Georgia Shooting Ahmaud Arbery
A man holds a sign during a rally to protest the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, Saturday, May 16, 2020, in Brunswick, Ga. (AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton)
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From the AP . . .

All of Georgia’s lawmakers in the U.S. House asked Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday to involve the Justice Department in investigations of the slaying of Ahmaud Arbery as well as potential misconduct by local authorities who took more than two months to bring charges in the case.

All 14 members of the Georgia delegation, Republicans and Democrats, signed the letter addressed to Barr and Eric Dreiband, the assistant attorney general over the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division.

Arbery was fatally shot Feb. 23 by a white father and son who pursued the 25-year-old black man after spotting him running in their subdivision just outside the port city of Brunswick. More than two months passed before Gregory McMichael and his son, Travis McMichael, were arrested May 7 on charges of felony murder and aggravated assault.

Ahmaud Arbery Shooting
(Twitter via AP)

“Across our state, our constituents are increasingly alarmed as we learn additional details about the case and its handling,” the Georgia lawmakers wrote. “For these reasons, we believe a full investigation, with robust federal support, is warranted.”

Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, a Republican, has also asked the Justice Department for a federal investigation.

Gregory McMichael told police after the shooting that he suspected Arbery was a burglar. He also said Arbery attacked his son before being shot. Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, has said she believes her son was merely out jogging.

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  1. Well, at this point, regardless of where the facts eventually lead to, or *who* did *what* during the incident between Arbery and the McMichaels, it’s clear that the DOJ will need to answer the public’s call for blood and “do something”. Hopefully the result is genuine justice and not Pontius Pilate washing his hands and handing the accused over to the mob…

    • When does the white Republicans hand over a cop for a mob to tear apart? When do they persecute an innocent white man because black people said so?

      Don’t be delusional. That’s boomer talk.

      This murder shows the good ol’ boys club is still very strong down there. These are the men that started the civil war. These are the people that created gun control. These are the liberal Republicans who once called themselves Democrats.

      All you have to do is open your eyes. The truth is there. It’s history repeating itself.

      • The more people use the term “boomer”, the less potency it retains. I’m not even of that generation. It’s starting to become a flash-in-the-pan buzz word, like how “hipster” was for a while before people started rolling their eyes.

        • Sorry, you must be a son of a boomer. Millennials and Zoomers don’t talk like you do. I could be wrong and you could be lying.

        • Chief, I really don’t understand why generations are labeled. We don’t tolerate the labeling of any other group. I know! Why don’t we just label you full of shit and wash our hands of you.

        • @Gadsden Flag

          They label generations by time period. Each generation has their own personal experience growing up. The various generations have their own spin on the way they see the world.

        • Gen X, if labels must be applied. A true son of the ’80s…the best decade of the 20th Century.

        • Kind of like labeling each ethnic group because they each have their own ethnic experience huh Chief? But you mention history repeating itself?

        • Yeah chief since we can now obviously discriminate and judge based upon age, obviously the next logical step is to do the same based on race. I look forward to your support in a new racial hierarchy in which we can organize society from.

        • “The more people use the term “boomer”, the less potency it retains.”

          Preach it, brother!

          The same thing is happening with an accusation of “Racist!”

          You Leftist scum have slung that around so broadly, it no longer has any impact. Now, when actual racists pop up, it gets ignored.

          Congratulations, Chicken Little, now, no one believes the sky is falling…

        • You know Boomers, the ones that produced good music, where people actually play instruments and sing? The guy that invented the iPhone? Remember?

      • Another public school jug head preaching revisionist history. Abraham Lincoln started the War Between the States you idiot.

        • No… The rich ass elites did. It was a bunch of white men fighting over their economic interests. You think Bush started Iraq and Afghanistan?

        • Yup, yup, Lincoln started ‘the war between the states’ when the Federal troops at Ft Sumter provoked the locals into firing on them with artillery.


          Where the hell did you go to school?

