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GLOCK 42 .380 Everyday Carry Concealed

If you’ll step into the Wayback Machine, Mr. Peabody will set the date for late January of 2014. Once there, the first thing you’ll notice is screaming, wailing and gnashing of teeth as gun owners from Portland to Port St. Lucie get the word that the new GLOCK single stack 9mm they’d been clamoring for is really a single stack .380, AKA the GLOCK 42.

GLOCK satisfied those malcontents the next year with the 9mm GLOCK 43, but that doesn’t mean the 42 doesn’t still have a devoted following. While it’s virtually the same size as the G43, the 42 racks more easily and produces less recoil. Those are attractive qualities to plenty of shooters.

Take Jorge Silva, for example, who packs his G42 every day because the light, concealable easy-to-carry gun you have with you is better than the 36 oz. 1911 sitting back home in your safe.

EDC Everyday Carry everyday Concealed Carry Gun



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  1. I could never figure out the logic behind those Extend-O-Mags for EDC. In my opinion, it defeats the whole purpose of an easily concealable handgun.

    If you feel you need extra rounds, why not just get a Glock 26 (Baby Glock) with standard 10 round Mags. Sure, I know it’s a double stack, but it’s also 9mm, and only about 1/4 inch wider than that 380.

    For backup rounds, you can easily carry a Glock 17 extra mag, with its 17 rounds of extra firepower, and it’ made to fits perfectly in a Glock 26.

  2. This isn’t an EDC photo because there are no Field Notes. Stop trolling us JORGE!

  3. I shot a Taurus Millinum in.40 cal awhile back, way to much cartridge for that small of a handgun IMO. 380 would have been OK…… I carry a 1911 and a couple spare mags because I’m so damned skinny the wind would blow me away. Commending TTGA on not having these EDC pocket dump of the day including everything but the kitchen sink, more realistic.

  4. You get an ultra compact pistol….then put an extendo-mag on completely negating the ultra-compact pistol. Has never made any sense.

  5. “While it’s virtually the same size as the G43…” I would have to take some issue with characterizing them as virtually the same size. I suppose depends on context. maybe virtually the same if you are IWB’ing them, but if that were true I would be pocket-carrying a G43. The fact of the matter is the difference in size is enough to make the G43 with pocket holster too large for most of the pants I wear (jeans usually, shorts summer, etc). This is one of the downsides of pocket carry for sure and one of the trade offs I have had to make my peace with. Just be warned if you are planning on pocket carrying a G43 and don’t assume that because your G42 fits everything will be good. Try it first in the pants you roll with.

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