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“No-compromise gun activists are building momentum for state laws that allow firearms owners to bring their weapons into public spaces without securing the government permits or completing the proficiency training now required in most parts of the country,” dutifully reports.

With the signing of permitless carry in New Hampshire eleven U.S. states are now square with the Second Amendment — at least when it comes to Americans’ right to bear arms without government infringement. As The Washington Post acknowledges, citing alarmist opposition, Constitutional Carry is on a roll.

Texas, Florida and the Deep South states are destined to get on board, eventually, as voters see that CC doesn’t actually lead to human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together or mass hysteria. And/or as support for the gun rights-averse Democrat Party continues to crumble.

But the real prize is California.

The Golden State’s gun ownership rate may only be 20 percent, but that’s 20 percent of 39 million legal residents. Some 7.8 million souls. More than that, California is the bastion of gun control in the US of A. If and when California “allows” its residents to practice Constitutional Carry, American gun rights will be in a very different place. A much safer place.

Will it ever get there? If so, how? If not, will there always be two Americas when it comes to civil rights?

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    • Even that may not help. (See MA SJC not acknowledging Heller & McDonald. Also see LA refusing to issue permits after court order to do so (I can’t remember the year.).)

    • Absolutely. The Democratic Party has a bullet-proof 2/3 majority (or close enough so that it doesn’t matter) and a hard core anti-gun agenda. Unless the Hispanics conclude that the Democratic leadership does not really represent them, causing them to migrate to the Republican Party, that majority will stay the same or increase in the coming years. The next two leading candidates for governor, Gavin Newsome and Kevin de Leon, will run and will act on a platform of increasing social welfare benefits and making gun ownership as difficult and expensive as possible. Both are responsible for the new ammo law that requires background checks to get a permit, and a quick check against a prohibited persons database at the time of purchase. A bill now pending will change the “one handgun every 30 days” to “one firearm every 30 days.” Once it becomes apparent that the new “assault weapons” law is a failure, new laws will be passed seeking to ban them altogether, a la Maryland law and the recent 4th Circuit opinion upholding the ban. Current law leaves issuance of a CCW to the discretion of the local county sheriff; a bill that would have made “good cause” an impossibly high burden (essentially the same as the one that allows citizens to bear arms if immediately threatened) may become state law. The current Public Safety Committee is so virulently ant-gun that the one pro-gun Republican was removed and committee members have taken to engaging in ad hominem attacks on pro-gun witnesses, one member calling all gun owners “despicable.”

      Constitutional carry will only come if ordered by the Supreme Court. And right now, as reflected in the numerous compromises reflected in the Heller and McDonald decisions, that isn’t too likely to happen without a slate of new justices.

      • What happens if the Supreme Court orders it and California passes a Constitutional Amendment to the State Constitution banning carry?

    • California will never follow the SCOTUS if it ways they have to issue a carry permit to any who aren’t felons. There will be massive resistance, just like in Virginia in the 1950s when they closed all public schools for almost five years. Jerry Brown might follow the courts ruling. But Gavin Newsom as Governor will gladly disobey the court. The question is what will President Trump do????
      Tenth amendment anyone????

      Republican President Eisenhower used federal troops to enforce the courts decision. Democrat John Kennedy who voted against the voting civil rights bill as a senator and did not send in federal troops when blacks were being killed and local government did nothing to stop it.
      Soon we will see just what kind of republican President Donald Trump really is. Eisenhower or Kennedy?

    • California will never follow the SCOTUS if it says they have to issue a carry permit to any who isn’t a felon. There will be massive resistance, just like in Virginia in the 1950s when they closed all public schools for almost five years. Local government resistance as well. Jerry Brown might follow the courts ruling. But Gavin Newsom as Governor will gladly disobey the court. The question is what will President Trump do????
      Tenth amendment anyone????

      Republican President Eisenhower used federal troops to enforce the courts decision. Democrat John Kennedy who voted against the voting civil rights bill as a senator and did not send in federal troops when blacks were being killed and local government did nothing to stop it.
      Soon we will see just what kind of republican President Donald Trump really is. Eisenhower or Kennedy?

