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defensive gun use burglar dgu
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Around 3:15am on Saturday in Parkland, Washington, a woman in her 60s, whose husband was away on business, woke up to the sound of her dogs barking. Hearing a weird scratching sound, she got up and saw that there was a strange man in her home, heading right toward her as she stood in her bedroom doorway.

Pistol in hand, she told him to stop. He kept advancing.

Perhaps out of kindness, the woman fired a warning shot that blasted past him. Unfazed, the intruder kept moving toward her, at which point she shot him in the arm. He kept yelling “I’m so high!” until he collapsed on her floor.

Holding the would-be burglar at gunpoint, the woman called the police, who found the yoot screaming in agony, bleeding from his arm an exit wound on his shoulder blade. They got there quickly enough, though, to apply two tourniquets and keep him alive until medics arrived to care for him.

The suspect is presumed to have entered the home though a window which had been left open.

A few lessons from this defensive gun use story: First, that 16-year-old was probably smoking something a whole lot scarier than weed. Considering how impaired his perceptions of sound, danger, and pain were, it’s probable that non-lethal force wouldn’t have made him back down. Second, dogs save lives.

Finally – it can’t be said often enough – home invaders are lazy opportunists. They look for the open window, the half-open garage, the unlocked door. Don’t make yourself an easy target.

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    • I just had a Eureka! moment! That photo of a nondescript car in Texas, with the Groot sticker and cryptic query about what was wrong with it?

      It didn’t have a 6.5 Creedmor in a gun rack in the rear window!

        • I think it was the trunk that was ‘special’. Probably full of the cash that RF got for selling TTAG.

          Meanwhile, I notice that the comment notifications still won’t work, months after the new owners said: “we’re working on it”! Must not be working on it very hard. Every other blog’s comment boards seem to be able to do it easily enough.

    • The next dog I get is going to be named Creedmore or Creed just for you PITA trolls.

      “Camp Perry”, “Bisley”, or “Palma” doesn’t work when you’re yelling at the dog to leave the ______ alone.

  1. If you have a dog, why not spend the money to have them trained to protect you and your home if it’s possible?

    • My dog is only 50lbs. She has orders only to be an alarm and then save herself after that. I don’t want her near the the intruder ’cause I’ll likely be in an NYPD state of competence with my blaster.

      • My dog is only 10 pounds. He is only suppose to sound the alarm. I doubt he’d even do that. He is the most sleepy and lazy little dog I’ve ever known. He is just the kind of dog I like. Small lap dog, but not hyper and tippy like most tiny dogs

    • I have a 90lb dog which is extremely fit and powerful. He has been trained to bark on either voice or hand command and it is a hell of a bark. he will also bark if anyone approaches the home.

      BUT we have kids and very often guests and he has also been also trained to be docile around strangers. On top of that, you typically get your dog at two months old and the prime training is the next few months. After that it is hard to consistent train a dog, and to train one to be aggressive is complicated. You do not want your dog attacking one of your kid’s friends if they are horsing around (or even actually fighting).

  2. “Finally – it can’t be said often enough – home invaders are lazy opportunists.”
    this is just flat out wrong. most home invaders kick the damn door in, hardly lazy.

    • no.. nation wide, it is about 1/3 are through any unlocked entry point. another third through the most obscured entry points (rear sliding door, side windows, etc), the rest are distributed about evenly with the various kick ins, and the stealthies (shimmy up the tree, etc)..

  3. Opportunity or not, I should be able to leave a window open, you coming through it = bad day for you.

    oh and, 6.5 Creedmoor saves the day again.

  4. Probably meth’d out. No sense of anything and a feeling of Superman? Yeah. He obviously wasn’t that high if he was on the ground from a flesh wound screaming in agony.

    They’ll put that kid through “mandatory rehab”, then he’ll be back out at 18, possibly 21 at the latest.

    • “Probably meth’d out.”

      We’re getting a bunch of Formaldehyde-soaked weed down here in Florida recently…

      • I don’t know what bad weed is. 😉 I’m sorry for your lack of substantial supply.

        It’s hard for me to understand what people go through anymore for weed since you can walk around here with a zip, and nobody blinks. The 40% markup tax on retail stuff makes it not worth it, but all of the medical (same stuff) is without that tax. Find a buddy with a card, give cash, receive weed. Cards will prevent purchases of guns, blacklisting through CBI, and no concealed carry permits. I smoke MAYBE once a year, so it’s not a huge issue.

        • I havn’t bought weed in *years*. Working in an industry with random checks will do that.

          The so-called news says embalming fluid (formaldehyde) soaked weed is all the rage down here…

      • Kaydee perhaps. Pot laced with Raid bug killer and then dried.

        Which is yet another example of why we should just legalize and regulate pot.

