Dr. Joseph Sakran’s ‘Death Threat’ Fails Scrutiny, More Disturbing Ties Uncovered

Dr. Joseph Sakran. via AP.

Dr. Joseph Sakran made the mistake of tweeting what many believe to be another fake hate crime. He claims someone put piece of paper with an implied death threat on his windshield over his gun control advocacy.  Now that the spectrum kids over at 4chan have done some data mining on him, all manner of new information about the good doctor has come to light.

Sakran, a surgeon, claims his medical degree (and the fact he got shot as a teen) makes him a subject matter expert on gun control and agitates for radical civilian disarmament and confiscation of firearms. All while ignoring the third leading cause of death in America – medical misadventures – in his campaign to take guns from the law-abiding.

Recently, he posted this on Twitter (since deleted) at the beginning of a threat in which he likens himself to Martin Luther King, Jr.:

Screen capture via TTAG.

Of course, people immediately noticed the garage attic access door in the reflection in the windshield. Notice also the crease in the paper present in both photos (and how it doesn’t line up to the windshield wiper). To say nothing of the fact that the hand-held version of the threat appears to have fewer creases and wrinkles than the one photographed under the windshield wiper.

Sakran says he’s talked with police and they asked him to pull down the tweets about the “threat.” But according to sources, the local police say Sakran, gun control proponent extraordinaire, has never contacted them.

Uh oh.

From the Daily Wire:

On Saturday, anti-gun rights activist and Johns Hopkins Hospital surgeon Joseph Sakran posted two photos of an alleged “death threat” he said he found tucked under one of his windshield wipers.

The alleged threat is a color-printed image of a hand holding a gun, with text at the bottom: “The End is Near …………”…

The anti-gun rights activist told The Baltimore Sun that he was advised by authorities to delete the post and to cease publicly talking about the alleged threat. The Baltimore Sun reported:

Sakran however deleted his thread of tweets about the alleged incident on Monday morning. He said he did so at the advice of law enforcement, who also advised him to stop discussing the matter publicly. He declined to comment further.

According to The Post Millennial, Fairfax County Police claims they never offered Mr. Sakran such advice, nor has the surgeon filed a police report over the alleged threat.

“The Post Millennial reached out to Fairfax County Police, the local law enforcement jurisdiction surrounding Fairfax Station—where Sakran’s home is located—and media relations officer Lieutenant Webb was able to confirm that Sakran did not file a police report, nor did the Fairfax Police advise him to delete the viral tweet,” the outlet reported Monday.

“That’s just not something we do,” Mr. Webb told The Post Millennial.

Meanwhile, The Illustrated Primer blog has compiled quite a dossier on Dr. Sakran.

He seems to have close ties to the Clintons, flying down to Haiti with them and campaigning for Hillary’s 2016 presidential run. Sakran was also a supporter of Robert Francis O’Rourke’s failed 2020 run, including advising him on confiscating guns. Sakran has been photographed at a Biden 2020 campaign event as well.

More troubling, though, his family and friends are posting pro-terrorist, anti-American content on social media – including posing with stolen Israeli Defense Forces weapons. Here’s a direct link to an image showing some of these ties.

Yes, his family and friends pose with allegedly stolen IDF weapons and at least one is serving time in an Israeli prison for terror charges while this same man advocates forcibly disarming law-abiding Americans here in America.

Maybe someone should ask him about this the next time he steps in front of a bunch of microphones.


  1. avatar Kendahl says:

    I hold a PhD in physics and had a pretty bad car wreck at age sixteen. That must make me an expert on auto safety. Not.

  2. avatar PTM says:

    Wow….awesome work!

    1. avatar Man says:

      Yea, my personal fav is when 4chan found where Shia La Bouf was hiding with his stupid flag and they replaced it with Old Glory. LOL

  3. avatar Sam I Am says:

    “Liberalism is a mental disease, and it will get us all killed.”
    – M.Savage, radio host.

