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“The comic industry comes together in honor of those killed in Orlando,” the Love is Love comic book’s product page proclaims. “Co-published by two of the premiere publishers in comics — DC and IDW — this oversize comic contains moving and heartfelt material from some of the greatest talent in comics, mourning the victims, supporting the survivors, celebrating the LGBTQ community, and examining love in today’s world.” As the proud father of a gay daughter and uncle to a transgender niece, I’m good with that. What I’m not happy about . . .

is the anti-gun messaging.

It isn’t pervasive, but it is there. The two examples above — Matthew Rosenberg’s NRA f-bomb, Mark Millar’s “guns are made to kill” anti-gun agit-prop — are the most egregious.

I’m also less than enamored by Teddy Tenebaum’s black-and-white gallery of anti-gay bad guys (above), which ID’s Christianity as the home of homophobia and paints AR owners as “scared little men.”

Again, the vast majority of Love is Love preaches tolerance. But the bits that attack/undermine Americans’ natural, civil and constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms are counterproductive.

The LGBTQ community should embrace the RKBA, to protect themselves against the intolerance they rightly deplore.

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  1. Still waiting for the comic showing Islam as violently anti-gay.

    But they might have to draw Muhammad.

    That wouldn’t end well.

    But DC probably has armed security.

    Unlike Charlie Hebdo.

    • There were no contemporary drawings of Mohammed, just as there are no contemporary drawings of Jesus. There is no way that ANYONE knows definitively what either man looked like. The best anyone can do is draw a picture and say, “I think this is what he looked like” or “This is what I think he should have looked like.”

      You could draw a picture of Mickey Mouse, or Chuberashka (the Russki version of Mickey) and label it “Mohammed” and be historically accurate as far as anyone knows. Still, no matter how you attempt to depict the man, even in the most pejorative ways, no one has the right to murder you for it. Shoot back, aim well.

      • Seriously Cliff…have you ever perused the Revelation of JESUS CHRIST? Pretty good description in that book. Your right about the pervert pedophile Arabian though. I still don’t understand what the NRA had to do with murderous moose-lim in Orlando. A “good guy with a gun”…and thanks again for helping elect DJT.

        • The glorified Christ of Revelations is probably not what he looked like walking around Judea. He would have freaked everyone out with the sword coming out of his mouth.

      • True there are no contemporary drawings of Jesus, but the Bible does tell us (Isaiah 53:2) that he was basically an average looking guy- nothing noteworthy in His appearance. Also, when the Jewish authorities sought to arrest him they needed help to identify Him.

        So we can deduce he was a typical 1st Century Jew. Likely short (to us), dark eyes, dark curly hair and olive skinned.

  2. “But a gun has just ONE use…”

    “… and United States has THREE HUNDRED MILLION of them.”

    If that were true, then apparently the overwhelming majority of them are defective.

  3. I always thought “tolerance” meant “I’ll do my thing, you do your thing, and we’ll leave each other alone even if we don’t like what the other person is doing.”

    How did “tolerance” become perverted into “I’ll do my thing, and you are required to actively support it, and by the way you’re not allowed to do your thing anymore” ?

    In other words…how did “tolerance” become so intolerant?

    • It transformed bcause progressives will stop at nothing to destroy the cultural and economic prosperity of the western world by any and all means necessary, according to their god-king Karl Marx. Moral/cultural relativism, “Tolerance,” and “common sense compromise” are their Taqiya.

    • “Tolerance,” to a leftist, means, “Agree with me so we can all get along.”

      Respectful disagreement is beyond their capability.

      When you preach tolerance, then write, “Fook the NRA,” you don’t understand the true meaning of the word.

  4. That black and white gallery… Wasn’t the nightclub shooter a muslim, not a christian? Why is the same religion shown twice (panels 1+2)? Is that Trump in panel 3? Isn’t he the only pro gay marriage candidate to ever win the white house (I mean his whole time- Even Hillary and Obama were “marriage is a man and a woman” before they ran)?
    And why the Americas? Why not places where homosexuals are hunted down and murdered- like the middle east? And also, why an AR? It was a SIG MPX in the night club shooting. Methinks the author of this comic is just fishing for excuses…

    • Ah…no. Panel 2 has about as much in common with Christianity as Remington has in common with reliable high quality handguns. The Westboro Baptists are not christian people.