      Virginia’s “Massive Resistance” to School Desegregation

  1. That has got to be the f—–g stupidist headline I have seen in a while. Californians will be lucky if they can own a firearm at all within five years.

      • You are spot on brother. Fact is, it’s only going to get worse. Nothing to stop the fascist rat DemoCruds in this cesspool. Newsom (likely next gov) will destroy whats left of freedom and liberty.

    • Is that when someone allows an illegal to sit atop their shoulders and then carries them somewhere? I would imagine that happens a lot in Commiefornia. Kinda like el uber?

  2. Will California Ever Go Constitutional Carry?

    Bwa, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha !!!!!

    Apologies to my brethren in California. : (

    • No apologies needed – I’m right with you, and I live here!

      I think the response would be better put by the phrase: “When pigs fly.”

      Four years and counting ’till I leave this “cesspool of blue fail” as one TTAG member put it.


      • When informed of the invasion by the aerial creatures of the porcine variety, Kommiefornia authorities implemented a shoot on sight order…..

        When pigs fly, they die. For the children ™

        • and promptly reversed that order as soon as PETA and Greenpeace got at least 6 protesters mobilized.

          within week the flying pigs were added to the protected species list along side mountain lions and the roofus spotted furry toads.

          as CA native, thats how I see that playing out.

  3. As long as there are pro 2nd amendment organizations educating people, with the help of the Supreme Court and a pro 2nd amendment president and congress, it’s quite possible, though it will be an uphill battle mainly in the anti American cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento and a handful of smaller cities

      • There were a lot of Obama stickers in mid town, overall it’s not a totally brainwashed city, plus it mixes with the semi/formerly rural areas like Folsom, so yeah sac’s not so bad. Too bad it’s not in another state.

  4. It would take less than 1000 armed citizens that were filling to fight to remove the tyrants.

    Kinda sad that this has not happened yet.

    • I have floated an alternative on here before that I think would be wildly successful. And the only passionate response that I received was derision that my approach would not work.

      My alternative: 1 in 20 of those 7 million firearm owners in California sends a letter demanding that California eliminate their unconstitutional firearm laws. They send the letter, on the same day, in a 9 x 12 envelope via certified mail to four or five key members of the California legislature. And they do it once a week for four straight weeks. Plus, they also call by phone every day for four straight weeks as well as sending an e-mail every day for four straight weeks.

      This will bring California government “business” to a grinding halt. I call it using the First Amendment to spectacular effect. If that doesn’t provide the appropriate incentive for California to abide with the Supreme Law of the Land, then the people of California can consider more ugly strategies.

      Note: this approach means the California legislature will have to receive and deal with 1.4 million 9 x 12 envelopes arriving via certified mail, as well as dealing with 1.4 million phone calls and 1.4 million e-mails … all on the SAME day. And for four weeks! Think about trying to deal with that.

      • You remind me of Iraqi Sunnis who were under the delusion that they were the majority faction. The State voted 60-40 for Clinton. The Democrats in the Legislature will just laugh at you. The only way California gets any kind of guaranteed carry is if the Supreme Court makes them or we sell the coastal strip from LA to the Bay back to Mexico.

        • We’re talking about a legislature where the pro tem brags about his family of illegals having fake/stolen ssn’s and the remainder have gerrymandered the districts so only corrupt dems get elected.

        • tdiinva (now in wisconsin)
          So you equate 1 in 20(5%) of 1 in 5(20%) of the people with “under the delusion that they were the majority faction.”????
          Something tells me somebody needs remedial math class.
          FYI, 5% of 20% equals ONE PERCENT!
          1 percent is hardly a majority. The term for less than 3% is; “Statistically irrelevant”. But that is only statistically. If that 1% showed up at at the Capitol building with torches and pitchforks, they would be anything BUT irrelevant!

