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“Tom Perez has been elected as first Latino leader of Democratic Party,” reports. “Someday they’re going to study this era of American history,” Perez said after his victory. “They’re going to ask the question of all of us . . .

“Where were you in 2017, when we had the worst president in the history of the United States? And we will be able to say . . . that the united Democratic Party led the resistance, and ensured this president was a one-term president.”

As for guns, last October, then Labor Secretary Perez attended the Vocal Majority Tour in Greensboro and Winston-Salem, sponsored by Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords’ gun control PAC Americans for Responsible Solutions.

Aside from his unwavering support for an anti-gun rights politician by the name of Hillary Clinton, Mr. Perez’ presence at the event tells you what you need to know about his support for gun control. If not this [via]:

The local speakers were joined by Tom Perez, U.S. secretary of labor, who urged voters to reject the false choices presented by the gun lobby in regard to gun laws.

“If I want to make sure someone who makes a terrorist watch list doesn’t get access to the ability to purchase a gun, somehow that means the Second Amendment is dead in America,” Perez said. “That’s a false choice. We can protect the Second Amendment and protect communities.”

That’s code for “I support gun control” (and couldn’t give a fig about due process). In case you didn’t know. Anyway, here’s the Republican Party’s [non-gun rights-mentioning] official reaction to Perez’ ascension.

The Democrat Party has lost touch with the American people. Voters spoke loud and clear last November that they wanted a change in Washington and to reverse the failed policies of the last eight years.

Families across the country are tired of skyrocketing premiums when they were promised affordable health care. They’re tired of the Obama Economy that’s left too many behind. President Trump and Republican representatives heard the voters’ message loud and clear, and now hold a near historic number of offices across the country.

By selecting a D.C. insider, Democrats only create deeper divisions within their own party by pushing a far left agenda that rejects a majority of their base outside Washington. The DNC would be well-served to learn from two straight election cycle losses, encourage the leaders in their party to listen to what the voters want, and get to work with Republicans to fix the mess they created.

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  1. The Jim Crow party supports Jim Crow laws… This is my shocked face. Time to go warm up the helicopter.

    • For clarity’s sake, is he white LATINO or a WHITE Latino? Oh wait, this is the DNC. Not only is he not ‘white’, he’s probably also not a ‘he’.

      Not today, anyway.

      • Under current 4473 racial and ethnic classifications, he is either a “Hispanic white,” or a “non-Hispanic white.” It depends on how he identifies his own ethnicity.

        It would be nice if they scrapped the ethnicity option and added Latino as a race. It would make more sense. They had a chance to fix that section, but they blew it. I f**king hate that stupid form.

      • If he had just shot a black teen that was attacking him, he would be white. Since he just got elected to head the DNC, he is Latino.

    • “Time to go warm up the helicopter.”

      Fvck that noise, a chopper with the necessary payload capacity costs $1500 plus an hour to operate.

      A barge 100 miles offshore will be much more cost-effective, considering the number of barge trips required…

      • A better idea – We have lots of C-130s, we can pack a couple hundred in each one, then it’s just a matter of dropping the loading ramp and yanking back on the yoke once at altitude.

        Yeah… 🙂

      • Chopper…chipper…for some reason, I think of Fargo with the dude stuffing his pal in a wood chopper, frozen and all. Portability and cost beats barges and helos, but cleanup could be a task.

  2. Versus the anti-gun Muslim Brotherhood guy?

    I see that you are shocked to find gambling going on in this establishment.

  3. So Perez, the Constitution-hating lefty, is the Democrat Party Chairman and Keith Ellison, the Muslim Brotherhood-loving, Jew hating wackjob is the Vice Chairman.

    They are everything we have come to expect from the Democrat party. Namely, they are insane.

      • Remember that old line about all evil needs to triumph?

        Please keep that in mind, friend; this is no time to become complacent. Trust me on this, as a New Mexico resident I know whereof I speak.

    • No need to correct your original post. Before switching his allegiance he was a Farrarkan kind of guy.

    • Skeletor. This is the best they can come up with?

      Pay attention, Millenials- The Left is picking your pocket to line old-corrupt union hacks.

      • Hey, how about you fuck off with this “millennial” crap. I’m in this age group that you and your “golden generation” raised and disparage at every turn. I don’t condone this, I’m not okay with any of this. These people are YOUR generation, not mine. I want liberty. I want freedom. I want to crush the administrative state and see what people can be capable of if left to their own devices. Remember that when you cash your social security check. You’re welcome, in advance.