  5. I’m shocked, shocked I tell you.

    Good points here, though. As I recall, the Orlando police subdued the Pulse mass killer with hot cocoa and a video of puppies frolicking.

  6. So when are they coming out with the comic book that denounces Islam? Oh yea, Charlie Hebdo. Guess they must know that nobody from the NRA is going to kill them for blasphemy.


  7. I’ve always treated comic artists like actors. You’re paid to entertain, nobody gives a shit about your political opinions. Now dance, circus monkey, dance.

  8. It just makes me shake my head. They want tolerance, love, peace, etc…
    Unless it’s not their viewpoint. Then your anti this, phobic that.

  9. This is NO surprise.

    I’ve watched a lot of anti-social justice YouTube channels, and as such I’ve seen how Marvel’s writing staff have all been replaced with SJWs. No, I’m not kidding. There’s a reason why Captain America suddenly started supporting Hydra in a recent issue as well as why ‘Iron Man’ is now a 15 year old black girl.

    No, I’m serious. It’s gotten that bad. Marvel and several other comic book companies have been seriously compromised by a bunch of neo-liberal regressive scum that are nothing but agenda driven propagandist for social justice causes.

    • Captain America supporting Hydra…
      Not a comic nerd by any means, but I did see Civil War in theaters. How cringe-worthy is the spin and justification for that?

      • Reality-warping powers changing his whole history.

        Honestly the most interesting result to come out of Marvel Comics in a while.

      • Well honestly comics have never been my thing. But It’s kind of sick to see how badly the media industry has degenerated in the past 8 years as a whole. Even the progressive left is turning into new moralist, trying to stomp out anything that might offend a designated protected class.

        It’s really starting to feel like McCarthy was right all along; that the media weren’t just a bunch of commies. It just turns out that they didn’t have nearly the hold on the public that they thought.

      • Did they take away his 1911s? Obviously, I am not into comix. The last ones I perused–years and years ago–was Heavy Metal. Great sci-fi, great graphics.

    • Just wait until they have the Punisher come out as a genderfluid demiblob!
      (just kidding- that’s not really happening as far as I know)

  10. Bunch of unequals emo-scarring their inequality on their own foreheads.

    How do I know they’re unequal? Because they tell me in every way they can at every chance they get.

    Plus, they make it easy for me to agree, by constantly demonstrating themselves to be something that I refuse to equate myself with.

    Nobody I care about gives a flying F what else these people have a problem with, they are also un-help-able ‘helpless’.

    Further, they need to eat sh_t and live if they think that denigrating the things I care about is going to drag me any closer to their side.

  11. France etc. have proven that gun control is a farce and a failure that keeps honest people from doing what they can to preserve their own lives and live their own existence. That says nothing about Democide of which homosexuals are traditional targets of in many despotic regimes. The ability to defend one’s self and not rely on the state (worked great at the Pulse, the security guard AND the police chickened out) for defense could have saved dozens of lives in the Pulse Night Club.

    If someone wants to kill you they’re not going to care about your idea of “social justice” unless that’s why they’re after you in the first place.

    • That has to be the thing the anti’s assert that irks me the most. That somehow, if you are willing to defend yourself and others from evil in the world, somehow that means you have a scared little dick inferiority complex. I’m not saying no man has ever purchased a gun or a lift kit because he feels inadequate, but come on, that is the best you can come up with? And by the way, not knocking comic books, but they call us scared little men, yet sit around drawing muscular men in tights that have special powers…sounds like they are the ones with an inferiority complex, and a homoerotic one at that.

      Bye Felicia.

      • Leftists fetishize the “brave” practice of wiling victimhood. That it is far more noble to allow some miscreant (who themselves is a victim of classist, capitalist society afterall) to victimize, maim, rape and murder you and your defenseless family than to raise a hand in self-defense. After-all the attacker was a victim first, and that automatically gives them more rights than you. Fighting back against such righteous outbursts is the act of a coward.