        • If Bush didn’t start Iraq and Afghanistan, he clearly didn’t hesitate in wasting tax payers $ and most importantly American lives. Regarding Afghanistan, another sh*tshow, the CIA trained and financed the Talibans during the cold war to begin with. Obama despite his Peace Nobel Price (what a joke) didn’t withdraw our troops from Afghanistan either, even after Bin Laden was killed….in Pakistan. No WW3 with Trump yet, I guess the leftist “journalists” were wrong. If Biden is elected, or “elected,” you can expect globalist warfare at full throttle again.

        • So… Rosigol… By your logic, if China decided to fly some troops into a major harbor in the US, set up a military fortification, and refused to leave when ordered to by the US government, the US would be “starting a war” if we used force to remove said troops? Am I getting that right?

      • “These are the people that started the civil war.”

        Well they must geniuses then who either discovered immortality or invented a time machine.

        God Chief, you are a fucking retard.

      • @ Chief Censor

        Just because you can post at a 10/1 ratio here like a madman doesn’t make you right. Your sheer volume of posts on every article all day leads me to believe you must be a paid troll. Or your unemployed with literally nothing else to no. No real sane person has the time and energy you do to post like this.

        • To be fair… I find debunking the cretins here remarkably soothing and my job involves a lot of down time.

      • avatar Chief CCCP Censor - PwNPRserge, the story of two men in conflict with their sexuality, debating guns and politics while wearing leather chaps

        Holly cow, you didn’t get pegged today Chief Censor?

    • “Hopefully the result is genuine justice and not Pontius Pilate washing his hands and handing the accused over to the mob…”

      Well, that’s what happened with both Zimmerman and the Ferguson case, and there was outrage over both verdicts…

      • There was not video in either case, though. Had there been video of Zimmerman assaulting Martin and then shooting him when the latter resisted or of Wilson shooting Brown in the back as he ran away things would have been very different.

        I don’t think either of those things happened but they are what the alternative narrative claimed.

      • Yet Zimmerman is walking around being the asshole he was prior to the shooting. No one popped him. He might be the new OJ.

        • Lol!! You can’t help but to parade your ignorance around.
          I bet you still believe Zimmerman is white, too..

  2. Honestly, the most worrying thing to me is that, if there’s a not-guilty verdict on the murder charges and a guilty verdict on hate-crime charges, it would establish legal precedent that people don’t have a right to self-defense if the assailant’s skin tone is different from the defender’s.

    The more info has come out, the more it seems the McMichaels did nothing wrong. I think pwserge will be the only one here not eating crow when the not-guilty verdict comes in.

    You guys should check out all of Stefan Molyneux’s informative presentations on the shooting. They’re great.

    • Check out Colion Noir’s two segments for one side. Andrew Branca’s things on the Law of Self Defense spell out the other. Both have said all the information isn’t out yet. ow, with the polce department telling the homeowner that Gregory would be happy to help out, it make you wonder what they told Gregory he could do.

      Either way this goes, I believe it will become a Goat Rodeo.

      • I heard it was Greg that called up the police. Officer Rash called Larry to give him Greg’s number. Officer Rash was involved with a case of a corrupt felon of a cop (who eventually murdered two more people and had a stand off his buddies/cops). Officer Rash helped cover up the cops crimes until he murdered his wife and new man then killed himself after a chase.

        I saw this case years ago. I remember watching the body cams.

        • Dirty dirty ho got caught being a dirty cheating ho. Hilarity ensues. Pro tip: Don’t be a dirty cheating ho.

      • I think there is only one black cop down there, from what I have seen. I thought I heard he was the one that wanted to arrest the McMichaels on scene, officer Rash was there with him.

        These are the good ol’ boys that run stuff down there. They promoted that horrible man.

        • Keeps citing commie propaganda sources as if they help his argument… adorable. Was XiNN not available for comment?

          News organizations are not legitimate sources nor are their presentations arguments.

    • You do know Stefan is a white supremacist from Canada and he is a well known propagandist trying to divide Americans via racial lines?

