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I wear a Kydex holster for a lot of reasons. Frame-mounted safety or not, reholstering is one of them. [h/t] Below: the screen grab from ~2:50 into the video:

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  1. What I learned…wigger is the new redneck. And your 1911 makes me yawn so hard that the pivot points in my jaw crack just like popping my knuckles.

  2. Eeek! At least his finger appeared to be off the trigger.

    I’ve heard of butt dialing, and buck shot, but not butt shot.

    • Look closer Rick the Bear. Finger is DEFinitely ON the trigger as he screws it back into the holster. Pay close attention to the last twist of the wrist.

      • You can clearly see the tip of his trigger finger poking out of the left side of the trigger guard as he reholsters.

        • Missed that. I guess that he had an angel watching out for him and his son (who would see his dad shoot himself).

      • Yup. Right at 2:50, points 1911 with finger in the trigger guard right into his own hip.

        Hopefully that young lad behind him doesn’t pay for his negligence with a sucking chest wound.

      • Well, I can’t tell if he has engaged the thumb safety, but it sure looks like his motions would have defeated the grip safety, which would suggest that without the thumb safety engaged he would have shot himself. And is there some reason he is wearing all that kit? He’s shooting at a bush in the woods, fer chrissake, not taking on the Taliban. I think the term “tactifool” is what we’re looking for, here.

    • Yes, unfortunately, that is exactly how a lot of people on the restrict guns side of the issue view most gun owners.

      I’m among those who favor some basic universal regulation, mainly with the idea of keeping morons like this guy and the guy in the other video from negligently harming someone other than themselves. I don’t own a gun myself, but have used guns in the past and have a lot of family members who are gun owners. In fact, I’m following this site because one of them suggested it so that I could broaden my understanding of different sides of the issues. I personally know my family members to be responsible gun owners/users who keep up their training, are totally conscientious in keeping their weapons secure, and always careful in how they use the weapons. I’m finding many gun owners who are like my family members. Unfortunately, you guys have enough of the kind of people in these videos running around making asses of themselves, then posting it to YouTube and Facebook, that these guys become the face for gun ownership.

      I’m not sure how to accomplish it, but there has to be a way that things can be worked out so that all of you responsible, dedicated, conscientious gun owners keep your weapons and full 2nd Amendment rights, while preventing these morons from running lose endangering themselves, you, your families & friends, and the rest of us.

      • That last is no more possible with guns than it is with cars, matches, knives or pointed sticks. Prevention of accidents and safe practice is always and ONLY a personal, individual choice. Just as is choosing to harm others, either by carelessness or intention.

        And individuals are ALSO responsible for being aware of their surroundings and avoiding, where possible, those who are dumb/evil. Not always possible, of course. Life/shit happens.

        There is no way to dumb/evil proof the population in advance. Get over it.

      • “I’m not sure how to accomplish it, but there has to be a way that things can be worked out so that all of you responsible, dedicated, conscientious gun owners keep your weapons and full 2nd Amendment rights, while preventing these morons from running lose endangering themselves, you, your families & friends, and the rest of us.”

        Yes, in the same way we can keep the rights protected by the 1st Amendment can be freely exercised only by those responsible, dedicated, and conscientious enough to be freely speak, while preventing those morons from running their mouths off and endangering themselves, you, your families, friends, and the rest of us.

    • It looks like he has a Blackhawk Serpa holster, with that button that forces you to push your finger in, right over the trigger. It’s possibly the most unsafe way to carry while still using a holster (and less safe than some unholstered techniques).

      • He actually does a follow up to this video where he explains that the Serpa was partly to blame even though he wasn’t actually using one at the time he shot himself.

        He claims he was practicing all day with a Serpa and a different gun that had a frame safety. He then switched holsters and pistols and this happened because he was so used to the Serpa holster that he treated this pistol/holster combination as if it was the Serpa when this holster wasn’t a Serpa and this pistol had a trigger safety.

        His lesson for his viewers is that you shouldn’t swap gear around like that and even with a frame safety trigger control is paramount because, as he correctly notes, even with the Serpa and the Glock style safety he wouldn’t have shot himself if he hadn’t pulled the trigger.

        • *Extra information: There appear to be at least two videos he did after this shooting. One claims to be a year to the day after and the other is right after his discharge from the hospital. I misremembered his explanation and got it backwards.

          Took me awhile to find but here’s the original video he posted along with his explaination of Glock vs Kimber and Serpa vs a 5.11 holster. He was using a Serpa at the time it was the change over from the 5.11/Glock combination that “caused” him to knock the safety off on his Kimber combined with the Serpa that created the situation for his ND.

      • I have a Serpa holster for the 1911 and a Shield. The Serpa itself isn’t problematic, although execution varies. One, it’s advisable to keep your finger straight as it engages the release button, and the finger shouldn’t be protruding into the finger guard upon deholstering. Two, models vary. On the Shield model, if the finger is kept in the same position as you draw from the holster, it will come to rest on the frame…you would have to move your finger down to engage the trigger guard. On the 1911 model, if the finger is kept in the same position, you will find that it will be straddling the line between the frame and the open trigger guard…if you press your finger in too aggressively, it will be apt to start working its way inside the trigger guard.

        That being said, most if not all holster styles have their risks.

        • I also see no problem with the Serpa having a few for various handguns. The truth is that if you lay your finger flat against the holster it’s not a problem and if you curl your finger you can have the “Serpa problem” with any holster and just about any pistol.

