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“A former Wall Street analyst threatened to go on a killing spree in Harlem,” reports, “but was busted with an arsenal of weapons after a family member called cops.” Fair enough—if you discount the possibility that the bust stemmed from a family vendetta and accept the “fact” that the biz brain suffers from schizophrenia. Anyway, what of this arsenal? “William Greene, 35, could have done a lot of damage with the collection of guns he kept inside the stately brownstone at 137th Street where he lived — including an AR-15 assault rifle, which is the same gun used in last July’s Colorado theater shooting.” A collection including an AR-15 (in Mayor Bloomberg’s gun-free zone no less). So what other weapons did Greene stash at Stately Wayne Manor?

In addition to the rifle, cops found a handgun, more than 850 rounds of ammunition and two large- capacity magazines.

And . . . that’s it. Seems to me the Post’s editors ought to talk to a few people of the gun and get out to the range more. But again, if this was a successful police intervention of a potential spree killer, hats off to the NYPD for not shooting any dogs or innocent bystanders while taking Mr. Greene into custody for treatment.


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      • The nypost item only says they’re “high capacity” mags. It doesn’t mention the capacity. If the nypost called his collection an arsenal, who knows what they’d consider hi-cap mags (more than 3 rounds?).

        • More than 2 and you have an arsenal. More than 3 and you a gun running straw purchaser. More than that and you are an international arms dealer.

      • Negative. NYC has more restrictive laws than NY State. All handguns and long guns must be registered (good luck getting an AR registered even a neutered one). No mags over 5 rounds for rifles. On top of that, the fire code prohibits you from having more that 200 rounds of ammunition (it’s a large ticket but they give you time to “fix it” – and it includes blanks – even for nail guns).

  1. the confused ones are baa baa bloomberg and his sheep. they think outlawing guns will stop the bad guys from getting them. clearly it doesn’t.

  2. I can’t imagine what they’d say in the papers about my “arsenal”. 850 WHOLE cartridges? SWEETMERCIFULBABY CROM!!!

    Well…I mean the arsenal I had before the boating accident I had over the Laurentian Abyss….

  3. The nypd just righted all their wrongs from the past few weeks. Bloomy should be making the announcement soon: “Lives of 850 children spared! The result of sensible gun laws and heroic efforts of nypd.”

  4. Let’s be honest. NYC and Bloomberg deserve a lot of mockery, for many things. But can anybody deny that this poor schizophrenic gentleman, extemely stressed, could have done a lot of damage with the [admittedly trivial] arsenal he had?

    I own many more guns than him, and have much more ammunition at home, but that doesn’t minimize the potential lethality of this situation.

    What scares me is that this person, a known schizophrenic, had a Massachusetts gun license. Aren’t they known to be rather “careful” about issuing those?

    • Fair enough. Just seems a little over-dramatic: “Harlem Gun Nut Arrested”.
      I wonder why no details on the alleged threats? But then again it’s the Post.

    • He could’ve done a lot of damage with his car too. Or a post-it note shopping list of available items at Home Depot. Or a lighter.

    • Nice name you have there, Great Unknown, looks like you just signed up to comment on the Pre-Crime potential of the NYCD Gun Nut. Using your logic a lot of people in the US should be running around committing mayhem, but aren’t.
      This is what disarmed OZ and the UK, the notion the people can’t be trusted if they have emotional issues of just about any kind. Today it’s clinically diagnosed schizo, tomorrow it’s generally sadness about crabgrass on the lawn.

      • Wow! All I have to say is that I am certain you have never been around anyone that had diagnosed schizophrenia. I have been around a few and in fact hire the son of a friend who is a paranoid schizophrenic now and then because he can’t hold down a regular job.

        If there is a conspiracy theory out there he believes it. He tells about some I never heard of. The Internet is a wealth of information to feed his mind and there are those out there that exploit these sick people.

        He came to me sometime back and wanted to buy a shotgun from me to protect himself from the bears at his new home. I told him he didn’t need a gun since there wasn’t a grizzly bear within a 100 miles of his house but only black bears which are relatively harmless. He countered with some article he read that said more people are killed by black bears than grizzly bears. That is a trait of schizophrenics, they are full of facts but just can’t seem to put them together in what a normal person would call a logical order.

        I told him that was that was in line with the thinking that says more people are killed by bees than grizzly bears and therefore bees are more dangerous than grizzly bears. Of course more people are killed by bees! Bees, like black bears are ubiquitous grizzly bears are not. It is possible that you can be killed by a black bear or a bee in New York whereas it is impossible that you’re going to be killed by a grizzly bear there, well unless you feel in the bear pit at the zoo.

        The kid is not stupid, he is just crazy. He thought about this for quite some time and then responded how he still thought I should sell him a gun because…well this is where he became his crazy self. He started talking about some conspiracy involving bears and the Forest Service, Fish & Game and I don’t know who all else. It made sense only to him.