      • Stefan isn’t a white supremacists. Having watched hundreds of hours of his material, I believe I can much more accurately summarize his thoughts on such issues.

        He believes that the natural environments in which the different races evolved resulted in different characteristics, including differences in IQ. That being said he’s for organizing our society along free market and meritocratic principles. Discriminating against people for being members of the “wrong” race doesn’t make since because averages are derived from individuals; individuals are not derived from averages. In other words, it doesn’t do society any good to discriminate against blacks due to their average IQ of around 80 because systemic discrimination would prevent the individual members with a much greater IQ from maximizing their contribution to society.

        He doesn’t have great expectations from blacks, but actively suppressing them would prevent great individuals from accomplishing great things and that would be wrong.

        • I followed Stefan for years. He is a white supremacist and a liar. I told him so and he does not refute. His rhetoric is the standard talking points of the typical alt right member. He went around the world with white supremacists giving speeches. He fools low IQ white males into giving him money after pumping up their egos.

        • And in not one part of your response did you refute any of his positions. You say he’s wrong, but not how. Your reply is useless.

          Have a good day.

        • … and yet you have yet to present an example of how this is so. It’s hilarious, any time you get argued into a corner, you scream “muh’ racism!” and declare victory.

        • @pwrserge

          Stefan is just like you. I bet you watch his content with happiness? Stefan is a manipulator of the white youth. He worked for people who openly declared their intent to create a race war in America to destroy it from within.

          How do you think “race war” and “race baiting” became common speech this year? It took years of people like Stefan and Richard Spencer infiltrating the Republican party to turn it into a national socialist party. They even hired black lefties to pretend to be Republicans to support the MAGA agenda.

          They even fooled Kanye West at one point. Then he figured out he was being used.

          I will end that conversation here. It will only lead to off topic stuff and bans.

        • An accusation made without evidence is meaningless. Learn to debate chi-com KungPowTroll. Also, I recommend some remedial training in the Queen’s English.

      • Watching 2 paid trolls argue is hilarious. Powerserge at least admits to being a Russian. Chief Censor is some part of Alinskys group. They litterally are getting paid by the post to argue with each other, hilarious!

        • Yeah, I admit to being a Russian the same way Anne Frank would admit to being a Nazi.

        • Except Serge is a commie who is constantly calling everyone else commies. Calling for lining up people to be shot based on politics is as communist as it gets. Being Russian doesn’t automatically make you a commie. Serge on the other hand…..

        • No, calling for people to get lined up and shot for treason is as patriotic as it gets, if a little authoritarian.

          Learn to debate kiddo.

    • Can’t wait to see justification for confronting someone with a shotgun down the street from home. Yessir, justify this shooting for us. Those two in a truck had so much fear for their lives.

      • They had probable cause to believe that a crime had just taken place and so they had authority to make a citizens arrest. In fleeing the scene of a felony, Aubrey had forfeited his right to self defense under Georgia law. When Aubrey assaulted Travis for the gun, Travis had every right to defend himself. Case closed.

        • They did not witness Arbery enter the house and they had no access to the cameras inside. Greg saw a black man running down the street. That is not probable cause because Arbery did not see a uniformed officer before he jogged down the road. There is video evidence of him doing the exact same thing he did that day but at night and all by himself. There are multiple videos proving his intent was not to steal.

          There is no probable cause and no proof of intent to commit a crime. Greg and Travis stated they only wanted to talk, not to arrest him. The corrupt DA wrote a defense letter on behalf of the McMichaels before he left the investigation because of a conflict of interest.

          The result: aggravated assault and felony murder. The government agrees and they have way more proof.

        • Where’d you get your law degree?
          Because you’re wrong on at least two of your points. Like, tragically wrong.

    • The McMichaels went out into a public street, waving weapons about, and challenged a man, based on little more than his skin color. Damned right they done wrong. If some fool comes after me, brandishing a weapon, I’m going to take SOME KIND of defensive action.

      • Isn’t it interesting, the ‘thug’ was unarmed, no gun, no knife, no club.

