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Our handsy friends at the TSA publish a blog (who knew?) featuring highlights from their weekly take of contraband. Naturally, the compendium includes guns appropriated from travelers who’d unknowingly (or not) left a pistol in their carry-on before going through an airport prostate/pelvic probulation station. And shazam, they have some great post-Newtown news! As is reporting, gun confiscations were way down for the week ended Friday. The TSA normally snags about 30 heaters a week. But last week’s take — even with all that Christmas traffic — was only 16. Thanks, Senator Feinstein! Unfortunately, there’s a bitter dash of yang to go along with the sweet taste of yin. While gats were down, the number of hand grenades found was up. Our blue-gloved guardians sniffed out ten of them. Yes, yes, they were all inert. But you can probably see how even a hollowed out hand grenade could cause a tizzy or two. Or can you?

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  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmm Pineapples. I’ve never been prouder of the TSA than I am at this moment. Considering most of those FBI wannabes couldn’t find their a$$ with both hands in a phone booth even if you left the light on.

  2. Uhm, clearly one of those steal balls was from that gag gift.
    the one that say complaint line, take a number.
    It still has the #1 tag on the pin!!!
    So I guess junks of steal that are shaped like a weapon are bad?? Who knew!
    But this still has no bearing on an impending AWB.

  3. Is it illegal to bring an inert grenade on a plane? If so, why? Out can’t blow up so I don’t see the point. Also, TSA is a worthless agency, we have a family friend who is TSA and the policies and working conditions are terrible. The management is inept and completely clueless and the turnover is so high that no one works there for long. They need to dissolve TSA.

  4. Shows when you can use a gun make a hand grenade!!!! Oh wait Obama and his Nazi and the media dont want you t know that!!.

    • Lance i’d urge you to reconsider the use of the term “Nazi”.

      All plants maybe green, but not all plants are edible or without their thorns, barbs and thick bark.

      • SOrry thought the way you did till this whole gun ban grab came over the dead bodies of children and how they scum here attacks you and me for horrors we would fight to the death to stop. Obama earned his bad name here.

        But I do know what your talking about and know your logic.

  5. An inert grenade is simply a metal case sans explosive/deflagrating charge and fuse system. Pull enough corks and any monkey can fill one of those vessels with double base smokeless powder to make it a indiscriminate destructive device.

  6. I wonder how man of those “grenades” we’re actually cigarette lighters?? OMG, get it away from them, they might smoke on the plane!!!
    Our local airport posted a similar pic and the table was covered in…are you ready… hammers, tape measures, bubble levels and a brand new in the package Dremel Tool set. All were labeled by the TSA as illegal weapons confiscated over Thanksgiving Holidays!!!
    Fricking Retards!!!

  7. Except to go see my father in Kentucky I don’t fly anymore. And I’m kind of at a loss as to why anybody who knows they’re going thru a TSA checkpoint has things like inert grenades in their carry ons.

    I mean we’re constantly, and rightly so, lambasting the TSA for being not to bright. What does that say about the people getting caught by TSA? Are these our neighbors that can’t get out of jury duty?

    • Considering I havnt had a date since my divorce and that the last woman I went out with (before my wife) was over four years ago, Ralph you make me want to buy a plane ticket and stuff a few bags of powdered sugar in my coat.

  8. The number of handguns the TSA *reported* is way down. Many guns likely were outright stolen like all those iPads and all the jewelry. The DiFi price effect is practically irresistable!

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