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From Black Collar Arms . . .

Designed for any rifle that accepts short action AICS footprint magazines, the new Black Box magazine from Black Collar Arms delivers 15 rounds of .223/5.56 or 300 Blackout from a smaller external footprint than our competitors’ 10-round mags.

“Our lead engineer, Tom, really knocked this one out of the park and created a double-stack to single-feed internal geometry that has proven completely reliable since literally our first prototype,” said none of us in real life, but it’s true.

When hunting feral hogs, having fun stretching out the limits of subsonic 300 BLK on steel targets, or putting in practice time on a .223 trainer rifle, that 50 percent bump in capacity means more shooting between reloads.

For added purchase in the field, the Black Box’s flat panels are ready for skateboard style grip tape. Laser-cut grip tape inserts are available for the Black Box in two textures, sand and rubber pebble, and in a few different colors and patterns.

Spring geometry and manufacturing is currently being finalized with one of the top firearm magazine spring companies in the U.S., and Black Box shipping should be well underway by mid-April, 2023.

MSRP is $49.95. Pre-orders are currently being accepted, and pre-order customers will receive a 10 percent discount plus, of course, the first Black Boxes out the door.

Black Box Features and Specs:

  • AICS short action footprint compatible
  • 15-round capacity of…

  • 223 Remington

  • 5.56 NATO

  • 300 Blackout

  • 350 Legend

  • Other .223/5.56 parent case cartridges

  • Recessed fields for optional grip tape available in multiple textures and colors/patterns

  • MSRP: $49.95

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  1. So I don’t have to brave the dreaded internet search engine, would one of you fine people tell me what the hell “AICS” means?

    • Maybe the price will come down. Don’t know about the short action stuff but from what I remember the .308 length mags had a reputation for being cringey expensive but were the game to play if you needed extra COAL for heavy for weight bullets.

  2. Looks interesting but I live in the commie state of Washington and we have magazine capacity limits. Although I live ten miles from the Idaho border I would NEVER drive over to Idaho, buy one then import it into Washington. That would be just wrong of me and you all know I would feel bad about something like that.

  3. If you show me a picture of cigars and liquor it doesn’t make me see you as an individual of discerning taste, it makes me think you’re a tool.

    • That looks like some high dollar booze, well the bottle does anyway, popper stopper and leather wrist band, pretty blue color, and it’s full of Kentucky DeLux -20% whiskey 80% grain neutral spirits.
      The cigar says Laramie on its band , that’s a cigar made out of cuban tobacco clones smuggled up from the mextex boarder.
      15 rounds, now you all know Our President said no more then 8 bullet rounds are allowed in the Land of The Free and The Home of The Brave

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