  12. Contrary to what they may think: comics like them are part of the reason why Republicans hold the greatest position of power in this country in nearly a century.

    Continue to preach to us about how our guns, our politicians and our religion is what is wrong with this country, keep calling us Islamophobes and homophones. All you’re doing is digging your grave deeper.

    Is this what they mean by preaching tolerance and love? Because it looks like bitter hate and divisiveness to me. You don’t start off with love and then say “Fuck the NRA”, if you do then you simply don’t understand them or the millions of their supporters.

  13. “and the U.S. has 300 million of them”

    That you and your marxist scum KNOW of. You have no clue how many guns I have because more than half of them are in NO registry not even ussr/nics.

    Take that pic of the AR/M16 looking rifle and replace it with a big… Well you know what. Yeah I could see that being taken as a disgusting thing to more people than the gun.

  14. Well DC, not everybody has laser eyes to fight crime. Or super-duper speed to outrun it. Or robo-limbs to punish evil-doers. Or a fancy day-glow ring to shape your thoughts into the weapon of your choice. Notice the trend here, DC? If you’re so blind as to have missed the theme of every single last one of your comics, it is this: Super powers are guns. Those without are impotent against those with. Even the normal human heroes have advanced weapondry- Or God forbid, A GREEN BOW AND ARROW -to combat the forces of evil.

    Congratulations DC. You just joined the hypocritical ranks of Hollywood.

    • You’re on point. I used to be pretty big into comics, but never got deep into DC. I guess now there was a reason for that. Everyone in DC’s line-up except for Batman are overpowered and poor characters anyway.

      • Batman is perhaps worse. Might makes right and Bruce Wayne is the MMA guy of superheroes. You don’t agree with batman’s politics? Well tough shit. Not only will he melee you down, he has billions to R&D gadgets no normal person has access to do the deed. Even old skool batman had a caves, helicopters, boats, cars, supercomputers, etc etc.

        It all comes back to guns.

        • Batman’s super power is money, bt don’t point that out to any of his fanboys or they’ll throw a hissy fit.

  15. So it was an Islamic man that murdered the people at the Pulse Club, ( and Islamic countries, like Saudi Arabia, where it is a death penalty to be gay) and yet it is Christians that are depicted as the intolerant hateful religion and America which is supposedly the homophobic, gay murder by gun capital of the world?

    it is also the NRA, and gun owners in general,, which has a high percentage of Christians, that support the right of all people, no matter the race, religion or sexual orientation, to KABA to defend against being murdered by the truly intolerant and murderous, and yet the NRA and gun owners as a group are to blame for this massacre?

    Any thinking, reasonable and logical person will see this position, as are most positions held by primarily the left, as just plain insanity, which is why Trump won, and Hillary lost.

  16. I’m surprised nobody is addressing the real problem with this comic: the flash hider as drawn appears to be non-functional. Wait, sorry, thought I was at TFB.

  17. Check out R.J. Rummel’s “Death By Government” sometime.. literally hundreds of millions of human beings have been killed by governments during the past century or so. Mao alone killed about seventy million Chinese people, with Stalin the figure is at least fifteen million and probably closer to forty … ad nauseam. Dictators are big on gun control. Connecting the dots is easy peasy from here…

    “The conclusions seem inescapable that in certain circles a tendency has arisen to fear people who fear government. Government, as the Father of Our Country put it so well, is a dangerous servant and a fearful master. People who understand history, especially the history of government, do well to fear it. For a people to express openly their fear of those of us who are afraid of tyranny is alarming. Fear of the state is in no sense subversive. It is, to the contrary, the healthiest political philosophy for a free people.” — Jeff Cooper

  18. Last I checked, Mark Millar was Scottish, so his uninformed opinion of us as a subject of the British Commonwealth means less than the price of silver to a fish.

  19. Guns are cool. Guns are fun. Guns are sexy (I’ll admit it). However, all of those qualities are at best tangential and certainly not central to guns being effective self-defense tools.

