Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Brian

Brian’s Sunday carry features a concealable SIG 1911 as well as CRKT’s award-winning Swindle flipper. See all of his gear at Everyday Carry . . .


  1. avatar jwm says:

    Not often you see a machete in these offerings. And pocket shrapnel is next up from pocket sand, I guess.

    1. avatar Big Johnson Jr. says:

      Looks like Pocket Dump is euphemism for Jewelry Box. But hey, Don’t knock his carry. I rock the same bling whether I’m operating at the mall or just shopping for a new car.

      1. avatar ActionPhysicalMan says:

        I was thinking toy box but not in negative way. I like baubles as much as anyone.

  2. avatar moardots says:

    That iron bull slinger looks like a genital accident waiting to happen.

  3. No wallet, no keys, no phone. Is it the year 1911? What’s with all the chotchies pieces of flair buttons?

    1. avatar Hank says:

      Counterweights on the left to balance out the 1911.

      1. avatar Dm says:

        A better counterweight would be a spare magazine, a flashlight, a phone and a tq. Would probably still weigh less than the 1911.

  4. avatar Walter, NOT The Dude says:

    Brothers from different mothers…

    I also rock the Sig RCS.
    Great pistol; very accurate.
    And not as heavy as you might think.
    My EDCK is also a CRKT flipper, the Fossil.

    BTW- I find the Fossil and one full spare mag in the other pocket balance out the Sig.

  5. avatar Robert T Foy says:

    Love the sig, there light alloy frame. Almost identical to the Ruger lightweight commander. Unless sig put that series 80 bullshit in it. Nonetheless, I’ll stick with my all steel heavy 1911’s, handguns are close quarter combat/self defense.The situation can turn hand to hand before you can finish shitting your britches. Try busting brain buckets with lightweight alloy or plastic.

    1. avatar Dm says:

      I would say, good luck severing tendons and arteries with a handgun-turned club. God gave us fixed blades for a reason, extreme close distance self defense is that reason. If someone crashes your draw and closes the distance, a fixed blade will quickly become your best friend and their worst nightmare.

      1. avatar derek says:

        no god ever gave us anything . . . we did it ourselves

        1. avatar Erik says:

          God gave us free will. The rest is a result there of.

  6. avatar Paul says:

    I count two combination bottle opener / hex drivers, and a dedicated bottle opener.

    Where’s the extra magazine?

  7. avatar MakesStuffGoBoom says:

    Ain’t too often I see a fellow AMMO troop online. IYAAYAS!

  8. avatar sound awake says:

    a little heavy on edges

    a little light on lumens…and extra ammo

    of course “because it’s a .45…you only need one bullet…because it’s a .45”

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