        It was the McMichaels who brought the guns and attitude in their 2-ton truck and road blocked the victim. They had no right to stand in his way, especially by visible threat of arms.

    • Did nothing wrong? When last did two black men shoot a white jogger and we call it self defence. You are delusional.

  3. Yeah, that’s the way to do it. Duck any responsibility and pass the buck to the Feds.

    Georgia politicians, cops and AGs, get your sh!t together and do the jobs you’re paid to do.

  4. Apparently they don’t trust the GBI either. They are in charge of the case now. What happens when this comes back from GBI? One side or the other will be ticked off. What happens when Barr and the DOJ get involved, no matter the outcome, one side or the other will be ticked off. So are the politicians just being political, pushing it further upstairs so they can wash their hands of it?

    My personal view is the McMichaels are on the wrong side of the law, but it all goes back to the “intent” of both Arbery and the McMichaels, and was the McMichaels ‘suspicion’ of Arbery ‘reasonable’. Those things are very subjective. And where will you find a jury from that part of the country that someone isn’t going to raise issue with. As far as the police go, yes, some things could be considered questionable and I’m sure I don’t know all the details.

    • The thin blue line and the good ol’ boy network closed ranks.

      Isn’t concealing a crime a crime in itself?

  5. Why run to a slowpoke like Barr? The man has yet to get one democrat sleazebag for concocting slanderous and libelous schemes to overthrow a duly elected POTUS.
    The McMichael case does not take a rocket scientist to see what clearly happened. Unless there is some colossal Perry Mason moment the McMichaels are up sht creek without a paddle.

  6. “Last Friday, the day after two whites in Georgia were arrested in the vastly publicized killing of the black jogger/prowler Ahmaud Arbery, a young black gunman murdered two octogenarian whites, Paul and Lidia Marino, while they were visiting their son’s grave at a veterans’ cemetery in Delaware.

    “In contrast to Arbery’s killing, this second interracial killing case has gotten virtually zero national media attention through Tuesday morning. The cops don’t have an explanation for the killer’s actions yet. The possibility that the cemetery killer was inspired to shoot some random whites by the enormous media hoopla over the still-ambiguous death of Arbery is not something that the prestige press is rushing to look into.”

    – “Racial Revenge?

    • Social(ist) justice. Under Progressive ideology, only white people can be racist and not only must be punished, but also must be made to suffer for all the wrongs done by past generations for the last 2-5 thousand years.

      • This is why I laugh whenever I hear those hypocrites talk about equality. The only thing they stand for is power. It isn’t about equality, it’s about a means to an end.

        Their argument is that you can’t be racist toward a white person because the white person is the one with the power. That isn’t what racism is, but whatever, let’s go with their corrupted definition. So what was it when an average white citizen criticized the most powerful man in the world, President Obama? That’s racist! How convenient that the hypocrites now won’t even use their own f’ed up definition.

  7. Still waiting on actual testimony, transcripts, and evidence.

    Neither the Michael Brown SBC or the Zimmerman/Trayvon thing turned out to be anything like the published fiction. This is likely more of the same.

    It does look like both the McMichaels and Arbery had issues. The truth will probably be that 2 slow kids met in the street to fight over a shotgun and we all lost.

    • I knew once Zimmerman was at the police station, and showed the cops the back of his head, he would not be found guilty. There was no evidence out side of an audio clip of someone yelling for help. That is not enough to convict him of murder even if he did do it. He had a good story and nothing was able to prove otherwise. Luckily for Zimmerman he didn’t have a camera man.

        • Speculation.

          He could have gotten a different charge. Without evidence they couldn’t get him on anything.

      • “Lucky” for Mr. Zimmerman that Mr. Martin’s girlfriend’s testimony didn’t support the racist-thug-hunting-the-innocent-black-youth narrative that the media pushed so hard.

  8. Where’s the uproar for the breonna Taylor shooting in St. Louis ?

    Guess when the government guns someone down it’s acceptable

    • That was talked about here.

