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Just in case you were wondering. 

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  1. Awww, and here I was hoping Ralph had gotten hold of a Ma Deuce and was comparing the two optics.

    Sorry Ralph. Next time.

  2. the mk 8 CQBSS. They were purchased by the Marine Corps and certain Army units for the M2 50 cal AND the Mk 19.

  3. Oh cool new toys!
    It looks like he can use it to spot, but not while firing. Being able to line up and get short bursts on target will save ammo as a posed to walking it in.

  4. That’s interesting because in reading several book on Carlos Hathcock, one of the most decorate marine snipers of all time. He pioneered the practice of putting optics on the 50 cal to engage target at long range. I can see how the magnified optic would pose a problem for this weapon for general purpose but I would think that there is some application for it in addition to the eotech. Certainly having the proper mount could mean the difference between a worthless application and a great one. Just sayin.

  5. That’s my platoon. I know this was posted a while ago but I was still in Afghanistan when this was posted. The Leupold is the worst scope to put on a fifty. We were ordered to use them. The scope itself is good if it were on my M4, but not on a fifty. The scope was made for 556 and the recoil from the M2 causes the zero to roam. And the eye relief sucks when your trying to look through it while rolling through the desert at 60 mph and getting thrown around in the turret. It spent more time in its box underneath my turret stand than it did on the gun. I wish the Marine Corps would buy smart things.

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