        • In our system of government 60-40 means you lose every time. Californians will not get shall issue or constitutional carry until an outside entity gives it to them.

      • I understand the mathematics of your idea. Let’s suppose it would work if undertaken, as you describe. Yet, the CA PotG won’t coalesce to try it.
        It’s rather like a large crowd of prisoners/victims none of whom will undertake to rush their guards/terrorizers for fear of being shot. Only, in your case, there is no risk of being shot. There is only the risk of wasting the cost of a Liberal Latte (with double Obama) on a registered letter plus the effort of initiating a phone call. Small beer.
        I recommend an experiment. Identify a suitable target, I’ll call him CA State Rep X. Recruit the leadership of the gun clubs in X’s district. Propose your idea: i.e., that the club members undertake to mail a certified letter and robo-dial X’s phone. Perhaps you will achieve a modest success with gun-club member’s in X’s district. Perhaps you can apply enough pressure to X to get him to vote Nay on gun-control legislation.
        Then, pick your next target in neighboring CA State Rep Y’s district. Having the success with X to show for the efforts of gun-club members in X’s district you are likely to get a favorable response.
        Assuming you are successful with a few such small campaigns, you are likely to succeed taking your show-on-the-road throughout the State, one district at a time. Success builds on success.
        You need not reach all/majority/many CA State legislators at once. What is necessary is to reach just one-at-a-time. As each legislator learns that his political operation is vulnerable to being shut-down he must decide to charge your aimed sword or flee. If you can keep-it-up with gun-club members in his district then he will be rendered vulnerable to an opponent; political suicide. This battle is all-about-him-personally.
        Expanding from 1 to 2 to 4 to 8 . . ., eventually, too many gun-controlling legislators will have to decide whether their ideology is worth the sacrifice. Gun control will begin to appear to be a 3’rd rail.

    • You’re pants on head retarded and I believe a shill for bloomberg. But I’ll play, anyway. 1000 gun owners rise up in CA and they, if they survive, get to go to prison for murder, etc.

      And, here’s where you’re retarded or a shill, or both. An attempted, doomed to fail, coup by that 1000 will bring an immediate backlash against gun owners nationwide.

      • To say nothing of the fact that the Democratic PArty would quickly appoint/elect a bunch of compliant legislators to replace them There is no upside in this suggestion, only fail.

    • It hasn’t happened because those tyrants have the backing of the vast majority of the state’s voters. Kill one, they’ll elect another.

  5. “Texas, Florida and the Deep South states are destined to get on board [with Constitutional Carry], eventually …”

    As a well-known television sit-com character often said, “I don’t think so, Tim.”

    Remember the roots of “gun-control”. While Conservatives have pretty solid control on state government in the Deep South, they tend to be elitists in their own right and abhor historically poor demographics tooling-up without a government permission slip.

    And then you have the whole tourism industrial complex in Florida which is Florida’s largest “industry”. There is no way in Hell that Florida’s tourism industrial complex is going to allow Constitutional carry: they will claim that they stand to lose billions of tourism dollars every year if Florida goes Constitutional carry. That much money will carry the day.

    • How come the “tourism industrial complex” isn’t complaining about concealed carriers now? If they were so afraid of armed citizens, what’s a piece of paper matter?

      • J,

        You have to remember that Progressives operate on Altruism, Fantasy, and Emotion. So, as much as they complain about licensed concealed carry now, the current situation is far better than unlicensed concealed carry in their minds.

        Here is what the little piece of paper (license) means to Progressives. Of course you have read these in light of altruism, fantasy, and emotion:
        (1) The only people who carry firearms in public have their license.
        (2) All those people who have their license have no criminal record which means they would never lash out in violence.
        (3) All those people who acquired a license are competent because they passed training requirements.
        (4) Because the the license costs money and requires training, a relatively small fraction of the population carry in public.

        To what extent those details are true doesn’t matter to a Progressive. What matters is how well those details align with altruism, fantasy, and emotion. Those details are consistent with altruistic goals and fantasy allows them to “believe” it. And emotion drives them to their altruism and fantasy because it feels good.