    There’s no love affair with guns, only an extreme fondness for safety and security of my family. There’s no love affair with violence. In fact, most gunowners have never fired, nor desired, a shot at anyone.

    “F the NRA” is your rallying cry? Why? What has the NRA done but fought to preserve, protect, and defend people’s Constitutional and natural right to self-defense? Since when is victimhood a virtue? Who considers defenselessness noble?

    Before they fired the first shot, most of these spree killers have already broken numerous other firearms laws that were designed (allegedly) to save lives. Their abject failure justifies more, and more restrictive, laws inhibiting peaceful owners?

    We already know that gun control is as ineffective as drug control. The only issue is whether to disarm the victims. Well, judge a society by how it treats its weakest members. You want to strip the defenses from our weakest members and impose reliance on some distant, indifferent police force? What kind of civilization does that? What kind of society that would, could rightly be called civilized?

    • That is why I don’t call what we have here in the first world, “civilization”. No “civilized” society would disarm and make defenseless to the predators the most helpless and vulnerable among us.

      But we take that savagery, brutality and blood to an even greater level than almost any “brutal” culture from the past. for we have made the murder of the most helpless a “right”, that “right” is the legal murder of the unborn, to the unimaginable number of over 50 million lives, and counting, just in our country alone.

  20. Something occurred to me over the weekend when that lunatic rioter took a gut shot for assaulting somebody: what’s with all of these “revolutionaries” who don’t/won’t arm up? All over the world you can find AK’s on flags, AK’s in the hands of revolutionary warrior heroes, sewn into war rugs, used in decorative tile in people’s homes.

    What’s with self-proclaimed communist revolutionaries in this nation flooded with alleged easy access to guns not taking advantage? They’re already risking decades in federal prison with the all the damage and assaulting they are partaking in so why not embrace the path of revolutionaries before them?

    Sucker punching grandma and throwing mailboxes through storefronts is stupid pussy shit. If Trump is half the monster they think he is that should be more than enough for them to quit cucking and get to cocking.

    • Hoplophobia. They are willing victims of their own rhetoric. Which I’m fine with.

      Their whole philosophy is “die for their beliefs”, and I’m happy to let them do so.

  21. The American Left views private gun ownership the same way that the American Right views, say, homosexuality — a deviant activity that should be banned, rather than a right to be protected and exercised. And if it can’t be banned, then make it as inconvenient and shameful and uncomfortable as possible for those who engage in it.

    • I’m about as right wing as you can get but I don’t want homosexual acts criminalized or even demonized. There are a surprising number of gay men and women who are absolutely hostile to leftist / identity politics.
      There are also more right wing atheists than you might expect, I’m an atheist and despise the Left. These websites are a few examples of people whose demographics are rarely associated with conservatisism:
      Gateway Pundit ( ran by a gay man )

      Even Matt Drudge is rumored to be gay.

      Blaire White and Theryn Meyer are two young transsexuals ( biological males ) who have separate YouTube channels and both
      are more conservative than the majority of Republicans sitting in Washington DC.
      Blaire White has already been threatened by BLM thugs so let that be an indicator of how strident he/she is when it comes to advocating for a conservative viewpoint.

      An excellent website to see how many “counter culture” types are actually on board with conservative politics is “” hosted by a funny Canadian guy named Steven Crowder. His show is funny but is definitely aimed at people who are conservative…and he is definitely pro-gun.

      • “I’m about as right wing as you can get but I don’t want homosexual acts criminalized or even demonized.”

        My left wing friends tell me they don’t want gun ownership criminalized or even demonized, too. I believe they are about as sincere as you are when they tell me that Democrats don’t don’t hate private gun ownership and gun owners.

        • I guess it’s just an illusion that there are gays like venture capitalist Peter Theil who spoke at Trump’s inauguration or that Breitbart’s most public face at the moment is a flamboyant gay man ( Milo Yiannopolous ) who is touring college campuses and taking on the SJW on their own turf.
          Pink Pistols is a pro 2’nd amendment organization that focuses on bringing gays around to embracing gun ownership. Gayness and right wing politics are not mutually exclusive ( except in your mind ).

