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Smith & Wesson Loses Duel with Nuns Over Gun Safety

It’s all politics . . .

In a showdown between nuns and guns, the sisters won.

Prodded by Catholic nuns, shareholders of Smith & Wesson’s parent company passed a resolution calling for the gun manufacturer to report on what progress it has made toward making safer weapons.

Sister Judy Byron, representing the Sisters of the Holy Names of Jesus and Mary in Ontario, introduced the proposal at the annual shareholder meeting of American Outdoor Brands on Tuesday, arguing that the initiative backed by 11 shareholder groups was “imperative” for the company’s survival.

“The majority of guns used in crimes in major US cities are AOBC guns,” Sister Byron said of America’s top gun producer. “Each event brings new threats of lawsuits, boycotts, divestment and demonstrations — and along with them, a wave of damaging news stories about gun companies and their inability to make their products safer for civilians.”

AOBC declined to take questions about the resolution during the meeting.

Afterward, however, CEO James Debney dismissed the vote as “politically motivated” and said he was “disappointed” that shareholders had taken their case to the annual meeting instead of to state legislatures.

He also declined to commit his company to producing the report detailed in the resolution, leaving open the option for AOBC to exercise the right of public companies to flout shareholder proposals.

Debney’s reaction was consistent with the CEO’s remarks during an Aug. 30 earnings call, when he decried the same religious-backed proposal as “an anti-firearms agenda designed to harm the company.”

AOBC didn’t respond to requests for elaboration on the resolution’s passage on Wednesday.

Shareholders of Sturm, Ruger & Co., the nation’s second-largest gun manufacturer, passed a similar proposal in May.

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Fox News Interviews Vegas Shooting Survivor, One Year Later

It’s been almost one year since the mass shooting in Vegas…

In the year since the 48-year-old was nearly killed in the worst mass shooting in modern U.S. history, Gilman has had to get used to living with fear: She has nightmares about family members getting shot, she only sits in spots in restaurants where she can see the exits, and she has to mentally prepare herself for movies that might include rapid gunfire.

And then there are crowds, the toughest new obstacle Gilman must brave since surviving the Oct. 1, 2017, massacre in Las Vegas, which killed 58 people and wounded hundreds of others. Gilman was shot in the back; the bullet punctured a lung, lacerated her spleen and a kidney, broke two ribs and lodged 2 millimeters from her spinal cord.

“There are times I’m at the grocery store and I feel that desire to turn around and look and see who’s behind me,” Gilman said. “I try to fight it, to just keep walking, and I think, ‘You’re at the grocery store. There’s no one behind you with a gun.’ But I always feel like I’m looking behind me.”


Gun Rights Policy Conference Attendance Record

More people attending GRPC? Excellent. See you next year in Phoenix…

This year’s 33rd annual Gun Rights Policy Conference attendance hit a record high of more than 800, and for the first time, the entire event was live-streamed via Facebook and more than 115,000 people visited the site, according to the Second Amendment Foundation.

“The impact of this year’s GRPC was far greater than it had been for the past 32 years,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb.

He said the turnout was impressive, especially for an event held in Chicago. But Gottlieb said rights activists from across the country converged on the event because it was essentially being held “in the belly of the beast.” The Windy City is not gun-friendly.

Visitors were able to hear rousing comments from Florida high school student Kyle Kashuv, a survivor of the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He has provided a remarkable alternative view of the event, sticking up for the Second Amendment and the rights of gun owners. For his efforts, he was recognized with the Gun Rights Defender of the Year Award. He received a standing ovation for his courage and commitment to the Second Amendment.

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FBI: More People Killed with Hammers and Clubs Than Rifles of Any Kind

AWR Hawkins reminding us of a few facts today…

According to the Uniform Crime Report, 467 people were killed with “blunt objects (hammers, clubs, etc.),” while 403 were killed were rifles.

The FBI report also reveals that 692 people were killed with “personal weapons” like “hands, fists, feet, etc..” and that is higher than the number of people killed with rifles and shotguns combined.

On May 21, 2014, Breitbart News reported FBI numbers showing that more people were killed with hammers and clubs than rifles in 2011. More people were killed with fists and feet than with rifles and shotguns combined in 2012.

courtesy Fox 7

Salon: Why Did the NRA Support Cody Wilson for So Long? He’s Always Been Shady.

They’re not wrong, but they’re also not precisely right . . .