        • Good necropsy of the Progressive thought (?) process!

          I think that the RKBA side, whether consciously or not, set up a Fabian gradualism strategy. First, there was ‘shall issue’ permitted carry. Then the restrictions on permitted carry were loosened state-by-state. Then we started hearing about ‘Vermont Carry'(now called Constitutional Carry) Now a fifth of the States have Constitutional Carry.

          Yes, there have been retrogressions (CA NV, and CT), but the momentum is overwhelmingly ours. The Proggies don’t have anything but Bloombugger’s money and astro-turf, which only works in blue states.

          It’s like eating an elephant: take one bite at a time until it’s all gone.

  6. I maybe wouldn’t say never, because never is a long time, but it will take a sea change in the state’s political make-up. California is ever increasingly dominated by Democrats, and they are firmly committed to clamping down harder and harder on gun owners. I would expect more restrictions on carry in California rather than fewer.

  7. After California secedes, they will have their own constitution which will contain no mention of RKBA.

    “Constitutional carry” will be a phrase used to describe each California citizen’s duty to carry as many immigrants across the border as possible.

    • Rather than seceding, Kalifornia (and a few other states) should be voted out of the Union and left to fend for themselves.

      I had the misfortune of being stationed in San Francisco for 2 years in the 80’s. I carried every day I was there, being of the “better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6” persuasion. I eventually made friends with some of the cops there and we often went shooting together. To a man they supported the RKBA, but they did it quietly so they wouldn’t get in trouble with the poobahs in charge.

      IMHO, I’d like to see Kalifornia gone, either by law or the San Andreas fault.

    • The guy behind the CALEXIT movement is a Californian who curently resides in Ekaterinaburg Russia.

  8. Nope. We’re heading towards either civil war or hopeless tyranny at the current rate of disparity in freedoms. Either way, God help us all.

  9. I would love to see this pass in Louisiana but unfortunately our governor is Dem. That and Louisiana pols are about as f’d up as they come.

    • But only as long as the airsoft guns are modeled after Nerf guns (nothing that shares the same profile with a firearm, no matter the color!), have a muzzle velocity of less than 100FPS with .2gram BB’s, and are spring action ONLY (no automatics powered by gas or batteries).

  10. California is past the tipping point into tyranny. They will either secede and be bought out by China(the good parts: the poorer, drier parts will devolve to Mexico) after they run out of other people’s money, or secede, collapse and beg for readmission when Mexico takes what they want. If they want back, we should insist that one of the conditions is zero infringements codified in their new constitution.

    Another scenario is that they secede… and their northern counties secede from them and apply for US statehood as the State of Jefferson. Since Proggies are just totalitarians in hippie drag, SoCal will try to keep the water resources of the north and start a civil war.

    • If cali seceded, the conservative veggie/fruit growing portions will break away and be readmitted to the union, so will the far north. The coastal strip from the bay to L.A. will be the only thing liberals control.

    • All I know is, without their 55 electoral votes, we won’t have another Democrat president for the rest of my lifetime.

      If I was a lefty in the other 49, I would shudder at the thought.

      • Progressives love romantic lost causes. If Calexit goes anywhere, a bunch will move there, perhaps just to vote themselves away from big, bad Red America. The corrupt and vote-hungry Dems will happily register them to vote.

        We lose the losers, Democrats get their own country to play with, and we get to get on with our lives without Progressive hectoring. The only losers are those who stay in the People’s Republic of Commiefornia.

    • Neva gonna happen. Secession requires the consent of Congress, and since Cali pays more in federal taxes than it gets back in federal spending, the Fed has a distinct disincentive to allow the cash cow to go it own way. Moreover, there are critical defense industries whose facilities are located here, as well as critical strategic bases. The only other large naval port facility on the west coast is Seattle. Plus, most international shipping enters the US through Los Angeles and Oakland. Finally, except for the guns issue, California can pretty much go its own way on its SJ programs without federal government interference, and it has already pledge to not cooperate with federal law enforcement authorities with respect to marijuana and migrants. This is of course just a smattering of the intricate issues that would arise, and other than a “feelz good” vibe, there is more reason to stay in the republic than to leave it.