        I finally cut him off and told him I wasn’t selling him a gun and that if I found out that he bought one I would tell his parents and they would tell the police.

        Anyway if you think schizophrenics should have guns I will repeat you have never been around them. I feel sorry for them because it isn’t their fault but damn if they should own guns!

  5. Yeah arsenal my pimply behind!
    Yeah ok so he had a known mental issue. We aren’t getting the whole story though. Give. He had an AR and in NYC that is a no no, they police can show up. I know dumb reason, but from a legal stand point it was enough.
    It sounds like the media is trying atone for NYPD’s stupidity over the last few weeks to prove their worth.

  6. A former Wall Street analyst threatened to go on a killing spree in Harlem, but was busted with an arsenal of weapons after a family member called cops, sources said.

    William Greene, 35, could have done a lot of damage with the collection of guns he kept inside the stately brownstone at 137th Street where he lived — including an AR-15 assault rifle, which is the same gun used in last July’s Colorado theater shooting.

    In addition to the rifle, cops found a handgun, more than 850 rounds of ammunition and two large- capacity magazines. They also found four marijuana plants and bags of pot.


    Kudos for “NYC’s finest” if this guy was as dangerous as he was made out to be. But an arsenal consisting of one pistol and one black-rifle? … Oh wait… 850 rounds of ammo and two hi-cap mags… Still doesn’t add up.

    I see no arsenal in this at all… EPIC FAIL for New York Post.

    Wait… maybe not though… a commenter said:
    Either I imagined it, or it was removed… but I thought I saw allegations of Bloomers making straw purchases himself and all that HE bought was not accounted for. IF this has any truth in it… perhaps Bloomers can be discredited even further.

  7. I think they defined it as an arsenal because of the pachmyr dummy practice rounds that were shown in the pic. Seriously, I’m surprised that the overly dramatic authors didn’t say that they were cop-killer ammunition.

  8. Just for everyone’s information, “Analyst” is the lowest position on the Wall Street food chain – and 35 is very old for an Analyst. Of course, titles vary from bank to bank, but it’s usually something like this:



    Vice President

    Senior Vice President


    Managing Director


      • In the same offices of the corporations who get to defraud us all and then have the corporation pay a fine when they get caught, without even the remotest of possibilities that a living person (Corporations are people, my friend!) will ever see jail time. Even money laundering for cartels and violating sanctions against Iran won’t get you in any real trouble.

  9. The entire function of the media is to make money, and you make money through fear and lies. The truth wasn’t dramatic enough for them, so they used language and sensationalism to achieve their demented goals. They’re probably sulking that the police intervened in time…after all, another shooting means more clicks and more papers sold.

    • “The entire function of the media is to make money, and you make money through fear and lies. The truth wasn’t dramatic enough for them, so they used language and sensationalism to achieve their demented goals.”

      I see you’ve been watching Fox news.

      • lOL really!?!?!?!?

        are you conveniently forgetting that ALL major media outlets are owned by the same major corporations whose purpose is to increase stock prices and make money???

        holy shit. you dont say?

        • Yes. At the end of the day, you’re basically right that their (meaning all media outlets) primary obligation is to shareholders, not viewers. But Fox news takes this to an absurd level with the extent to which they’ll insist that the Republicans can do no wrong and the Democrats no right. It’s pretty bad when studies show that people don’t watch the news are better informed than people who watch Fox News.

        • fox news and cnn are exactly alike. one sopports the gop and the other the dems. i verify anything i hear on either before i believe it.

  10. “Cops went to the home at 6:45 p.m. Friday after the tip from Greene’s kin. He soon admitted to having the guns and ammo in his possession.”

    Maybe I missed it, but I didn’t see anything about a prediagnosed mental illness.

    So… let me get this straight…

    One of his relatives (whom he may have pissed off at the labor day BBQ for all we know) goes to the cops with some hearsay testimony – and they confiscate this guy’s firearms and lock him up?

    The marijuana is a different story, but they only found that because they got a warrant (I’m assuming) based on hearsay testimony from a family member.

    There’s not enough info in the article to conclude he was actually a threat, as opposed to the black sheep in a family with some family members with an axe to grind. This wouldn’t get very far in a court where I live.

    • Well, that was the last thing I expected to read on this blog today. I grew up in Fort Pierce, and I was in church there 12 hours ago.

  11. An arsenal is a government facility for the storage and repair of weapons. Private citizens cannot have arsenals by definition. (And don’t give me no jive from no modern dictionary!) But if two firearms and eight to ten boxes of ammo warrant this level of histrionics, the elite of New York City must live in terror of the barbarian hordes beyond the Emerald City. Here in the Ozarks, we’d look at someone with only two guns and a few rounds and figure the guy needed the charity of his friends, bless his heart.