Cody Wilson, one of that new breed of young men whose career seems to be based on doing shady stuff on the internet, rose to national prominence mainly through the legal battles over his blueprints for 3D-printed  guns. Even though gun safety activists argued that the technology to make plastic guns at home would largely serve to empower terrorists and drug cartels, Wilson had remarkable success selling himself to the media as a freedom-loving anarchist whose views were more quirky than toxic.

Then Wilson was charged for sexual assault in Texas and went on the lam, cashing in his bitcoin (of course) for nearly $1 million and fleeing the country. Wilson, who was accused of paying a 16-year-old girl $500 for sex, was then arrested in Taiwan and deported back to Texas. He’s now out on bond, and the whole seedy incident is shining more light on the question of who was involved in helping Wilson burnish his image as a respectable social activist with something to say. Even before this sex crime charge, Wilson’s history was deeply troubling, but that didn’t stop the National Rifle Association from repeatedly championing him as a freedom fighter worth admiring, rather than a character with an unsavory past and deplorable associations.

NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch, in particular, has been aggressive in promoting Wilson, a man she referred to as “my friend” when she interviewed him at the end of July on NRA TV. Salon discovered that Loesch interviewed Wilson twice on her NRA show, once on her radio show and once more on her show on The Blaze, as well as taking a picture with Wilson and discredited gun researcher John Lott in 2013, on an occasion when she called Wilson one “of 2A’s best.”


Moms Demand Action Says a Gun Ban is the Eventual Goal

Up next on News We Already Know . . .

Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, and Stephany Rose Spaulding, the Democrat hoping to unseat Rep. Doug Lamborn, say they often cry when they’re together.

A Sept. 25 town hall featuring the pair at Colorado College was no exception. The tears flowed more than once during a conversation about gun safety, local politics and the importance of intersectionality in activism.

Spaulding and Watts both addressed the idea that they’re fighting respective uphill battles: Spaulding in a Republican district that’s easily elected Lamborn six times, and Watts in a legislative landscape that has long been shaped by the powerful gun lobby.

Spaulding, a licensed minister and associate professor of women’s and ethnic studies at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, said she decided to run for Congress after attending the Women’s March in Washington.

“This is not the easiest district to be an African-American woman who is progressive and a pastor,” Spaulding said. “…So what if it’s hard? Life is hard!…In life we don’t get to back down just because it is hard and there are roadblocks.”



Dutch Government Wants to Register Race, Religion on Firearms Permit

Why yes, it could be coming to a country near you . . .

The Dutch government wants to register the race, ethnicity, political views, and religion or philosophical conviction of anyone who applies for or renews a firearm license. These new requirements for firearm licenses are written in a legislative proposal that will be submitted to the Tweede Kamer, the lower house of Dutch parliament, next month, the Volkskrant reports.

The bill is a modification of the Weapons and Ammunition Act. The changes are made to comply with a tightened European directive on the possession of weapons, following a series of terrorist attacks in Europe. The objective of the directive is to improve the traceability of firearms within the EU through proper registration, to facilitate automated data exchange, and to combat illegal firearm possession, according to the newspaper.

For the Dutch government, this means registering privacy sensitive details and storing them for 30 years, according to the newspaper.

“Risk factors for weapon possession are diverse”, Ministers Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice and Security and Carola Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality – involved in the bill because of hunting permits – said in the explanatory notes to the law. For this reason the police need information “from various sources” to weigh “whether it is safe to allow someone to own a weapon” when a gun license is requested.

courtesy Boston Magazine

No, Elizabeth Warren, Anti-Gun States Don’t Have the Fewest Gun Deaths

Also, you’re not Native American, Fauxcahontas . . .

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren recently tweeted a misleading statistic about school gun violence, in another example of Democrats skewing the facts to support an anti-gun narrative.

“Massachusetts has the lowest rate of gun deaths in the county [sic] & can serve as a model for the federal gov’t to develop policies to keep schools safe,” she tweeted. “@RepKClark & I surveyed MA educators & have a series of recommendations for @BetsyDeVosED to help stop gun violence in schools.”

Warren clearly meant “country” instead of “county.” But “covfefe” typo aside, Warren’s letter to Secretary Betsy DeVos is powerfully written, including evocative references to Columbine, Parkland, and “public attacks in which the shooter and victims were generally unknown to each other.” In other words, senseless murder.

courtesy Fox News

The Kavanaugh Fight Is About Guns, Not Abortion

Is the Democratic Party using Roe v. Wade to distract from their real goals?. . .