      • Would Cali fight to leave? I can see the Deep State wanting to keep those resources in the union, but nobody ever said Progressives were sane and/or rational.

        At this stage the plug could probably be pulled on secession with a few quiet arrests or ‘accidents.’ That will not solve the problem, because there will still be Progressives, socialists, and outright Communists voting.

        Personally, I wouldn’t miss Frisco (even though I was born there) LA, or Hollyweird, as long as the Left mass-migrates out there. I’d wave goodbye as the sun pulls away from the shore and their boat sinks slowly in the West.

        The problem is the Progressive mania for control of every sphere of everybody’s life. I’m not sure that peculiar mental illness is curable, and secession would allow them to self-quarantine while leaving the rest of us alone. It would also be the least bloody course… IF they are allowed to go.

        However, I expect you are right, and we will still have these idiots to contend with until the day I quit this earth.

  11. No, but Trump could always require they agree to partitioning to receive federal aid in fixing their dams.

  12. How come they never ask how many illegal aliens own and carry guns for personal self defense purposes?

  13. According to that map, New Jersey is “considering” permitless carry. New Jersey is one of the most anti-gun states in the union. I’m not sure every place some minority-party back-bencher has introduced a bill that has a snowball’s chance in hell of making it out of committee counts as “considering.”

    But if I’m wrong, I’d love to know about it.

    • That’s exactly what jumped out at me. These maps are all bogus, taken from some different realm of reality. It’s like when they say that Jersey is “May Issue” as if that’s gonna happen.

  14. I know people here are going to laugh at me, but I think things are going to get so bad politically in CA that the liberal party there is going to see people abandon their religion in droves. I give it 10 years.

    • Never, liberals are incapable of admitting that they MIGHT not be 100% correct. Look at the worst cesspools in the country (Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, etc). They have been under STRONG Democrat control for DECADES, and yet people there keep voting D.

  15. CA is not a seperate nation. Their continued repression of civil rights is a threat to all Americans. Civil rights are not dependent on your zip code.

    Federal troops were used to intergrate southern schools. Federal troops can be used to return civil rights and lawfull governance to CA as well.

  16. Yes but only after an armed revolution. Even in the most liberal of cesspools 50 percent of those armed by the government (local state and federal LEO and federal and state troops) are on your side, 25 percent just want to go home to their families at the end of the day, 10 percent will refuse to fight at all for either side, and 5 percent will drop out of the fight after they realize that letting freedom loving patriots win will be an improvement of their current situation. That leaves a vastly outnumbered 10 percent left to defend a corrupt political class whose only loyalty is to remaining in power. The defenders and the corrupt will have no ability to form a true defense against freedom loving people. It will be bloody, short, and an easy victory for freedom loving people.

    • Armed rebels are heading for Sacramento. The governor calls Washington. He’s a part of the US and legally elected, after all. Trump, or any other president, has no option but to send troops to crush this illegal rebellion. Rebel survivors will be tried as criminals, not patriots.

      Did I miss anything?

      • Unfortunately JWM it is a little more complicated than that.

        Let’s take your example and turn it into real life.

        500 armed patriots show up at the CA statehouse. Explain to the LEO’s that they are coming in cold or hot. Small firefight ensues and the LEO’s are overwhelmed quickly with a number of them skeedaddling as soon as the shooting starts. Casualties are light on both sides. They politely tell the (D) politicos that they no longer have jobs. Most leave standing up. Some leave horizontally. They have a number of well connected Republican state senators or representatives on their side. Might contact the local or national news outlets to get their demands out. Maybe they want a total reorganization of the political electorate. Maybe they want to become a 51st state and no longer be ruled by coastal elites.