      Right now the cops are saying they have no cameras. It’s three white cops versus one black man, whom they suspected of being in a house where drugs were being sent. The dead woman is black.

      This is an almost impossible case to win because white America trusts the police and not black people. Heck, they trust the police so much they will allow white people to be murdered on camera and not convict the police. Something is wrong with their souls and brains.

      If this doesn’t get white people to convict a cop what will?

  9. This is a big no for me. Involving federal government in a state murder case is ridiculous overreach.

    • They are not investigating the murder itself. They are investigating the good ol’ boys’ police and DA department.

      You are way behind on the facts.

  10. Sounds like Ga authorities already have em convicted……Maybe they’ll need a trial in some other area.

  11. I still maintain that this case will not go to trial. They’ll do a plea deal and spend the rest of their lives behind bars.
    Has the Death Penalty been taken off the table yet? No one in their right mind would gamble with that IMO, but maybe they will.
    Would any of you?

    • I think under Georgia law Travis could get the death penalty if the state chooses that as an option. I don’t think Greg is at risk for the death penalty. Greg could easily throw his son under the bus for a lesser sentence. Greg still has a daughter at home.

  12. The feds have no jurisdiction at all per the Constitution. It’s a purely criminal and civil matter. They’re not being called into investigate a systemic deprivation of rights through the courts system. This is Georgia politicians being smarmy politicians.

    • That’s exactly what they are being called to investigate. When someone can be murdered in the street and the local authorities refuse to do anything about it they are depriving the victim of their rights to equal protection. It’s precisely what happened in the days of lynching.

      • Yeah… and yet, this “lynching” gave the scumbag in question numerous opportunity to settle things in court. Instead, like the inbred retard he was, he decided to see if fist beats shotgun.

        • Yeah, looks to me like a guy defending himself against two ass clowns trying to stop him with a shotgun. He tried, he lost Comrade commie.

        • You can’t “defend” yourself from a lawful arrest. That’s called “resisting arrest”.

        • You have no idea if it was lawful. That’s what the whole fucking trial starts with. Was this legal? Was the “citizens arrest” legal? No. You keep saying it was, but here we are. That is the whole point of this. You keep acting like you know better, but you are one of the last ones to get any information, even if you assume it’s more information than ANYONE on this forum. Still, just a peon. Chasing after someone with guns drawn as a civilian is not a good idea. Plain and simple. They made stupid decisions, and this is the result. Only time will tell if you are lucky enough to call yourself correct. You can fill that head of yours with helium all you want, it doesn’t change the basis of why these men are in this predicament. Their poor decision making and use of force when it was NOT entirely necessary. Their lives were not threatened by this man running away from them. End.

        • The reason they are in this position is racism from a group of people so pampered that nobody says a thing when they form armed mobs to go intimidate witnesses.

    • Georgia Republicans were denying Arbery due process of law and equal protection. GBI is also known to be corrupt when cases reach far down the rabbit hole.

      • The scumbag felon got all the due process he was entitled to when he tried to grab a loaded gun while being lawfully detained.

        • I don’t know why so many people have their heads up their backsides, laws are laws and facts are facts. Feelz don’t cut it in this situation.

        • From previous articles, the detention was not legal. The reason for the citizens arrest was not corroborated by the alleged victim of the break and enter. And less so for the killing.

          Because of the McMicheal’s previous association with law enforcement, the local PD and county DA chose not to investigate or prosecute. The thin blue line and the good ol’ boy network closed ranks, and this could be criminal collusion to conceal a felony.

        • I can demonstrate reasonable suspicion of all three elements of felony burglary from released evidence. You’re full of shit on this one.

        • They were not cops Comrade fucktard. They can perform a citizen’s arrest if they WITNESSED him commiting a crime. They are not covered by reasonable suspicion in Georgia commie.

        • Witnessing a crime is far beyond the reasonable suspicion standard kid. Your argument makes exactly zero sense. If they witnessing the crime was a universal standard, reasonable suspicion would have no reason to be in the statute. Learn to English.