  12. Consistently, mass murderers have had longstanding behavior issues, often due to mental illness, that were well known to people close to them. Usually, nothing was done until it was too late. Assuming the report of this man’s schizophrenia and uttered threats is true, we should be relieved that he was caught before the act rather than after. Someone whose mental illness makes him dangerous should not be loose in public. Whether he happens to possess firearms is a side issue.

    Not surprisingly, the New York Post behaved like the fools they are.

  13. I know it’s getting to be a dead horse, but it hasn’t stopped being funny when the media gets breathless about 850 rounds. My local Dick’s had a “buy four, get one” on Remington UMC a couple weeks ago. Their .40 was still high, but their .380 got positively cheap. I bought 12, got 3… 750 rounds total. 15 boxes of .380 doesn’t even fill a shoebox.

    I like to think I’ve got a decent stock building up, and then I get a picture from a buddy the other day. I now feel inadequate. I’m just gonna leave you this picture, and wonder what the breathless reporters would have to say about it.

    • Wholly crap Matt! I think the secret service are on there way down now with the national guard! 😉
      Ok I officially want to state I am jealous!

      • Hey, I’m jealous too, after all, it’s not mine. That’s a picture of my buddy’s basement. The Secret Service can feel free to come visit me in sunny Florida, but we don’t have basements here. I’m not going to say where it is, but I’ll give you a clue. It’s within a 750 mile radius of Orlando.

    • Would be nice to have a stash like this, but I can’t help wondering how much ammo the man goes through in a year. I’m not saying he surely doesn’t need that much, but honestly I can hardly imagine ever needing a stach like this.

      OK, maybe for a zombiecalypse, or if I owned a range or a shop, but otherwise?

      Besides, where I live, I would need at least a room-sized safe meeting defined standards (including an electronic security system) to be legally allowed to store more than 20000 rounds and I don’t have that much disposable money anyway…

      • Bob H: You’re on to something. If I recall his system correctly, only the boxes with red labels actually have ammunition in them. That’s all of the .50’s, one of the 40mm, and a half dozen of the .30’s. The rest of the 40mm have other gun related stuff and/or SHTF necessaries, and there’s 11 unlabeled and empty cans over to the left side.

        • great visual, but how practical in shtf is it. how much of that can you carry if you have to bug out? understand, i have nothing at all against being prepared. i buy in bulk myself. but some people just have to take it to a whole other level.

        • jwm: Oh, he’s not a prepper in the “Discovery Channel” sense of the word. But he lives out in the sticks, so he looks at his place as more of a “hold here.” A place to run to not run from. That said, as far as SHTF, see the camo backpack laying on top of the 40mm cans? That’s the “go bag.” I had to fish up a different email, but here. The list:

          2000 in^3 backpack
          1/3 length closed cell foam pad
          30ºF sleeping bag, w/ stuff sack
          USGI gore-tex bivi sack
          USGI poncho
          100oz camelback, 90% full
          2 liter MSR dromedary bag, empty
          (iodine water purification tablets are kept in my first aid kit)
          MSR whisperlite stove, w/ 15 oz of fuel, about a week’s worth of fuel
          MSR cooking pot
          MSR insulated stainless steel mug
          3 to 6 days worth of food (this was already sitting in the red stuff sack, ready to go)
          Spoon, fork, brillo pad, 2 lighters, steel firestarter
          3 waterproof stuff sacks
          Princeton Tec headlamp, w/ red filter
          9 AAA batteries (360 hours of headlamp run-time)
          Covered pistol pouch
          [cat not included]
          = 22.7 pounds, and that’s with 90 oz of water

          Add to that:

          Beretta M9 pistol, w/ 15 round magazine
          Kel Tec Sub-2000 rifle, w/ 15 round magazine (accepts the same magazines as the M9)
          4 loaded 15 round magazines
          = 30.7 pounds, total

          The only thing missing from that picture is the first aid kit, which is kept upstairs, and would be stuffed in the pack on the way out the door. This little exercise also helped him figure out a couple other minor things that were left out, like fishing line and hooks and a wire saw.

          Greg Camp: Haha, yeah, I meant 40mm, but that doesn’t mean he has artillery. It’s just the size of ammo that the surplus cans are designed to hold. The big cans on the right, with the three oblong holes, are 40mm cans. To their left (small hole in handle) are the .50 cal cans, and to their left (large hole in handle) are the .30 cal cans.

        • sigh, i miss the farm. more and more these days i wish i lived on a farm in fly over country than on the left coast. great to live in your bug out location.

    • Wow. I’m also jealous, but I can’t help but wonder how much liquidity he has tied up in that stash. Unless, of course, the price of ammo continues to appreciate, in which case he might even be beating inflation. If the police ever were to serve him, I hope for their sake it’s not a no-knock warrant!


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