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I’m delighted that this video from the Dude Perfect team has garnered 5.5m views. Anything that makes firearms fun ‘n cool extends and defends the gun culture, which extends and defends our natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. But anyone who thinks these guys hit these targets with their first shot(s) will believe that XXX Return of Xander Cage is Oscar material.

Then again, who wants to watch missed shots? Or XXX Return of Xander Cage? Maybe the sponsored shooters should have shot rotten tomatoes with that S&W500, if you know what I mean . . . [h/t]

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  1. Most of these shots aren’t even hard. Like OH MY GOD did you just hit that 12 x 12 plate with a scoped AR from 25 whole yards away WHILE BEING PULLED AT A CONSTANT 20 MPH!?!?!1?1!1 Aiming 3 inches to the right must be what separates the men from the boys on youtube.

    • Thank you Vhyrus. Was going to say same thing, just not as eloquently. We all know each shot took many takes. I can look so awesome with some heavy editing too! Robert, why have a headline like that and follow it up with the commentary that followed? Never miss followed by we know……

      • At least it’s not Kirsten Weiss garbage “trick shots” that were unremarkable by any reasonable measure of trick shots. Of course, it’s been a coupla years, maybe she’s learned something and doesn’t try to still skate by on her (now fleeting) youth.

        I’m not great, but I’ve seen great, and this ain’t great. Amusing, but unimpressive if you analyze it.

    • OK so maybe the marketing should have been more accurate but why hate on some dudes just having fun w/ guns (and bows)? Seriously so much negativity on the net? Haven’t you ever channelled your inner, retarded 10-year-old self and got worked up over shots, which in retrospect, were quite easy? Where is the joy in your heart from simply seeing anything blow up into a thousand pieces?

        • Or how about no trophy? Not everything needs a trophy. Whatever happened to dudes just shooting random stuff?

        • Trophies…

          my brother died recently and we found a box of his trophies from clear back in high school — debate, oratory, wrestling, and more. I called his wife to see if she wanted them, but she had a box of his college trophies.

          But at least he actually earned them.

  2. The video was kinda cool I guess.

    This guy hits a way smaller balloon at 300 yards in two shots. I’m thinking 345 yards wouldn’t be that much greater of a challenge even without the weather balloon.

  3. The apple shots would have been more impressive if it was at or over 200 yards…

    The bowling pin shot was all about how the pins where placed, not so much the shooter…

    Shooting candy mid-air with a pistol is soooo 22Plinkster…

    The leaping head shot I highly doubt was done in one attempt…

    To be honest, I’ve never been a Dude-perfect fan in the first place.

  4. Let’s see ’em put a target in the back of a quad, them in the back of a pickup going between 15-20 mph over uneven ground, on parallel but reverse tracks.

    For extra credit, the target on the back of the quad is on a spring pole.

    • Exactly. Let’s see them one shot a pie plate sitting on a boat from another boat 100 yards away in 4 foot seas. THAT’S a shot.

  5. We have a match called “The Running Man” where we have to put 10 rounds on to a moving Figure 11 ( at 200 metres, sitting, and using iron sights.

    The targets move at walking pace to the right for 30 seconds. Stop. Turn off. 10 second pause. Turn on and move to the left for 30 seconds.

    The best technique is to lead the target and wait for the leading edge to cross your front-sight post before firing. Hits are almost guaranteed and possible scores (10 of 10) are common.

  6. They’ve always been open about the fact that all of their trick shots take many many tries. They’ve said as much in multiple interviews. They never claim to hit every shot first try; that’s obviously extremely unlikely if not completely impossible.

  7. Pass the Geritol. It’s senior night at TTAG!

    Dude Perfect doesn’t have 15 million subscribers because of their marksmanship. It’s because they’re DUDES, all-American men who can compete, bond, shoot hoops and enjoy beers without the sexism and gangsta attitude of so many athletes and other “personalities”. Like most YouTube stars. their skills are only secondary to their personalities.

    The fact that one doesn’t need to know English to enjoy their videos also helps.

    • Nice to hear from the ‘everybody gets a trophy’ contingent. Seriously man, these guys would have sucked ass back when I was 21, I would have said so, and they would have been seen as pathetic attention whores with little talent.

      Now, apparently f-wit moron frat boys doing half-assed-shit half-assedly are somehow “cool” and “edgy”. From what I’ve seen, there’s nothing novel about what they do at all, it’s just that most millenials have been so deprived in real terms, that snorefest nonsense like this is somehow “exciting”. It shouldn’t be. At all. We shot stuff from choppers back in the ’80s. It was a throwaway bar story, not something worthy of filming.

      I’m truly sorry that my generation has failed to properly educate millenials. I’m sorry that millenials have been limited with rules and punishments that would preclude any reasonable kid from blowing stuff up, bringing guns and knives to school, having fistfights, and the rest of the normal important formative lessons of pre-pubescence. I’m sorry for your lowered expectations. Please, you (and everyone else) deserves more, and better, than f-tards doing childish shit, and expecting praise for their stupidity.

  8. Some salty comments today! I think this is a fun video. Who wouldn’t be yelling, whooping and high-fiving every living thing within 5 miles after shooting an exploding pinata from a freaking heicopter?!

    Yall are some miserable bastards if you couldn’t find any enjoyment from this video.

    • So, watching someone shoot a Tannerite filled paper donkey from a chopper is all it takes for you? Seriously?

      Have you ever had any fun in your life?

  9. I don’t think they would claim to be amazing shooters. As has been said, they never claim to hit these on the first try. Nor do they think these are the most difficult shots in the world. It’s just for fun, folks.

    I, for one, would love to be able to make a living having as much fun as these guys. And as a fan of the free market, I’m glad they’re able to do so.

  10. Why are some of you on the interweb? Don’t you know there are hoodlums playing ball in your front yard! Take your meds and go scare them away!!

  11. One thing ive learned while filming myself shooting, is that the camera makes things look much further away than they really are. Me shooting steel at 50 yards, looks like 100 sometimes.

    Everything on here was rather simple and easy to film. The most difficult shots fired in this video were the ones out of the helicopter. They probably had to shoot a good 50 rounds until the bullet landed, then they just edited out all the misses. All the other stuff was nothing special. The bow stuff was easy too.

    Either way, if 1 teenager saw this video and then went with mom/dad to a gun range id say the video did alot of good. These videos make guns fun and not evil and scary like the lugenpresse wants everyone to believe.


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