        • Here, here, the Baby boomers destroyed this country and sold our freedoms and left us to pay for their mistakes. They can pound sand

          • “Here, here, the Baby boomers destroyed this country…”

            I love watching children play, but….

            You would literally be nothing, have nothing without the baby boomers.

        • Old people (the biggest recipients of welfare) always complaining about the state the world today and selfish, lazy kids. Who do they think screwed everything up? The kids these days? Because a poor minority really has the power to tank the country.

  4. I guess the DNC would rather favor the slow, painful death approach as opposed to the quick, extremely painful one that would have occurred under Ellison.

  5. They made the only choice they had. Ellison was just as anti 2a as this guy and also anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan wannabe. They seem to be intent on being the party of the North East and Pacific Coast. They do realize presidents are voted in by the electoral college not by the majority. The founders feared tyranny of the majority that’s why we don’t have a direct democracy. To win you need to appeal to a broader cross section of the US. Not just lib progressives.

    • “[Democrat politicians] seem to be intent on being the party of the North East and Pacific Coast.”

      Of course, that is where the money is.

      This reminds me of a radio station in a market with about 500,000 potential listeners. Their format dominated the ratings and put them head-and-shoulders above all other radio stations. There was only one problem: their listeners didn’t have any money to spend. So, no one wanted to pay for advertising and that station soon changed its format to acquire a listener base that commanded advertising dollars. The fact that the station no longer dominated the ratings did not matter. What mattered is that advertisers wanted to give them money once again.

      The Democrat party is no different. They will embrace a political platform that COMMANDS THE DOLLARS OF WEALTHY DONORS, even if it means their “ratings” (votes) tank.

      • That’s only true up to a point. If they continue to sideline themselves and shrink in influence, the donors won’t bother to give them money, because they won’t get anything in return. A quid pro quo is only good if you get some quo in exchange for your quid.

        • They will still make plenty of money. It’s a Uni-party system. Trump is the problem for the politicians, on both sides of the aisle.

  6. Oh, no! They’re going to make Trump a one-term President! One eight-year term! Even though they couldn’t make HilLIARy any more than a zero-term President. This should give Trump an even greater motivation to deport hispanics, to keep the illegal voting down in 2020. Nice going, Dems . . .

    • “This should give Trump an even greater motivation to deport illegals”

      Fixed that for you.

      Firstly – legal Hispanic immigrants are not a proble.
      Secondly – any illegal immigrants from any country: Mexico, Canada, Germany, whatever; are a problem.

      With you on the voter fraud- it has been demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt that the Democrats have engaged in voter fraud, but their pet media says it’s not enough of a problem to worry about. That’s like saying “yeah, he hit that guy, but not enough to kill him, so it must be ok.”

  7. The choice was between a more radical east coast liberal and a more establishment west coast liberal.

    It almost seems like the democratic party forgot where it lost the election (and how it used to win elections with blue dogs) and just went with the two parts of the country it can raise the most money in instead.

    • You have something there.

      There’s money to be made in being the perrenial underdogs / almost-wons. Look at the Cubs. Or Germany, for that matter.

      • In times of trouble, Progressives don’t admit to or realize they are doing something wrong, they only double down.

  8. “Tom Perez has been elected as first Latino leader of Democratic Party,”

    Yea, but he’s a WHITE Hispanic. And a male to boot.

    • The old guard of the democrat party, while potentially in its death throes, is showing itself to still be around. New face, same anti-rights rhetoric in the guise of social altruism and the same strategy on display of vindictive divisionism. All the while obfuscation on absolute display.

      • We have to remember that until Lyndon Johnson and then Ronald Reagan both parties had conservative wings and liberal wings. Those two made moves that effectively made the power centers of the parties ideologically disconnected from their foundations of fighting o maintain a Republic and working to keep democracy strong, making them reactionary and radical, respectively. In the process both sides chose certain aspects of the Constitution they elevated over others, so that all in all respect for individual rights was lost, being replaced by rightist ideology and leftist (again respectively). So we have a typical ideological divide where power counts for more than faithfulness to the country (regardless of how much noise they make about the god of the country).

        The result is that with our allegedly representative government, the majority of Americans are in fact not represented at all. Those are the ones of us who continue to believe that ALL rights need upheld, not just the ones we happen to feel better about, because our greatest interest is not what we personally prefer or will benefit us but liberty for all.