        Gov calls local LEO groups who report many officers refuse to respond. Gov calls 40th Infantry who reports only 100 battalion members responded to the call once it was known what the call up was for. 70 percent of the battalion vehicles were sabotaged and only 5 soldiers showed up from the maintenance battalion. All the fuel trucks were destroyed leaving the aviation battalion without aircraft and only 3 total aircrew mustered.

        You could say that Trump was then called and required to activate the Feds but the same muster rates would prove applicable. Edwards AFB has all runways put out of action by Air Force personnel with burning vehicles, etc., etc., etc. Only 2 aircrew showed up at MCAS 29 Palms, the aircraft have no fuel and the munitions guys aren’t showing up so no one can load munitions on the aircraft even if they could get airborne.

        Name a base. 10 percent of infantry showed up. Vehicles damaged on purpose. Fuel trucks and fuel farms lit so vehicles have no fuel. Lack of aircrews. Lack of tracked vehicle drivers.

        One convoy from San Fran/Oakland tried to make it to Sacramento with 200 pro govt cops. Turned back after being ambushed twice while taking 50 casualties.

        ETC, ETC, ETC.

        Trust me. If this happened the end result would not be a military defeat.

    • There are 30,000 Marines at Camp Pendleton. Most are veterans of the urban fight in the Global War In Terror and missing a good fight. If gunowners were declared terrorists, these Marines would quickly and violently eliminate any gunowner who open carries without violating any law of war or military justice.
      By the time the lawyers can argue that the order was unconstitutional or illegal, all threatening gun owners will be dead and people might be too intimidated to carry out the lawsuit.

  17. That is an easy question to answer.


    California, as of 2017, is a mere 35% (non-hispanic) white, down from over 57% in 1990.

    By and large, only Whites (specifically: American Whites) care about RKBA (and we’re very divided even among ourselves about that nowadays). Non-whites are, generally speaking, not terribly interested in the things we cherish such as constitutional & limited government, free speech, and yes, gun rights. All of that is exclusively part of White American culture.

    Since there will be even less Whites in California’s future than today, support for 2A will only diminish further there.

    To be honest, I’m still holding my breath re: Nichols v. Brown in the 9th (and beyond that possibly SCOTUS), but even if Charles ultimately prevails and open carry returns to Cali by a judge’s or Justice’s decision, the liberal West Coast elite will simply choose to either ignore it (as have many states and lower courts done both with Heller and McDonald) or find some semi-creative way around such an inconvenient ruling.

      • I’ve never been anything but a full-blown gun nut. The convergence of GunRight and AltRight is inevitable anyway as identity politics becomes the sole remaining mode of operation in D.C. and elsewhere in the country while Constitutionalism unfortunately fades further and further away into the background.

    • I am mixed race, White and Cherokee. The Cherokee culture was inextricably intertwined the the values you associate with White America and was so long before the first white man stepped foot on these shores.

      You would have many more non-White people agreeing with you if your ancestors hadn’t killed off so many of my ancestors.

  18. Soon we are going to have to have a background check for ammo purchase–
    all of you in FREE states enjoy it —-if Newsome becomes Governor in the next election–I am sure he has his eyes on the prize—then all of you will be in the same hole those of us in Kommifornia are in—-Pray not

    • Regardless of who wins the next gubernatorial election in California, California’s penchant for civilian disarmament will NOT extend into the United States in general. Things will probably get worse in Oregon and Washington, and maybe Nevada. And that is where it will end. There are FAR too many voters who will vote for their firearm rights in the rest of the nation, excluding the ultra-liberal states on the East Coast of course (cough cough, New Jersey, Maryland, New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, cough).


        If you say so.

        That’s what Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and Colorado said.

        Do the math. 40 million in california. Baby boomers looking to retire to cheaper places.

        If we don’t pass national standards that gut California, you’re on borrowed time in the mountain west. Which will take away ever more allies as the encroachment continues.

        Domino theory about communists might have been wrong. But democratic socialists have a long track record that is undeniable.