        • To have been a lawful detention, the McMichaels would have needed to witness an actual crime taking place in their presence. In fact, the McMichaels watched some stupid video that was days old (or more) and decided to accost the next black guy with the nerve to come through their neighborhood. No crime was committed, according to the man who owns the building under construction. Go read that law that you pretend to cite again. A crime must have taken place for any arrest to be lawful. The McMichaels would have had to WITNESS that crime. Neither of those requirements can be met, when the homeowner insists that nothing was taken from the construction site.

        • “A crime must have taken place for any arrest to be lawful.”

          Correct, the property owner says no crime was committed. In any case, the big Michael’s witnessed nothing.

          The reason Travis was carrying the shotgun and jumped out to a cost Arbey was because Travis was upset about the gun stolen from his truck weeks before.

          It doesn’t help that the majority of Glynn county LEO’s are either corrupt or inept.

          Corrupt police officers often build up a bad reputation within the community, many of the jury pool may be looking for the opportunity to indicate their displeasure with the ‘community policing‘ they’ve endured.

  13. Due process should be given a chance when it comes to the individuals who have been charged (and another that may be charged).

    That said, there is PLENTY of room for an investigation of the authorities who seemed happy to turn a blind eye to this entire incident up until the moment it became impossible to ignore… and their connections to one of the defendants.

  14. Facts: Arbery was a petty thief, had criminal record, hostile towards law enforcement, he didn’t go jogging, provoked the situation, DIDN’T deserve to get shot. The Mcmichaels had a prior history with Arbery, the McMichaels shouldn’t have been involved in vigilantism, the McMichaels provoked the situation, it WASN’T self-defense. No easy answers.

      • Local law-enforcement and prosecutors were involved in a cover-up, depriving the victim of his civil rights to due process.

        In the past few weeks, two local police chiefs, a captain and a sergeant have all been arrested for covering up crimes by other law-enforcement personnel. The grand jury return 20 indictments against LE in the very county were the victim was murdered.

        There’s also evidence showing that McMichaels himself was in violation of Georgia statute, carrying a badge and a gun, performing law-enforcement duties without the certification required by Georgia law.
        And there’s evidence showing that this was brought to the attention of the local prosecutor in 2014, six years ago, but he was only suspended from duties last year.

        You bet we need a DOJ investigation, if the local government is corrupt we need a watchdog to ensure the rights of the citizens, no matter what color they are.

        • “A dead man has no rights, due process or otherwise.”

          Really? So I could kill you and suffer no consequences, because you would be dead and have no rights.

          Even more interesting, aborted fetui are dead, and have no right to life. I had no idea you took a pro-choice position, fascinating.

          You are truly clueless.

  15. Chief Censor wrights good ol’ boys in about every post now. LOL… And after WOM pointed out the fact that it was a black lynch mob that marched on Brunswick the lynch mob term is getting a lot of use now too. Hang’em high and satisfy the blood thirsty black mob. Yeah buddy… But no matter what, a fair trial and an impartial jury ever being seated can not ever happen. Best Feds can do is to string it out until after the election and this is probably what happens. After the election the Feds will have more ‘flexibility’. pwserge should be around soon enough to beat most of you down and put most of you back into line. This story is an on going bonanza for TTAG so with that just try to tolerate the foolish posts posts of Miner49er, Chief Censor and Montana Actual until this storm blows over.

    • Yeah… given how much legal analysis I’m handing out for free, I should really start billing these morons.

      • I hate to pee on you and your parade of perpetual bigoted stupidity but you wouldn’t rate as an outhouse lawyer.

        • Wow Powerserge has truly have lost it. Do you ever stop lying? Never read more BS in my life than comes out of your posts. It’s pretty bad when you get called out by Debbie. You have no understanding of the law and when you do its selective to fit your narrative. This has been pointed out numerous times.

        • … and yet I am in agreement with one of the most respected civil rights lawyers in the country… Guess he must have “no understanding of the law” as well.

