Economic Data Reveal a Healthy, Growing Firearm Industry Despite the Biden Administration’s Best Efforts

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firearms industry 2021 economic impact

You wouldn’t think the Biden administration would want to attack a thriving domestic manufacturing industry that employs 375,000 people and generated over $70 billion of economic activity last year. Those are two of the top-line numbers from the latest analysis of America’s firearm industry by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

Then again, domestic oil and gas production employs over 10 million people and represents about 8% of the entire U.S. economy. By comparison, the gun business is practically a mom-and-pop operation, yet our senescent CinC has made hobbling that vital industry job one from the day he took office.

Be that as it may, the steady, sustained growth of the American firearms and industry — in spite of heavy, burdensome, frequently arbitrary regulation — is a success story that’s both revealing and reassuring. Here’s the NSSF’s press release announcing the results of their latest tally and a link to the full report . . .

The total economic impact of the firearm and ammunition industry in the United States increased from $19.1 billion in 2008 to $70.52 billion in 2021, a 269 percent increase, while the total number of full-time equivalent jobs rose from approximately 166,000 to over 375,819, a 126 percent increase in that period, according to a report released by the NSSF, the firearm industry trade association.

On a year-over-year basis, the industry’s economic impact rose from $63.5 billion in 2020, to $70.52 billion. Total jobs increased by over 33,000 in the same period, from 342,330 to 375,819. The firearm industry has broader impacts throughout the economy. It supports and generates business for firms seemingly unrelated to firearms, at a time when every job in America counts. These are real people, with real jobs, working in industries as varied as banking, retail, accounting, metal working and printing among others.

The firearm and ammunition industry paid over $7.85 billion in business taxes, including property, income and sales-based levies. An additional $1.1 billion was paid in federal excise taxes, which directly contributes to wildlife conservation.

“The economic contributions of our industry are indisputably contributing to every state and every community. This is the hallmark of the hard-working men and women who prove that the American firearm and ammunition industry is strong,” said Joe Bartozzi, NSSF President and CEO.

“The growth of firearm and ammunition manufacturing year-after-year shows that this industry continues to meet the American demand for lawful firearm ownership. This industry produces the highest quality firearms and ammunition, and has been proud to welcome over 5.4 million first-time gun buyers in 2021 alone. These new gun owners are increasingly representative of Americans from all walks of life, including more women and more minority communities that have decided to exercise their right to keep and bear arms and to safely enjoy the recreational shooting sports. This growth equals more jobs that add to our local economies, averaging $56,900 in wages and benefits. Since 2008, federal tax payments increased by 206 percent, Pittman-Robertson excise taxes that support wildlife conservation by 214 percent and state business taxes by 151 percent.”

The annual Firearm and Ammunition Industry Economic Impact Report provides a state-by-state breakdown of job numbers, wages and output covering direct, supplier and induced employment, as well as federal excise taxes paid.

Access the full report here.

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  1. Maybe its time for the firearms industry to boycott the U.S. Government. No unfettered access to guns, ammo, accessories, parts, for the law-abiding public then no guns ammo, accessories, parts, for the government.

    Of course that an unrealistic idea and will not work out here in the real world. But… when it comes time to vote again boycott those who would want to infringe your second amendment rights by voting for someone who will protect your second amendment rights.

    • “Maybe its time for the firearms industry to boycott the U.S. Government.”

      Barrett does just that, when California banned citizen-owned .50 BMG caliber or larger rifles :

      In addition to individual sales, Barrett can equip your unit, department, or agency with our weapons. A valid department purchase order and tax exempt forms are required for all Law Enforcement rifle and suppressor orders. All Law Enforcement orders must be shipped directly to a department. Barrett will not sell to or service any California or New York government agencies.”

  2. The industry, firearms, would not be doing as well without biden. Every time he talks about guns he sells another million. I don’t think barry did as good a job at pushing guns.

    • “….hguoht mm9 dna 6.5 fo stol 60-03 ro 342. gnidnif emit drah a gnivah m’I”

      The Possum has discovered that magical plateau of inebriation on the fine-edge borderline of awareness and total blackout.

      Yeah, his hangover is gonna *suck* when he wakes up.

      Get ahead of it, Possum, and keep a fresh drink on your nightstand in easy reach when your blurry eyes finally open… 🙂

  3. You are forgetting that the Biden administration and the Democrats hate the United States, hate the people in the United States, hate everyone not exactly like them and desire nothing less than the complete and total literal permanent destruction and ruination of the United States economy on every level. And the current destruction of the United States economy is being done deliberately to achieve that goal.

  4. If Jim Crow Gun Control joe can stop a pipeline project and toss thousands of related jobs out the window then he’s just another version of putin and capable of anything.

    On the other hand I am sick of sneaky PBS frontline propaganda providing cover for the scumbags who concocted slander and libel in a devious attempt to overturn the election of POTUS DJT. Who the hell needed help to defeat hilliary rotten clintoon when she already had a 40 year mile long sleazy political rap sheet?