    These are the same people, who during the Thomas confirmation hearings said that even if Anita Hill made it all up, what mattered was she forced us to have a serious discussion about sexual abuse by people with power.

  4. avatar Yosef Sakranaway says:

    I don’t know anything about guns, but I still have Broderbund’s Print Shop on my Apple II chock full of clip art next to a color printer.

    1. avatar Rick the Bear says:

      “…Broderbund’s Print Shop on my Apple II…”

      There’s a blast from the past. I had Print Shop on a IIe.

  5. avatar eagle10 says:

    I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express and can tell you how to fold that paper into a pretty good airplane!

  6. avatar Bierce Ambrose says:

    Myself, I’ve been threatened and stalked by space aliens. The grays — the evil ones. They have guns.

    1. avatar Sam I Am says:

      “The grays — the evil ones. They have guns.”

      Aaahhhh….no. The grays only use mind control; I know them well. You only think they have guns, as is their intent.

      1. avatar John Bryan says:

        It’s the Reptilians you really have to watch out for…when they’re visible that is!

        1. avatar Sam I Am says:

          “It’s the Reptilians you really have to watch out for…when they’re visible that is!”

          Nah. Put a plate of earthworms on the floor, and they become immediately visible. They generate so much heat eating that the cloaking aura cannot be sustained. Then simple bug spray (a CNS gas) will choke ’em out.

        2. avatar AggregatVier says:

          It’s the Betelgeusians that are the real threat. Well, at least they were. Their star supernova’d 642 years ago and we’re just waiting for the neutrino burst to show up.

    2. avatar barnbwt says:

      Those aren’t guns…those are probes. Watch yer corn hole, brother!

  7. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    That one piece of clip work is interesting, not in the “muh arabs” stuff but the bottom right hand corner where his sister appears to have the graphic used in her Amazon wish list.

  8. avatar former water walker says:

    Wow! So he’s a liar,lunatic and a terrorist…oh what tangled web we weave😏

    1. avatar John Bryan says:

      He’s a leftist, statist, liberal Democrat so, yeah, that’s about right.

    2. avatar Southern Cross says:

      He is already in a “protected class”. Now he wants to be part of the nomemklatura, or “the new ruling class”.

    3. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

      former, no I think he’s just plain stupid. They’re common.

      1. avatar MADDMAXX says:

        Looks more like an audition for the Don Lemon show…

  9. avatar IAmNotTheHulk says:

    Sounds like the lying sack of crap i work for. Told HR in my review he told his boss he cant get his work done because I took sick days, yet failed to ever tell nme of any work he needed my help with, no documentation to back it up, and as he flailed under my scrutiny of his lies then went on to say my body language said I didnt want to work there. Lets not take into account my hip, foot back and shoulder are all shot and I am gimping around. We work with handicapped too, what does their body language say. Friggin tool, I should engage 4chan on his butt. Time for a new job, cant stomach working for a pathalogical liar, like this Dr.

    1. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

      Hulk, not sure what that was about, but I feel you. When I retired they had to pay me for over a 1000 hours of sick time. Vacation time was maxed out too. Money in the bank. They hated it. I just always went to work. What else was I going to do?

  10. avatar Dr. J.D. says:

    So he “states” that he got this threat on his way to work. His car is in the garage. Ostensibly, him not being a complete idiot (debatable given his current circumstances), then how can he explain how someone got past his very likely CLOSED garage door?

  11. avatar tlc says:

    You know what I find very interesting: I own a color printer with 6 different clip art libraries and 4 of them have this same graphic art in them–three with the sentence underneath!

    Given that he obviously DID’T photograph the flyer under the wiper until after he opened the garage door and HASN’T denounced the relatives posing with captured Isreali weapons or family connections to terrorism, I’d say he’s a chronic liar if not an active tool of both fascism and terrorism. After all, it is a known fact that despots early always disarm private citizens to prevent revolts and terrorists would have it a lot easier if no one could shoot back at them. (I do think what happened on United Flight 93 on 9/11 proves that even without guns terrorists would have a hard time acting in the USA.)

