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EDC Pocket Dump Kimber Micro 9 Eclipse

Duane’s carefully curated EDC gear includes the attractive Kimber Micro 9 Eclipse carried in a Winthrop Holsters IWB Leather rig. A perfect summer carry combination for maximum comfort and conceivability.

EDC Everyday Carry Concealed Pocket Dump Kimber Micro 9 Eclipse

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  1. Very cool! Looks like an Omega Seamaster Professional. Used to have one, but a buddy badgered me until I sold it to him. Kept better time than both my Submariners. Again, where’s the reload!?

      • I’ll take extra ammo over anything else except the handgun. I can’t reload a pistol with a flashlight.

        • I also never carry rodents in my pocket, but hey, if you want to infect the bad guys with the plague. Have at it.

  2. Looks like a solid (but a bit yuppy) choice.

    Bento boxes generally have section dividers in them. It must be time for lunch. A Bento box lunch sounds great!

    Actually, a box unagidon sounds great!

      • My wife of nineteen years is from Japan. I’ve been to Japan many times, visiting family. I wouldn’t mind living there if I was allowed to own a few acres, and a few firearms. Sadly, Japan sucks in regard to gun laws, and is a bit crowded for my tastes.

        Speaking of Japanese folks and guns, one of our Japanese nieces was here to visit a couple weeks ago. She is 22, and has been studying at a University here in the States this last school year. Somehow we got onto the subject of guns, so I brought out a few to show her. I think she was a bit alarmed by my collection. I didn’t even show the “scary” guns like the AR, AK, or Glock, just a few .22s, a pump shotgun, and a Security Six. I also decided not to mention that I was carrying (642 or LCP) the whole time she was here.

        • You are a courageous man. Supposedly once you’ve gone to Japan your terrified to return to the streets of blood U.S.A.

  3. An Every Day Carry which doesn’t require a rucksack.
    Nice, simple, and classy.

    Well Done!

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