        • … and yet people pay me thousands of dollars for my advice on a daily basis. That’s literally my job.

        • avatar Chief CCCP Censor - PwNPRserge, the story of two men in conflict with their sexuality, debating guns and politics while wearing leather chaps

          Correction, married men in their fifties pay you dozens of dollars to swallow their load.

        • Prove it. For once, back up your bullshit. Timestamp and imgur. Do it, or you are full of shit. Doesn’t matter anyways… but at least if you are gonna brag about it and talk like you know better than everyone else, prove it. We all know you won’t, because you can’t. It’s very easy to take a picture and post a timestamp image. You don’t even have to use any real names. Do it, or fuck off.

        • Sergei, show them they’re wrong!

          Take a picture of a couple of the diplomas on your wall, blank your name and other identifying info, and post it right here for all to see.

          It’s the old put up or shut up routine, why not?

        • Forgery is a thing you know. It wouldn’t prove anything, so it’s pointless to even ask. This is the internet.

        • Ok… let me explain something to you.

          1. I’m not going to dox myself for you.
          2. Nothing I post will be good enough for you clowns.
          3. I have nothing to prove to vermin like you.

        • So… you can’t. All you had to do was take a picture of your acclaimed accomplishments and timestamp it. If you were not retarded, you would understand how to do this without “doxing” yourself.

          Don’t get mad cuz we caught you in a lie. Just shut the fuck up and know your place next time. Opinions are like assholes.

      • Prove it. For once, back up your bullshit. Timestamp and imgur. Do it, or you are full of shit. Doesn’t matter anyways… but at least if you are gonna brag about it and talk like you know better than everyone else, prove it. We all know you won’t, because you can’t. It’s very easy to take a picture and post a timestamp image. You don’t even have to use any real names. Do it, or fuck off.

    • Oh smooth smooth smooth I hope that pswerge notices me. Maybe this time he’ll acknowledge my presence. After all, I love kissing the ass of a pretend lawyer and generally disagreeable asswipe.

  16. Now we just need Nazi 69er to show up and call us all racists while sharing fond memories of Nuremberg march in 1933.

  17. Interesting and note worthy as things progress…

    “This murder, in my opinion, could have been avoided if the local police enforced the law on themselves. Our cops kill innocent people all the time here. Caroline Small was murdered by a cop who in turn brutally murdered his estranged wife and her boyfriend before committing suicide. After assaulting her in front of uniformed officers. They did nothing. Ahmaud deserves justice. Caroline deserves justice. Katie Kettles and John Hall deserve justice. Our DA is crooked. Our cops are crooked. Our judge was national news at one point for running the drug court program while getting off scot-free for several DUIs. I don’t have the means or platform to make noise, but I advocate for what’s right and I believe that maybe in some small way I can help by getting the word out.”

      • Sergei, your disinformation attempts are weak, your handlerswill be very displeased that you were not more effective at obscuring the truth.

        “BRUNSWICK, Ga.
        – Four current or former police officers, including current Glynn County Police Chief John Powell, were indicted Thursday night on a variety of charges resulting from an investigation into a former police officer who had sex with a confidential informant.”

        You do know, Arbey was murdered in Glynn County. We need an investigation by the department of justice in order to see just how far the prosecution and law-enforcement rot goes.

  18. the last 4 years hath shewn us one thing:
    if the democrats are soiling themselves over it…its BS of the highest order
    end. of. story.

    • Now now… Juicy really did get assaulted… by two gay MAGA hat wearing Nigerians… who he paid to do it.

      • And a fucktarded racist commie at that. Should’ve fuckin stayed in the motherland comrade. Every time you speak, I smell Putin.

        • Awful brave words for someone hiding behind a keyboard. I wonder if you’d have the balls to be this blatantly racist to my face?

        • Sergei, you’re the queen of hiding behind a keyboard, while calling for others to be shot.

          You spent hours in front of the keyboard, eating Chito’s, watching porn, wondering why your dick is turning orange.

          You had better hope your mom never checks your brows