  5. “I’m so high”
    And Libertarians are making it legal. Thank you.
    But fortunately we can still shoot drug users who violate our property. (Smile)

    • As a Libertarian, it’s one thing to have the true freedom to do whatever you want so long as you’re not violating the rights of others, the minute you can’t handle your bidness and start violating the rights of others, down comes the hammer.

      So remember, if you do drugs OR drink alcohol (which is legal), be an adult and handle your bidness.

      • 1. Be a libertarian, not a Libertarian. Those fuckwads are full of shit, and there’s not much libertarian in the Libertarian Party.

        2. Don’t waste your time trying to explain anything to Chris. He already knows everything, and is far too dense to learn anything new.

        • My views on the Libertarian Party changed forever when they nominated a gun grabber for vice president. And they refused to address their candidates anti gun past.

          And these hypocrites question the integrity of Donald Trump!! Time will tell about president Trump.
          But history has already been written on the great Libertarian former governor William Weld.
          He belongs to you.

    • I can’t say that I heard an actual Libertarian say they want kids to be free to do drugs. I think the philosophy is about adults being free to be adults. It’s the socialists/communists that think kids can do whatever they want.

    • Yes, because stoners are the ones getting high, then going around breaking and entering and attacking old ladies.

      Go smoke a bowl, and then tell me how motivated you are to do anything besides find the closest bag of opened chips and the patience to wait for delivery of Dominos.

      Sorry for wanting actual freedom, not the “I don’t like it so you can’t do it” freedom you seem to subscribe to.

      • Pollyanna – the evidence is that you potheads then get on the highways, go to work, and proceed to screw up civilized society with your stupidity and self indulgency. If you stayed in some hot tub in ole Mexico it might great.

        Grand dad didn’t have to have this BS “experiment” to figure out you were all lazy morons.

        • I guarantee that you work with more than a few stoners. You’d be amazed how many people smoke pot religiously and function just fine in society. For the record, I’m not even on a level playing field with stoners.

          Most of the people trying to keep it illegal and blaming wrecks and “screwing up society” have zero experience with the damn plant. Makes you no different than the anti’s that have no experience with guns or how the work and want to ban them arbitrarily. If you got high one time, you’d realize all of the bull people spout and there’s no reason not to have it.

          I’d rather have someone stoned operating heavy machinery than a guy completely wasted on bourbon. By the way, when was the last police call of a violent stoner beating his wife after he blazed up? Pretty sure I could find 10-20 a day of drunks doing it, but continue with your strawman BS argument.

        • “Pollyanna – the evidence is that you potheads then get on the highways, go to work,…”

          No, the stoners have a hard time holding a job because they’re often late because they keep missing their exit on the highway during their commute…

          *snicker* 😉

          (Stolen from Jon Wayne Taylor)

    • A friend of a friend wandered across town while drunk, walked into a stranger’s condo, and pissed on their couch. He didn’t tell them, “I’m so drunk”, but he did it anyway. And alcohol IS legal.

    • wow
      Someone who watches The Fallen State. Most impressive.

      I watch all kinds of stuff because that’s how you learn. I don’t hangout in a bubble. I’m not like those kids who want a safe space from anything that goes against their feelings.

      Snowflakes love to keep themselves boxed up from the world.

  6. 16 year old saying “I’m so high”? My guess would be drank a blue coconut Bacardi Breezer and smoked a bowl of oregano.

  7. Clear cut case of gun owner with lack of training. Remember to keep shooting to stop the threat, two to the body and one to the head. Semi auto 12 gauge shotgun also works well.

  8. The poor innocent youth was just turning his life around. He was merely practicing “Who Will Buy” for his featured role in the revival of “Oliver.” He just got to the part where he sings “I’m so high, I swear I can fly,” when BOOM . . . another theater critic was heard from.

    What a great talent the world has lost.

  9. That poor woman. Some good hearted lawyer’s going to sue the shit out of her. And the kid will get a check for the rest of his life. It can happen, did to me in 1980 , I was robbed money, stereo and gunz stolen, I had a hunch the guy would be back. I switched from working nights to day shift, I kept the lights and TV off at night, I wanted to catch these or this guy (said that in court, they called that premeditated). He did come back two weeks later. I beat the hell out of him with a ree bar, busted up his knees so he’d never walk again, crazy mad I was. Thank goodness he overdosed or something in 1988, but for 8 years he got a $250 check from me a month and would have gotten that check until I had paid off the judgement, which would have been never. The detective that arrested me said” You should have got a shotgun and killed him, then only your story would have been heard in court” The kid was 15, a drug dealer and a member of the Corpus Christi Bandito’s

  10. From “I’m so ‘high'” to “ass on the floor” in a split second, he’s probably enjoying the pain killers he’s getting while handcuffed to his hospital bed and can’t wait to get shot again so he can get “buzzed”.


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