Peek-a-boo! BulletSafe bandana.
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I understand why a police officer facing a ballistic assault would want a BulletSafe Bulletproof Bandana: it protects some pretty important bits and pieces of their body. The problem: the lower face-covering shield makes officers seem even less like actual people than their usual body armor and, it should be said, reflective sunglasses. It’s hard to de-escalate a situation when you look like Robocop. Still, I’d buy that for a dollar! Press release:

12 Year Old’s Invention Starts Keeping Cops Safe Today

Recently a police officer in Texas was killed in the line of duty.  He was shot in the neck.1  It is a common area for fatal gunshots and an area that has never been well protected, until now.  Now there is a new invention from a 12 year old in Michigan.

Michael Nardone was 9 when he came up with the idea for the BulletSafe Bulletproof Bandana. Now he is 12 and his invention is ready to save lives.  The BulletSafe Bulletproof Bandana is easy to put on and made of the same material as a bulletproof vest.

“It protects your neck, your upper chest, and your lower face from bullets.” says Michael.  “It looks cool too. You can duck down into it like a turtle or stick your neck out of it to be friendly and talk to people.”

This idea, which combined Michael’s ski mask and the bulletproof vests made by his Dad’s company, seemed too good to let slip away.  He and his dad started building prototypes. “It was like Goldilocks, this one’s too big, this one’s too small, this one’s just right.” says Tom Nardone, Michael’s father and President of BulletSafe Bulletproof Vests.

When they had the design right, they put it into production.  Now anyone can buy one.2  The bandana will stop almost all handguns including a .44 Magnum.  It is affordable at just $129 and weighs only 1.8 lbs..

The Nardones hope police officers keep these bulletproof bandanas handy and deploy them under dangerous circumstances.  BulletSafe also plans to show the design to the US Military to protect our troops. Lots of other people need protection too.  BulletSafe already sells affordable vests to security companies, ATM repairmen, repo-men, process servers, bailbondsmen, even jewelers.  All sorts of people want protection.

Meanwhile, Michael would like to see a few things happen.  “I can’t wait to get the patent with my name on it. Then I hope it saves some lives. I’m also going to get some royalties. Some of the money will go to my college fund and I get to spend the rest.”

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  1. “The bandana will stop almost all handguns including a .44 Magnum.”

    I’m not sure having your face shattered into thousands of pieces and the concussion leaving you in a vegetative state is better than a clean penetration…
    “You can duck down into it like a turtle or stick your neck out of it to be friendly and talk to people.”
    Okay, never mind… That’s just too cute.

    • Be positive, it could very well be a life saver. I’d rather have an incredibly painful bruise on my neck than a jugular that was severed by a grazing shot. Sure your jaw would be toast if they hit you there with a 44, but there’s really no good way to get shot.

    • Bullet resistant vests save lives. This crazy thing MIGHT save a life.

      But I have to wonder, and ask the hard question…if a cop didn’t approach a potential confrontation with the idea in his mind that he was bulletproof like Superman would it change his situational awareness and result in less shots being fired in the first place, or he at least being more cognizant of the danger and prepared to react?

      Next point: How much crap does the average LEO carry on his Batman Utility Belt? Glock, Taser, two spare mags, handcuffs and who knows what else, that reduces his mobility and ability to either run away, or chase? How much additional restriction is caused by the addition of the vest? Now you want to add yet another piece of restricting equipment, and weight? And how do you expect to drive a car with that thing on?

      Not a job I would ever want to do, but in that situation I think I would prefer to approach each potentially dangerous situation scared to death rather than feeling immortal when a vest and bandana just don’t make it so.

      Can you say, “Security theater?”

      • I don’t think there are many cops out there that go in to a situation thinking “Eh, it’s okay if I get shot, I’ve got (X) body armor on and it’ll probably work.”

        What happens if the bad guy hits you an inch above it?

    • “The bandana will stop almost all handguns including a .44 Magnum.”