          It actually never occurred to me to draw a Serpa any other way than with my finger flat because I do that with all holsters to ensure that my finger rides flat along the side of the gun above the trigger on draw specifically so that I don’t shoot myself.

        • I’ve got a Serpa for every pistol I own. Well, did own….damn canoe….

          I keep my finger straight. Even IF I was so inclined to crook my finger to hit the button I’d be planted firmly on the frame of the gun. By a 1/4 inch or so. I know it only takes 30 seconds of stupid, but in my experience the odds are INCREDIBLY low that you would pull the trigger drawing from a Serpa.

      • The Marines use Serpa holsters and they don’t have an epidemic of self inflicted wounds. Perhaps its operator error, as it usually is?

    • When this first went up I saw it as more of a lesson in sticking with a particular platform than anything else…

      • He shot himself on the draw. Trigger finger on the Serpa release button hit the trigger and the thumb safety had been mistakenly disengaged because he was previously training with a Safariland thumb release holster.

  3. I was sooo waiting for him to shoot his ass cheeks off, disappointment… access denied.

    I personally use the Alien gear cloak 2 or something. The screws come loose on it every time I use it (I’m lazy, haven’t bought some loc-tite yet) Leather + neoprene + Kydex… silky smooth, pistol goes straight in with no issues and its comfortable enough when I’m doing manual labor…

    • I carry my Ruger SR9c in a very minimalist Bladetech Kydex holster IWB. That pistol slides back in their so smooth it’s almost like there’s a magnet inside and there is absolutely nothing that can catch on the trigger. My only complaint with the Bladetech is that it lacks any sort of retention capability.

      I bought an Alien Gear a few years ago and wore it one day. Went back to the Bladetech. For Open Carry, by the way, I use a Blackhawk that has a retention mechanism.

  4. In one way it scares the shit out of Shannon and the anti’s.

    In another way it feeds the narrative against those pro gun folks trying to change the perception.

    I’m all for drills and keeping the eye hand trigger thing a relevant topic.

    Maybe not coming across as a psycho would help the cause. I could be wrong, the anti gun/snowflake crowd deserve a reality slap.

    Not sure if this is the right way to express it.

  5. I watched for about a minute and 12 seconds. I refuse to abide white folk using the English language like that gym sock they keep tucked between the matress and box spring.

    • I made it :02:02
      I thought, do I have to listen to this hick? REALLY? I’m not going to.
      Hell, I have a YT channel, but I don’t present myself as a galactic douche. Yes I shoot squirrels on it, but hey, they piss me off.

  6. If you want some cheap entertainment, and have a few minutes to burn that you will never get back, go to this goofs YT page. He has a video called “Stop Leaving Negative Comments”, if that tells you anything. He has started deleting comments he doesn’t like but unfortunately for him he can’t delete the “thumbs downs”. And unfortunately for the rest of us, it appears he has already reproduced.

  7. Wow….just….wow.
    Stay in the woods and stay off the interwebs. You will be saving lives.
    Also, rule #2…double tap.

    • That kid does not need to be hanging out with this guy… so much lacking of good judgement. Either the guy or the kid will end up shot.

      • Time to report his stupid ass to the Child Protective Services agency with jurisdiction for his location. Have them view the videos and pay him his dumb ass a visit. That’s what they do. They love climbing up someones tailpipe.
        For the kids……..!

  8. So, the kid can’t have hearing protection due to the limited budget? Fingers in his ears. Okay. But could we maybe sell some of the absolutely unnecessary gear to plus up the footwear budget? I have participated in 5 different military campaigns, law enforcement training, and civilian weapons courses. Never was there an option to wear Crocs and socks.

    • Beat me to it. Camo-colored crocs and socks do not tactical footwear make… The belt is intended to hold your trousers up, not around your ass… And someone intentionally married and proceeded to breed with this poor excuse for a human being.

  9. Jerk offs like him make gun owners look bad. I am very grateful for the internet to order stuff online I can’t find locally, answer whatever strange question popped into my head instantly, etc., etc. But DAMN!!! People like this should not have access to a computer.

  10. Let this be a lesson that the hill scroggin chin strap is no substitute for an authentic tactical beard… and huffing glue is bad.

  11. I am hoping that some of this lunacy is due to having a very dry sense of humor, given the intro and all. And if this is advanced, he should try shooting a USPSA or IDPA match sometime! I’m not going to lie, I was really hoping he was going to shoot the camera!

  12. This f@#%tard gives Southerners, rednecks, and POTG a bad name. His tactics suck, his shot placement is laughable at best, and he’s too stupid to notice.

    • So, the question remains:

      Should anything be done about it?

      This individual has displayed poor firearms safety, lack of training, and is a negligent father (see muzzling of son) — all on a public YouTube channel.

      Does the pro2a crowd have a response? Does the NRA? Does the government or local authorities?

      Is there a problem to solve here?

      And is there a “solution” or is this exactly the sort of freedom from any sort of intervention intended by the Constitution, regardless of public opinion?

      Curious on everyone’s thoughts.

  13. This guy’s one-man campaign to prove being a bad-ass is “so easy a Cave Man can do it” is not going too well.

  14. Hey Jethro, does the County know you’re shooting up the trash cans again? And please go down to Walmart and buy Jethro Jr. some ear plugs, the boy is going deaf.


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