        So we have one party where JFK, theoretically a sort of demigod of the party, would never manage to win for any national office because he was too strong on the Second, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments, and the other where Reagan, likewise a sort of demigod, would never win because he would be too strong on fiscal responsibility and other issues.

        The truth is that Republicans are no longer republicans, and Democrats are no longer democrats, and Thomas Jefferson — who can be legitimately claimed by both republicans ad democrats as their forebear — wouldn’t fit in either.

        And in that mess, what wins? Money, of course, the very thing Jefferson feared when he decried the influence of the wealthy and of giant corporations over Parliament and King. Lawrence Lessig is right: until we rescue the Republic from that corruption, no other issue can get solved because the politicians will only ever vote for the interests of those who write the checks.

        • It seems (though may not be) America is unique in blurring party distinction. Once tried to explain to two Australian Air Force pilots how our party system worked (lib and conservative wings of both major parties). The Australians were completely baffled. Just as they were baffled how we could be so screwed up politically, and still have won WW2. What you have pointed out is why people still try to force Republicans to be the conservative party. I don’t think you would find conservative laborites in British politics.

        • Excellent points and analysis. Indeed both parties have, over time, strayed from their ideological roots and become more polarized. At one time the Democrat Party had alternate wings in different regions and views varied depending on the times.Once they represented the working man and were staunch advocates for strict immigration oversight. Hower, as times have progressed over the last 40 years, the dems have supplanted much of their old base(rural and suburban working class whites) for segments of the population that are set to surpass whites in number in the next several years(hispanics etc.) and the “enlightened”(the wealthy and elite).

          The issue with such reliance on minorities for support, is that when the parties platform is reliant on divisiveness as a motivator, there is an inherent strife amongst the base. In the democrats grand panacea, all minorities will be entitled to their dream job compliments of the taxpayers, irregardless of whether or not it is actually there. The reality though, and some of their party is aware, is that all minorities will be competing against each other for what meager handouts they are allotted. Such a strategy is risky for the party as they are relying on groups of what are essentially rival classes to turn out in unison and support them.

          • “…when the parties platform is reliant on divisiveness as a motivator,…”

            The Left (Demoncrats) is always united in one effort – WIN. The Right (?) cannot unite behind even that. Trump was voted in by the FedUp, not by the “Right”.

            The Dems divisively lined up and voted for Hilary, in an effort to WIN (divide the spoils after). The Repubs fractured at the national level, and is still divided over Trump (i.e. their constituents). The Left/Demoncrats are a Mongol Horde, willing to mob-up and go raiding and pillaging behind whoever they believe will lead them to more treasure. (though they will fight and kill each other between raids).

            The Right/Repubs are Puritans, willing to raid and pillage only for the purest reasons, behind only the purist leader (which means they would rather destroy themselves than not be pure). This last election provided Trump because the conservative horde finally decided to kick the Repubs to the curb, and do what was necessary. Unfortunately, the FedUp also re-elected Puritans on a large scale.

    • They decided to save themselves by going “establishment”, Ellison would have been the death of them.

      • Yeah. I was hoping they would go with Ellison. It would be very interesting to live a piece of history where another major political party was abolished. (Whigs)

        Rats !

        • Feed the bernie voters/TRUE progressives that this means the corporatocracy still didn’t learn their lesson and to fight Perez because of this. We can still cause a dem civil war.

  9. Don’t see a problem. Democrats want to continue the same policies that lost them the house, senate and presidency.

    • Both parties insist on clinging to policies that have a majority of the American people tired of both sides, as many of those who do vote hold their noses and choose the lesser of two moldy meals. It’s time to break the duopoly, but that isn’t going to happen until someone extremely wealthy comes along who actually believes in liberty.

        • I noticed.

          Trump is still in his celebration. Repub controlled congress is moribund (as normal), and the same old “let’s not rock the boat” Repub establishment is in charge. What we are seeing is the Repub leadership sent up legislation they knew would fail for eight years, never expected to win, and were just appeasing the peasants. There is no excuse for not having a raft of measures waiting for a Repub president to sign. But here we are, again.

          The Republican party of today may be proving Lincoln wrong.

        • Trump is an anomaly. He is a walking talking middle finger from conservative and liberty minded people to both the Democrats and Republican establishment. You can count on the establishment bums working to undermine Trump and prevent any real change from happening. The one thing that is clear from this last election is that the Democratic and Republican elites are united in their desire to control Washington. They have a nice racket going and will do their damnedest to ensure they control who has access to power.