          I voted for Trump.

          As for my own right-wing bona fides ? You have no fucking idea….

      • Congratulations.

        In a nation of 300+ million people, you managed to find some counter-examples.

        Here are some more:

        They meet on weekends for target practice, they’re more than 1,000 strong, they recently formed a new chapter in Northern California and they call themselves liberals.

        It’s the Liberal Gun Club, the left-leaning version of the National Rifle Association.

        The group’s members share the same fascination with guns that many assign to NRA members, but Liberal Gun Clubs members eschew the NRA’s notoriously right-leaning politics.

        “We make ourselves a special place where we don’t have to hear about the ‘Kenyan Muslim socialist’ in the White House,” Marlene Hoeber — a tattooed, transgender, “queer activist” who likens her politics to Emma Goldman, a popular 20th century anarchist — told the San Francisco Chronicle.


        Gun nuts aren’t always creatures of the political right. Consider your heavily-armed author’s position: I say gun ownership is a necessary line of defense against investment bankers, Wall Street lawyers, big business, the corporatized wing of the Democratic Party, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable, ALEC, Nazis, gangbangers, meth fiends, cops and politicos who cut welfare and education programs while refusing to downsize the military or raise taxes on the rich. When I was living in New York City, I voted for Bill de Blasio. I was briefly a believer in Obama’s hope-change lines. I want single-payer healthcare and free public higher education and a carbon tax and the end of the warfare-surveillance-killer drone state – and I want the Second Amendment protected.

        Then there’s Dan Baum, who used to be regularly featured on this site about 4 – 5 years ago.

        But I’m not foolish enough to claim that the Left doesn’t hate gun owners.

        • What the fuck are you talking about ? Nothing you stated undercuts a single point that I made. Are you just butt hurt for some reason ?

    • Anonymous
      I think the left wants to ban heterosexual activity, because they support welfare for single mothers. They prosecute women who try to have a relationship with a man while they receive welfare payments.

      Also it is the left who created gun free zone public housing. And if you bring a man to visit you who is not a resident you can
      Kicked out of your government apartment.

      But for some reason the left does support two parent married homosexuals with children.

  22. “Fuck the NRA”? Yeah, because if only the NRA didn’t block common-sense gun control, the Orlando shooter should never have been able to acquire his weapons… Oh wait, never mind! His employer was a UK based security contractor, so he would have had identical access anyway. On a side note, and while I don’t know this for a fact, his occupation is probably why he used an unusually high end rifle for his spree killing.

  23. The irony is that comic book heroes are portrayed as how we gun owners are often stereotyped – minus guns. Super heroes resort to violence rather than peaceful means, they’re troubled and psychologically scared, loners, and incapable of love or enduring compassion. It’s perfectly OK to slay villains using super powers, but not firearms.

    We’re portrayed as reactionary intolerant bigots, but violence and intolerance is a characteristic of social justice warriors, not gun owners. Many of my shooting buddies are straight. Nobody cares.

    The good news is that efforts to link gay rights with anti-gun rights has floundered. Meanwhile Pink Pistols attendance has soared. We have a very active Pink Pistols chapter in San Jose, CA. Details on Meetup and everyone is welcome.

  24. Im glad this gay comic is in publication. It is just like the Stormfront blog. Both of them are intolerant. Both of them are irrational. Both purposely avoid using facts. Both lack reason.
    They are not the reason why the 1st amendment written. The 1st amendment was written for my favorite lesbian, radio hostess Tammy Bruce, and for The Gay Patriot news and opinion web site.
    And it was written for Larry Elder radio host, Walter E Williams, Thomas Sowell, Nicholas Johnson, Black Man With Gun podcast. And YouTuber, Tommy Sotomayer.

    The 1St amendment was also not written, for the gay erotic, and pedophilia art of Robert Mapplethorpe.
    Nor was it written for “Piss Christ” art.
    The 1st amendment was written for unpopular political speech.
    I’m glad “Christians who cling to their god and their guns” are the largest group in America protecting civil rights for everyone.


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