      I’m more concerned with stopping bullets than entire guns, myself. 😉

  2. The newest in anarchist wear, The new Antifa bandanna. (I wonder if it’ll stop 12ga slug?)

    Bad guy: where do you want it?
    ME: Shoot me in the face, let me cover my face with *this* bandanna first.

  3. This seems like a niche/newbie/gamer/air softer product, and one that no serious person would actually use. Props to the kid, though.

    Also, what if they aimed lower?

  4. So it looks like the “Mozambique” or failure to stop drill that we all learned may not be effective. Let’s just shoot for the ‘nads.

    • Aim for the ‘nads is the latest bit of tactical advice I have read from Special Ops.

      I also recall reading many years ago a piece of advice from Masad Ayoob regarding holding a bad guy at gunpoint: “Hold the pistol at ‘low ready’ pointing the muzzle at his crotch. Many bad guys think they are tough enough to survive being shot, none of them want their dick shot off.”

      As for Mozambique, the third round is supposed to go to the forehead or between the eyes. As far as I can see, which would be better than the cop wearing it, the bandana does not protect that area.

      And even a ballistic codpiece would protect only the “nads”, not the pelvic girdle or hip joints. And I suspect you could run only about five steps with that piece of equipment on, whether you were hit in the hip or not.

  5. Ok… Ummm isn’t that gonna make it a tad uncomfortable to breathe? And the only way it will actually save lives is if it is worn ALL the time because (and I could be wrong) that time that you really REALLY need it will be the one time they don’t give you time to trot back to the cruiser and throw it on. YMMV

    • I don’t think it would really be a big deal but if it is then it’s the same as other PPE.

      A gas mask restricts your breathing by something like 20%. A plate carrier, properly worn, restricts your breathing by about 10%.

      Cardio, it’s important.

    • Broward county has a cure for that. Just hide behind a cruiser and cower until the threat has left the scene.

  6. Just because there aren’t many replies yet….something to keep in mind for 2018….

    Any vote for a democrat is a vote to end the 2nd Amendment.

  7. I carry a 5.7 that slings sharp brass bullets at an average of 1982fps. Sorry kid, they won’t even notice the bandana.

  8. Smart kid – great to adapt his skiing “Turtle Fur” neckband to a tactical use. I’d suggest that if he gets a bunch of royalty money, to be very careful in spending it on a college education – unless he chooses wisely, he’ll come out dumber than he went in. Maybe find a decent technical or engineering school out in flyover country, avoiding either coast.

  9. I have to ask, what’s the deal with mentioning mirrored sunglasses? I’ve seen it more than once.

    What’s the beef with mirrored sunglasses?

      • Only if you wear silver tinted aviators… OTOH, on occasion I do have an itch to shoot people named Luke. Especially when we have a failure to communicate.

  10. This could be good for motorcyclists. Do you have any idea how much a rock kicked up by a truck hurts? The answer is a lot.

    • A helmet and a proper motorcycle jacket pretty much eliminate that problem. I’ve been hit in the throat by a pretty large rock and it just bounced off my jacket. The one that smashed my visor was a whole other story, I about had a heart attack over that.

      Of course PPE only works if you wear it which is something a lot of motorcycle riders don’t seem to get but then Harley riders don’t seem to understand how bad for their bike it is when they put half a Holstein on the back…

  11. I thought the headline said “Bulletproof Banana,” which made me wonder what they were trying to protect.

  12. Looks pretty gangster, also will make ID’ing the cop that kicked you in the sack for smarting off that much harder, Looks like Mexican police…


  14. Have your head examined if your ‘thinking’ about purchasing this item. Commit yourself if you actually intend to use it after said purchase. This holds true for any so-called ballistic resistant armor used in a civilian theater that does not meet/exceed NIJ Standards and have the the NIJ logo.

  15. It should be constructed of concentric rings (like a collapsible camping cup) so it could be raised or lowered somewhat as needed, so you don’t look like a jousting knight all the time. If it was, I’d give it a 10/10 would operate operationally with.

  16. pfft it aint gonna stop shit. the bullet is going to push down the top then travel to your face.

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