  10. Too funny as I’ve not seen many “Latinos” with a receding hair line.

    Should have known that the DNC wouldn’t have elected the black guy as their leader as they now think that Hispanics are their future. DNC is definitely the party of racial politics.

  11. Bueno Senor Perez…I see they went Spanglish instead of Moose-lim. It’s gonna’ be fun the next few years?

  12. “Where were you in 2017, when we had the worst president in the history of the United States?”

    …But then after a month we swore the new guy in.

  13. How dare he say such a thing about our first orange President!? Yo, ese, dat be like so racist and shit! Vatos ain’t down with that racist tip.

  14. We should all keep our mouths shut. As another TTaG commenter recently stated, “Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.”

    • Of course not. Sanders actually cared about the people, as opposed to the establishment Democrats who care not about the actual people, but about some theoretical version of what people ought to be.

  15. Whaaaat? The Democrats elected an anti-gun D.C. insider to be the National Party Chairman? The just ain’t no tellin’ what’s a-gonna happen next, yaknowhadda mean?

  16. Any two candidates the Dems put up were going to be the equivalent of a choice between a cow-plop souffle and a cat-crap sandwich!

  17. “If I want to make sure someone who makes a terrorist watch list doesn’t get access to the ability to purchase a gun, somehow that means the Second Amendment is dead in America,” Perez said.

    No, it means the Fourth Amendment is dead. Stabs the Second in the back, too, which is a bonus for this guy, but it’s really all about the right to due process.

    Everything the Democratic Party and the progressive left say in public is the exact opposite of what they really mean. (Unless they’re saying they want to eradicate you and your beliefs; then you should assume they mean it.) If they accuse Republicans of being closet fascists, it’s because the Democrats themselves already are that very thing.

    Denial of rights based on secret government watch lists? Nothing fascist about that, no, siree.

    • Of course they don’t care. Both parties, but especially the Democrats, have forgotten the people — or rather they have forgotten that the people are not a herd to be guided and molded according to some (fantasy) ideal of a citizen. That’s where “gun control” comes in: it’s a statistical argument that thinks the ends justify the means and utterly ignores the truth that both the ends and the means they are playing with are living, breathing individual human beings upon whom the Creator has bestowed certain inalienable rights.

  18. “The Democrat Party has lost touch with the American people. Voters spoke loud and clear last November that they wanted a change in Washington…”

    So suddenly, the Republicans are super in touch with the American people?
    More like Hillary was the equivalent of hot garbage. Did they forget for awhile they were flying the trump hate flag? I guess they convinced themselves is was fully a repub win vs a trump win?

      • Except the Republican establishment didn’t run such a candidate. Trump bulled in from the outside, over the objections and derision of the Republican party leaders.

        • President Trump was elected. He didn’t get the job on his own. Got a problem with President Trump then you have a problem with a large part of the country that backs him. The problem the socialist party has with President Trump is that he is trying to, and hopefully will, dismantle the socialist shadow government. A government that was on it’s way to abolishing The Constitution in favor of a US Socialist Republic led by a dictator’s personal agenda. I wish him well, as long as he stays on track to rip the roots out of the creeping invasion and criminal disregard for the country that has been aided and abetted by more than the last admin over the years. The ‘republican’ party stabbed Trump in the back at every opportunity, the party wanted to lose to hilda, but lose with their candidate. Now, they claim him because he was elected in spite of them. President Trump is no more republican than liberal/socialist/communist are democrat. We are better off for that. The republican party is not the Country’s friend, the deal was to merge after hilda took office.

  19. The Socialist Party came out of hiding when they were sure hilda was going to be elected, now they are back to hiding behind the ‘democrat’ label. People will vote ‘democrat’, that’s how the socialists took over to start with. They will be back.

  20. Perez is so unattractive and sickly looking. No wonder he has never won any kind of election he is too scary looking. Is he HIV+?

  21. Am I confused, or is that press release not as self-destructive and awful as The Stupid Party usually does? I hate to accuse them of competence.

  22. Emergency Legislation is Required !!!
    Help OUTLAW the National Socialist party, and the DNC !!! Make it a crime to be a Liberal Progressive Socialist DNC. !

  23. I was really hoping Ellison would win. I would be great to see the self-hating reform jews, godless homosexuals and white socialists tear each other apart. All of them are anti-civil rights, and not just about guns. I think the democrat party elders may be smarter than I thought????

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