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What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Buy a Diamond Engagement Ring, Get A Rifle


  1. avatar Aharon says:

    “What Could Possibly Go Wrong”

    Robert, have you gone mishugi? Lots can go wrong: ‘yak yak yak’ forever. Divorce and not seeing your kids again, paying child support now through age 26, paying alimony for life, your soon to be ex-wife making false allegations of domestic violence resulting in your guns being taken away. Oy, I feel like I have not taught you anything.

    1. avatar Snachnim says:

      Hey look at it this way, it is your marriage and divorse roled into one! J/K

  2. avatar Michael B. says:

    You could fall out of a tree stand?

  3. avatar Snachnim says:

    This gives a new term to shotgun wedding! Lmao!

  4. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    Well let’s see….She gets a engagement ring and you get a new rifle. Marriage… She gets a new ring you still have the same rifle. 25 yrs down the road and anniversary rolls around… New ring Same rifle Same wife. Ring looks shiny and new, rifle looks worn and used, wife looks worn and used.
    You get new rifle, new wife, she gets rings and old rifle and half your life savings.
    Just stay single, hit the club scene for company or a little relief and get a new rifle whenever the heck you feel like it!!!!

    1. avatar Aharon says:


      Years ago, I sold high-end jewelry at a boutique store in California. Privately, I thought it really sad and stupid of those future husbands to usually be spending about $10-20-30K plus (top engagement jewelry sale $300K) on an engagement ring alone knowing that most of them would end up divorced and a financial slave for many long years to their ex-wives.

      1. avatar speedracer5050 says:

        LOL!!! Yes my ex called me a cheap bastard after we got divorced. In 25 yrs of marriage the most I ever spent on her a ring was around $500 and it was actually a Mothers day ring my two sons and I went in on for her!!
        Oh well ! Dad always told me to give my used toys to someone less fortunate, now some other poor bastard gets the pleasure of her company!
        Even if I had that kind of cash it could be better used for house, vehicle,shooting needs!!!

        1. avatar Aharon says:

          Kudos to you, man!

          Any woman ungrateful for any gift that a man gives her is an unappreciative and entitlement type. In studies done, something like 80% of a couples income goes to the woman’s personal desires or apparel. In most modern relationships, the wife makes 85% of all purchasing decisions for the err Her family.

  5. avatar Mr. Lion says:

    Well, it’s sure to cut down on jewelry store robberies.

    Other than that, I see no upside.

  6. avatar jwm says:

    nobody has to get married. for some of us it works. freedom of choice, just like owning a gun.

    1. avatar Michael B. says:

      The problem isn’t marriage. The problem is people getting married to the wrong people.

    2. avatar Aharon says:

      A gun won’t divorce you demanding the house, child support, and alimony for life. Guns also don’t get jealous when you buy a newer younger gun and spend time with it.

  7. avatar EJ says:

    A car dealership the next town over has long run a “Buy a truck, get a gun” sale at times. Of course, here in Idaho, the anti-gun people roll their eyes (as opposed to screaming and demanding the dealership be shut down as they would in another state) and the pro-gun people smile a bit at the radio ads.

    The same dealership had a contest for best game animal: best deer, best elk etc. One of the categories was “best wolf.”

    Political correctness be damned.

    Incidentally, I was at the local Cabela’s last week and there was a gentleman open-carrying in the store. A couple walked past him, and the gal (with an eastern-seaboard accent) asked “how can he do that?” The guy (Idaho accent) replied with “do what?” It wasn’t a rhetorical question. He didn’t know what she was wondering about, because he took no special note of the handgun on the guy’s belt. Just part of the landscape. Of course, there are parts of town where it would raise eyebrows (and OC would be ill-advised), but pretty everyone knows it’s legal to open carry.

  8. avatar Greg Camp says:

    Diamonds aren’t forever. Antoine Lavoisier demonstrated that fact several hundred years ago. They are made of pure carbon and can be set on fire Rifles, on the other hand, when properly maintained, last a long time.

    Technical point aside, for $2,500, I’d want a whole lot more rifle than that.

  9. I bought my wife a 1 carat diamond ring for our 10th anniversary (16 years ago).

    She bought me a Mini 14.

    I love that woman.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      like my wife , a keeper. when it comes to diamonds she would rather have his and hers mini 14’s.

  10. avatar gemalo says:

    Seems odd that a wedding planner from Kennesaw, Ga. would raise an eyebrow at a free gun. Aren’t they required by law to own a weapon in that town?

    1. avatar Kelly in GA says:

      Yes, actually, they are.

  11. avatar Mikeb302000 says:

    Why do so many of you guys have problems maintaining a relationship? Does that have nothing to do with your gun obsessions? Serious question. Maybe Robert should post it.

    1. avatar brigo50 says:

      Mike Bong strikes again!

    2. avatar jwm says:

      maybe the guys here, like most people of the gun, tend to be more honest and forthright about their business and they tend to be more open about discussing their successes and failures in life.
      people with hidden or dishonest agenda’s, such as the gun grabbers, put up fronts and hide behind smoke screens.

    3. avatar RuffRidr says:

      The divorce rate in America is around 40-50%. I’d say that the divorce rate on TTAG isn’t any different than the national demographic. You’re truly reaching if you’re trying to link TTAG divorce rates with gun ownership.

    4. I just said that I’ve been happily married for 26 years.

      People who have been through a trauma tend to talk about the trauma. Divorce is a trauma.

      There is no correlation between the actual numbers and how much something is talked about.

      Besides, the article sets us up for a number of divorce jokes…

  12. avatar Dale says:

    Well….I guess it would get the “honey I like guns and hunting” questions out of the way pretty fast.

  13. avatar Ramon Wriston says:

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