murder of your family is an actual problem. In that situation you don’t just carry a gun. You hire a bunch of hardass men to carry them for you because two is one, one is none but a dozen is a fucking serious security team.

        • I don’t think being rich automatically means you have serious AND extensive threats. I know of a guy who’s (barely) worth billions, and he has zero security, even when traveling abroad. Also, even Zuck doesn’t have 24/7 security (I saw him without it), although he does spend a lot on it.

          If I was ever rich, I’d just like to train more and broader. It’d take a very real threat to make me hire security like Larry Ellison’s. Too high-profile, too much of a pain, and too expensive.

        • “She was constantly followed/surrounded by a number of large, serious looking men.”

          This. I want this for me, haha.

        • And, if you happened to ask her about gun control – she’d probably be all for it, ’cause guns are icky.

        • IMO, the problem isn’t being rich, it’s with everyone KNOWING you are rich.

          Celebrities and especially proathletes are always getting hassled by stalkers, carjacked, mugged burglarized, etc. It’s kind of ironic that huge pro football and pro basketball players are getting carjacked by punk thugs taking their flashy cars at 3:00 AM outside the strip clubs.

          If your kids get delivered to school in a Bentley, they better have security.

          The anonymous super-rich businessman that doesn’t flash his wealth is probably not much of a target.

          Perhaps the moral of the story is don’t be a flashy ass-hole and crooks probably won’t know who you are.

      • Do the people you know have a high profile, children of the age that like to talk about shit they probably shouldn’t and do the guys you know do business all over the world, including deals that involve traveling to shady parts of the world? Or are they more the Warren Buffet (buy BNSF and STFU) type? There’s a big difference there.

        I don’t pretend to know all of this guy’s issues or anything but his daughter was not exactly up-to-date on her “opsec”. She popped off at the mouth and wore stuff that stood out. She also had a travel history that makes mine look like I’ve never left the US (and my travel history is quite extensive all over the world).

        This guy was in exactly the position where kidnapping his daughter for a few million in ransom was a legitimate concern. That’s not a concern everyone has, even billionaires, many of whom btw probably have security that you don’t see and which might not even be their own.

        • No, he’s not, and his kids aren’t. Everything else you said makes sense and I agree.

  2. M&P9, either Compact or Shield, with an Apex trigger, XS Big Dots, Inforce light, and maybe even a red dot. Federal 124gr HSTs.

    Ares Gear Aegis enhanced belt, Tier 1 Agis holster, and perhaps a mag pouch in addition to the Tier 1.

    I’d carry a Surefire for the fun of it, and wrap it all up with a RATS TQ.

  3. Same as I carry now, P320 carry in a Soteria leather holster, additional mag in a pouch by same, loaded with 135gr Hornady +p critical duty. 4in Cold Steel folding drop point knife and a cheap Timex watch that’s been working for the past 7 years.

  4. If I had an unlimited budget I’d carry a pair of gold-plated 10″ Desert Eagles, backed up by a .358 Winchester AR pistol and a pearl-handled Randall Sportsman Bowie, along with a gold-plated iPhone X, a Patek Philippe Grand Complication, and the keys to my Rolls-Royce Drophead…or I’d just keep carrying my 1911, iPhone 7, my Casio fishing watch, my Case Texas Toothpick, and the keys to my crappy little Grand Am, and put the money elsewhere. I do have a Rolex Submariner, but I don’t wear it.

  5. Unlimited fund? I would carry a finely tuned Wilson Combat Beretta 92 Centurion Tactical with a TLR-1 HL mounted and I would also carry the Rick Hinderer Maximus knife. Of course, I would need a nice classy Rolex and a nice pen to tie it all together.

  6. “Platinum” Amex? Pshaw. That’s for the plebes. If you’ve got the dough, you get the black Centurion Amex, everyone knows that.

  7. Most impressive to me is that this is the first pocket dump I’ve seen in a long time where the holster actually looks like it’s been used. Kudos for actually carrying your EDC.

  8. EDC with a THREADED muzzle? Almost as asinine as having an AR15 (compact/handy) and festooning it with scope/red dot/laser/light/CB radio antenna, etc.

  9. Pretty classy to include the wedding ring!

    I live in Idaho and work based in kalifornia. When at home or in the majority states that honor my permit I carry a Dave Lauck (D L Sports) professional slim line commander. In kalifornia I carry a Glock 19 but if money were no object and I was not worried about some oath breaker taking it I would carry the Dave Lauck everywhere.

    And I NEVER take off my wedding ring!!

    • Hahaha! This reminds of a clip I recently saw. A lady was explaining her theory that Monster beverages are evil. Toward the end of her rant, she starts to explain how the package or advertisement swears without using all the letters. “Do you know what the ‘F’ stands for? The ‘effe’ word. Do you know what a ‘MILF’ is?”

      But in this case, ‘F’ stands for Farago, I presume. 😉

  10. I’d carry what I already carry – a P238 Equinox or a Performance Center J-Frame, even though I own much more expensive firearms.

    Kind of like how I wear a G-shock solar powered watch linked to the atomic clock, despite the fact that I own a Rolex.


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