    According to PBS we are not to think the very same democRat Party scumbags are not capable of rigging an election to put a complete no-count like Jim Crow Gun Control joe and his inept VP in the white house. When a democRat is behind in an election and the vote count gets put on hold in some states after POTUS DJT is shown to have won key election states make no mistake about it there are democRats hiding in the woodpile. PBS frontline can go pound sand.

      • “No theBiden is not another version of Putin.”

        He kinda is, considering both have no idea of what’s happening around them.

        With Putin, it’s out of raw fear, with Biden, it’s senility… 😉

  5. I cannot argue with the ECONOMIC figures but I would take some issue with the self-interested organisations that are behind them. But even if they are true it does not get away from mthe moral dilemma and you cannot just say because it makes money there for it’s all OK. The American Automobile Industry made all the same noises when it had to change the way it took issues of SAFETY and POLLUTION on board and yet the measures that were forced upon it quickly went around the world. JUst saying>
    To other subjects. One of the greatest needs in UKRAINE is for s supply of decent SNIPING Rifles.
    Not for High Grade and very expensive MILITARY grade rifles but for good quality NATO 7.62mm type HUNTING RIFLES with scopes. I’d bet there are many thousands of these hanging around in the USA and only occasionally being used that would be ideal. After all a well fettled Lee-Enfield ‘T’ Model can still hold it’s own on the battlefield. What Ukrainians need for their Citizen Army are RELIABLE easily maintained gear not high tech.
    Ukraine is setting some standards for Future Warfare that most of the worlds Military are taking a very close look at. They are taking the principles of Guerilla warfare to the main battle front. Watch this space. They are taking to the ‘TOYOTA TECHNICAL’ principle in a big way. Fast furious quick in quick out and very difficult to deal with if you know you ground!

    • The civilian Firearms business builds and innovate guns for civilian use First. And then when the militaryof many years ago, was where the first use of Civilian pickup trucks, with machine guns and rocket launchers, turn the battle in favor of Chad.

      But those of us who saw the original “Red Dawn” in the theater in 1986. That was the coming future of warfare. That is what is going on now in the Ukraine. Also the “winter War”. Finland versus the USSR. The poor performance of the Russian military is being repeated in the 21st century. Only now in the Ukraine.

      • edit
        The civilian Firearms business builds and innovate guns for civilian use First. And then when the military takes notice they will purchase those civilian intended Innovations. The Libyan Chad War of many years ago, was where the use of Civilian pickup trucks with machine guns and rocket launchers, turn the battle in favor of Chad.

        The Russian military was not able to convert religious people into a bunch of atheists in Afghanistan. And I doubt that the Russians are going to be successful against the determined Ukrainian Defenders.

        The question is how much land are the Ukrainians going to have to give up in order to get the Russians to leave?? Which is what happened in Finland. The Fins gave up some land and the Russian army eventually left.

    • So your suggesting Americans send the Ukraniums their hunting rifles?
      With Russia on the boarder the Ukraniums should have already had all the gunms they need.
      They didn’t plan ahead very well did they.

    • Albert what is the moral dilemma? Firearms are a tool like any other tool. The misuse of the tool does not create a dilemma for the manufacturer. The idea someone else is responsible for another’s poor choices is what creates this mess.

      Sending 7.62 rifles to Ukraine may not be logistically the right move. The Russians are losing plenty of Warsaw Pact rifles and ammunition that Western chamberings would create a bigger logistical hurdle to them. I am sure somewhere the Western Governments have stockpiles of captured Warsaw equipment that should be flowing to Ukraine.

      Albert, what you, our cousins, need to take away from history and current events is that the unlikely scenarios of civilian partisans helping military forces fight is no longer unlikely. Our Western forms of Governments need to promote safety and the use of firearms among the general public. Strength in arms is a defense that can dividends in lives saved and others deciding the risks are too great to invade.

    • Albert Hall, I have some news for you. A Sniper Rifle is not “high tech”. The best Sniper Rifles are very low tech. A bolt action Remington does the job just fine. Put a decent scope on it and it’s a tack driver in the hands of a marksman.

  6. “Guns and butter.” I’m glad we have a Military Industrial Complex that produces firearms, at least in this country, for everyone. From the biggest gun makers to the smallest one man shop. They are all part of the same industry.

    The Industrial Revolution was about gun making. Most historians don’t want to admit that. They would prefer that school children learn about the growth of the textile business. Your clothing originally was made by a family member or a neighbor. But guns were primarily produced in factories.

  7. Don’t forget the Anti gun folks like to claim the gun industry can’t be sued. What the protections for the legal manufacture and sales of firearms covers is to protect the industry from frivolous suits and suits over criminal misuse of firearms which no manufacturer or sales business can control. We don’t sue Ford Motor Company if 1 of their trucks gets used as a rolling meth lab or involved in an armed robbery. Nor do we sue Boeing or Lockheed if 1 of their aircraft are used as in the 9/11 attacks. However any of the above can be sued if their product is defective or dangerous while being used as intended.
    What annoys me with the Marxists/Fascists/Socialists/Progressives out to disarm the populace their denial of the failures of their anti gun ownership agenda. Right along with the abject failures of their social and economic programs and policies.


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