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AEGIS’ pocket dump features a three-leafed clover. As any good Irish lad will tell you, it’s a four-leaf clover you be wantin’ if luck be what you need. And luck is certainly a large factor in armed self-defense. A lot of armed Americans depend on it . . .

They only carry a gun if they think they’re going some place dangerous. A bad part of town. An open air concert. A drug store. Wait. A drug store?

Google coughed-up 870,000 results for “armed robbery drug store.”  And yet they’re such well-lit places, always equipped with security cameras and most often situated in perfectly respectable neighborhoods.

My point: you don’t know when or where you and yours might face an imminent, credible threat of grievous bodily harm or death. Depending on luck to keep you safe is a mug’s game.

Which is why so many people carry a gun. And why a small percentage of those carry other self-defense bits and pieces, like a knife, flashlight and spare ammo.

The question is, do you change your loadout — or leave it out altogether — depending on where you’re going?

I must admit: I don’t wear my Wilson EDC X9 all the time, opting for a pocket carried Ruger LCP II most days. If I knew I was going to a gunfight . . . See what I mean?

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  1. Robert, the shamrock is the symbol of Ireland, which is obviously what he’s going for with that flagpatch. 4-leaf clovers are a cereal marshmallow. That’s like saying that America’s bird should be the 2-headed eagle cuz it looks more cooler.
    And when I clicked on the article here, I saw no picture, so I expected a Model 29. I’m disappointed now.

    • so you are saying you have never seen or heard of a 4-leaf clover…before Lucky Charms??? you need to get out more dude.

      • I found one when I was a kid. I’m just saying it’s not a national symbol of Ireland like the 3-leaf clover is.

        • I stated that the guy has a shamrock flag-patch probably because he’s Irish, not some weirdo “luck” thing that RF made up. This whole article is just some nonsensical rant about lucky clovers and drug stores that has nothing to do with the guy’s EDC.

    • Easy, moose…
      The photo shows a carry pouch with a morale patch velcroed to it embroidered with a shamrock. Dunno what the significance of the patch is (I’ll look it up later), but I think RFs point was “Don’t rely on luck to save your butt”.

      “In my experience, there’s no such thing as luck” – Obi Wan Kenobi

      • Okay I looked into it: it’s just a shamrock patch… no military unit affiliation, I guess he has it because he’s either Irish or just really likes the weeds in his lawn.

  2. I also pocket carry an LCP II daily. In my small town the crime rate is so low I don’t worry much about it. When I go to bigger cities I upgrade to a larger, higher capacity 9mm, just in case.

    I didn’t get the picture as well, thought it was just my phone.

  3. I have carried every day since I returned from my 2nd tour in Vietnam. I carry everywhere including church only thing that changed was when I stopped carrying a Commander and started carrying a striker fired Sig.

  4. When I’m heading to the nearby small town for groceries, or just home carrying – .45 ACP XDs in a pocket holster with one or two spare mags.

    If I’m heading to the big city (Seattle, or major suburban outliers) I size up to a Para Tac Four (14 rounds of .45 ACP goodness…) and a spare mag. I also consider the higher cap if I’m going to a place with more people and fewer exits (think movie theatre) even if it’s local. Out hiking or foraging in the wilds – S&W 329PD (do ya feel lucky?) or my new TRP Operator in 10mm.

    My reasoning is that the more likely risk locally is a potential robbery, or confrontation with an evil bobcat or dog. In larger venues or the big city, the robbery risk is still there, but the risk of a mass shooting or flash mob situation increases.

    I get the whole “if you think you might be in a gunfight, don’t be there” thing. By that reasoning, you’d tool up for the max situation and carry the same everywhere. In comparison, if you think of your carry gun as you might a fire extinguisher – there if you need it – it makes sense to apply situational logic. You buy a different extinguisher for the office (main risk – paper fire) vs. your boat (flammable liquids) or car (electrical fire). So from this perspective it makes perfect sense to carry a lower cap pistol in lower risk environments, step up to a larger cap pistol – and perhaps even different ammo (barrier blind, for example) for an urban risk environment, and something altogether different for hiking in the woods.

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