  19. If it happens, it will not happen for at least a generation. There is a very real chance that the next Democratic governor (because let’s be honest, under our current single party rule that’s what Brown’s successor will be) will sign legislation outlawing all centerfire semi automatic rifles. They will continue to preserve the handgunnroster, and eventually they will block the sale of all new handguns in the state because the manufacturers will get tired of dealing with the state.

    The next decade is going to suck as a firearm owner in this state. And until we reeducate people, change is not going to happen.

  20. I think their graphic designer must be pro-gun.

    Why else would you use green, a good color, for these supposedly evil states?

    Everyone knows you use green for good, red for evil.

  21. I am old enough to remember when the south was solidly democrat and southern democrat politicians were openly racist. Gun control in the south was a current California politician’s wet-dream.

    A few Supreme Court decisions and some national leadership and, my oh my, how things have changed. The anti-civil rights extremism in California will be the end of democrat party control of that state, sooner or later.

  22. Question of the Day: Will California Ever Go Constitutional Carry?

    Not within the lifetime of anyone commenting here at TTAG. It would take a successful armed rebellion, and that’s even more unlikely than the CA legislature and governor doing it without coercion.

  23. If Trump commits to it, defunds california, and legislation/SCOTUS make con-carry law of the land AND Trump is willing to full on Civil rights style intervention…


    Honestly though, without federal legislation to force the issue in CA, we’re a tumor that will continue to metastasize. Just ask Wa, Or, Nv, CO. Those are just to start. We have an endless pipeline from immigration- legal and illegal- and then after we indoctrinate, we send out the new shock troops to other states.

    We’re too big to ignore. We can continue to assimilate, and overwhelm the mountain west.

    Democrats JUST elected a new head of the DNC. Don’t think they don’t have nefarious plans. Just check out to see the play. They have realized now they can’t walk back the rhetoric, but they have the numbers (2 million margin for Hillary?), they just need to spread them out. Don’t underestimate our enemies. They will do this. They just need to infiltrate more Latinos to rust belt, and mountain west- take a few, and we are completely and utterly destroyed.

    Immigration reform AND gun rights. Both, not just one. Else, we will be done.

  24. Uh your map has NJ as considering permit less carry. Are you kidding? NJ is one of the most ass backwards states in terms of gun control. It’s a may issue state that doesn’t issue unless you can sue. Even then they fight until they are going to lose and then issue so as not to set a precedent.

  25. There’s a pretty glaring mistake here. New Jersey is NOT considering Constitutional Carry. I’d bust a nut if they were, seeing as I live about 3 miles from the border in NYS and I’m there very frequently.

  26. …”The Golden State’s gun ownership rate may only be 20 percent, but that’s 20 percent of 39 million legal residents. Some 7.8 million souls”…

    So what you are really telling me is that 7 million people cant’ get organized to sign a petition to over turn state anti-gun laws or vote out anti-civil rights politicians????

    If the courts some how grant you your gun rights how do you intend to keep them??????????

    • No. They can’t. Not when the opposition can put 2 for 1 votes into the election. 3-4 to 1 when you count the AB60 drivers license holders in CA.

      An invasion is underway in America. And the best some folks can come up with is just move.

  27. Thank you for abandoning us.
    I’m a veteran. Iraq and Afghanistan.
    My mother is an ER nurse.
    My father is a firefighter.
    You think it’s a good idea to leave us in a hell hole, where the Constitution and it’s protections no longer
    apply. No free speech, no 2nd Amendment?
    You didn’t even try.
    Instead, you tried, and failed, to save something in Nevada.
    If California betrays me, and leaves the U.S.- Not one of you will fight to retain it, as you swore to.
    You will say “good riddance”.
    You will turn your back on the prodigal son.
    And, in return- he will stab you in the back.
    Do you actually think the borders of California will be somehow better than the borders with Mexico?
    Mountain passes once explored by western expansion will be filled by drugs and gangs.
    All headed for you- through California.
    You will not fight to protect one of your own.
    That makes you cowards.

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