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Greg in Alabama says this Gen 4 Glock 26 is his EDC. He also lists his job as “hospital administrator,” which means I’m wondering if he actually carries on a daily basis. Hospitals are almost always gun-free zones (which tends to make them one of the places you really need a gun).

How do you guys handle this issue? Do you avoid gun-free zones as often as possible?

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  1. I handle the situation by NOT drawing more attention to good people who might be carrying in the hospital. Even if they’re dumb enough to post it on one website, I try not to draw more attention to it on another.

  2. I bet he carries.

    As an administrator, he likely gets called when something unpleasant happens.

    It makes perfect sense to carry in that case. Recall the doctor who had a nutjob patient, and the doc had a .380 Seecamp, and he wasn’t fired, even when he used it on the nutjob?

    Some administration animals are more equal than others…

  3. Much to the chagrin of my wife, I have walked away from restaurants with 30.06 signs posted. She always gets mad when I do that…

    • Since the laws were recently relaxed. I walk right past 30.06 signs. Concealed is concealed. That being said, I prefer to do business with those who don’t post such signs…

      As to the hospital situation, (and many others) just because a sign is posted doesn’t mean there are not concealed carriers. Many employers wisely give permission to certain staff even if public policy is to be seen as “gun free”.

  4. Being that it’s Alabama, I suspect that even the chain-owned and county hospitals look the other way if doctors and managers carry. And that is fine with me. I used to do that job. Now in a different, less bureaucratic part of the medical field. You are the one asked to intervene when mentals show that they are mentals. Or in other dicey situations. In my first job I had to inform a woman, thankfully over the phone, that her daughter had given birth to an anencephalic baby. That means a pinhead with no brain. Not good. I don’t know what might happen if you had to give that kind of news these days in person to let’s say, a methed out boyfriend. Or the boyfriend sports MS 13 tats. And then there was the guy who started out lucid, but moved on to his real complaint – that the CIA was sending radio messages to his brain from a satellite. And there I am caught behind a desk, with him blocking the only exit. I talked my way out, but I was not paid to be a cop, at the time CC was illegal in FL where I worked, and I did not own a gun. Really wished I did. I support the single stack .380 in environments like this, and have two of them of different sizes. Bigger one under the jacket, smaller in the back pocket. I just can’t conceal the double stack 9 under dress clothes.

  5. Signs mean nothing. If there are no metal detectors, I’ll be carrying. Like someone said above, concealed means concealed. Don’t be a slob. Dress around your weapon and keep your mouth shut and no one will know.

  6. Many hospitals are part of Universities, so no carrying in schools.
    Many ERs have metal detectors but not at the front entrance for visitors or staff.
    Not all staff are good guys, not thinking doctors or nurses but housekeeping or food services.

    Most GSW patients are gang members who were shot by other gang members or have gang member visitors.
    Cannot hide a gun in scrubs,
    Yes I work in a hospital. No I don’t carry.

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