    To quote British born Western author and historian, JT EDSON: “Disarm the honest citizen and you put him at the mercy of criminals.”

  12. avatar IAmNotTheHulk says:

    As us old folk say, “doesn’t pass muster”.

  13. avatar MLee says:

    Strikes me as being like Hogg boy….desperately trying to stay relevant. Some people just can’t handle not living in their 15 min. of fame instead of simply moving on gracefully.

  14. avatar FormerParatrooper says:

    And knowing all these things, once the smoke clears the leftists will hope everyone forgot the lie and use this as an example of unhinged firearm owners.

  15. avatar Nanashi says:

    I should be surprised at being photographed with terrorists bit, but John McCain was too, so it’s not a new low for gun grabbers.

  16. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    So can I assume that this guy is an anti-civil rights Jewish Doctor? Can I also assume that he is one of those JINO? A Jew In Name Only.
    The kind of Jew that sits quietly waiting for the gas to be turned on. Instead of fighting back.

    That description comes from the founder of the JPFO Aaron Zelman.

    1. avatar Mister Fleas says:

      No, he is a Palestinian, an Arab.

      1. avatar Chris T in KY says:

        So he does agree with the gun grabbing jews. Ok. Now we see the Arabs and jews really can find something they both find common ground on.

        Civilian disarmament.

      2. avatar barnbwt says:

        Same thing

        (sorry, couldn’t resist, lol)

  17. avatar Rickster says:

    Why bother asking him anything if he gets in front of a microphone or camera he’ll do what he knows , lie lie & lie some more. Gun grabbing pos.

  18. avatar Timothy Toroian says:

    Was that code for the police told him to knock it off or he’d be arrested for a reverse hate crime?

    1. avatar gene says:

      No – It’s Fairfax County.

  19. avatar Timothy Toroian says:

    I forgot to ask, is his middle name Jesse?

  20. avatar Felix says:

    Many years ago, in the early ages of color printers, there was mass excitement over doofuses scanning and printing money. Eventually the government leaned on printer makers to add really tiny yellow dots on pages, in unique patterns which identified individual printers, probably encoding a manufacturer code and serial number.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting, if these yellow dots are still printed on every page, to compare the flyer’s yellow dots with the good doctor’s printer?

  21. avatar Sian says:

    “He seems to have close ties to the Clintons, flying down to Haiti with them and campaigning for Hillary’s 2016 presidential run. Sakran was also a supporter of Robert Francis O’Rourke’s failed 2020 run, including advising him on confiscating guns. Sakran has been photographed at a Biden 2020 campaign event as well.”

    Did he ever get a plane ride from Epstein?

    1. avatar Ing says:

      He wasn’t famous or rich enough to rate a ride with Epstein. But he did get to participate in the Clinton crime family’s rape of Haiti, so that’s pretty cool, I guess.

      1. avatar Rusty Shackleford says:

        The rape of Haiti, in both the metaphorical and literal sense.

  22. avatar JK says:

    Nobody noticed that he’s not wearing pants?! Lol!

    1. avatar tlc says:

      Hmm, the question is: Is that his KNEE? Or just the arm of a beige chair? Could be either from that angle, except, what’s a chair doing blocking a doorway? Though given the angle, why is his knee in the photo? And could he be wearing shorts? The questions are endless.

  23. avatar Salty Bear says:

    Every gun control law – every gun control bill, even – is a death threat.

  24. avatar kap says:

    when he dies wipe his body in pig fat!

  25. avatar Huntmaster says:

    Should somebody who has publicly outed himself as being this dishonest and deceitful really be on the payroll of a place like John Hopkins Medical Center.

  26. avatar AggregatVier says:

    Look at the bright side. This stunt discredits any past or future outrages he may claim.

  27. avatar James G Leow says:

    This should be made into a commercial and run every month and reprinted in some of the lefts new tissue also!!!!

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