The Kavanaugh confirmation is about the future, not refighting the cultural battles of the 1970s.  And next up on the Democratic agenda is sweeping, national gun control – and possibly even confiscation.  In the 2016 campaign, candidate Hillary Clinton stated that the U.S. needed to consider the Australian model of a national semi-automatic gun ban.  California congressman Eric Swalwell went even farther, explicitly endorsing an Australian-style mandatory gun “buyback” and “going after resisters” here in the U.S.  Prior to the passage of the infamous “SAFE” Act in 2013, New York’s Gov. Cuomo publicly stated that “confiscation could be an option.”  H.R. 5087, the Assault Weapons Ban of 2018, has nearly 200 Democratic sponsors.  It includes a total ban on AR-15-style rifles and magazines capable of holding more than ten rounds, plus a national ban on private transfers.

These policies – and more – are already the law in the liberal bastions of New York, Massachusetts, and California.  All have been upheld by the federal Circuit Courts.

That’s where Kavanaugh enters the picture.

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  1. Glad to see most of the GOP, even Lindsay Graham unite behind Kavannaugh. Hopefully they can still push him through and slap this ridiculous Liberal Fascist kangroo court in the face.

    • Kavanaugh’s opening statement as well as his handling of the socialists on the committee was fantastic. I don’t believe the socialists were expecting this and he messed up their game plan.

      • Yeah… I admire his restraint. As I pointed out elsewhere. If somebody tried to set me up like that, I’d be dropping bodies inside a week.

        • After Graham’s righteous asskicking during the hearing, any RINO not scared shitless of voting against Kavanaugh is probably mentally retarded. Hell, even Flake looked convinced. The reality is that the donor base and the voter base agree on something for a change. The GOP has the votes to confirm on a straight party line vote, they can even afford to lose one. I doubt the Demokkkrat senators in red states want to get their asses kicked badly enough to prop up a clearly failed hit job.

        • My guess is it’s possible even RINOs understand how detrimental an activist liberal court would be. And it’s also pretty blantant now this sort of attack is going to be the new norm out of democrats going forward. Those two things threaten anyone who’s not hard left.

        • “And it’s also pretty blantant now this sort of attack is going to be the new norm out of democrats going forward.”

          Yeah, Graham laid that out pretty clear. “Welcome to the new age”…

        • ” Hell, even Flake looked convinced.”

          Flake is positioning himself for his next job in 2 months……cuck commentator on MSNBC or CNN.
          He’s gonna vote NO.

      • Indeed. And with even RINOs seeing the writing on the wall they’re putting up a solid fight. I don’t think the democrats expected this kind of resistance. Just like with the access Hollywood Tape, they thought it was in the bag. Now, this is still going to be a close run thing though, because they only need to get 2 to flip. Kudos to the GOP for showing some spine though. I’m honestly impressed. I was expecting a roll over.

        • There must be massive price paid by DIFi after this is done. The collusion, duplicity and treachery the old witch undertook in her political war has torn the Judges life apart. The Judiciary should eject her with Prejudice.

        • “There must be massive price paid by DIFi after this is done.”

          That only happens if we control it after the mid-terms.

          Vote, dammit!

        • All of you California conservatives need to step up to the pate and vote for DeLeon to oust Feinstein. He’s only 11 points behind and if most conservatives vote for him she will be ousted. Do it for spite.

      • “With the Senate Judiciary Committee holding a vote at 9:30 A.M. tomorrow, a Senate insider has told Townhall that Kavanaugh has the votes to make it out of committee and the votes to be confirmed on the floor for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Sens. Flake (R-AZ), Collins (R-ME), Murkowski (R-AK), and Manchin (D-WV) are expected to vote in favor of Kavanaugh. All the Republicans are voting yes. Also, in the rumor mill, several Democrats may break ranks and back Kavanaugh. That’s the ball game, folks.”

        I *really* hope they aren’t yanking our chain on that one.

        I want me some political payback.

        Any 2A cases up for consideration of cert. this term?

        • Oh man I hope so. And yes, payback is in order. And this time I see the GOP possibly actually uniting for once behind some payback. Whatever it is, finally building the wall, passing some good gun rights measures, crushing Obamacare, or more tax cuts, I think they finally see just how evil the Democratic Party is.

      • That now gives ‘cover’ for even more Dems to vote for him, and save their skins in the mid-terms. We may pick up a few more before it’s over…

  2. Wilson twice on her NRA show, once on her radio show and once more on her show on The Blaze, as well as taking a picture with Wilson and discredited gun researcher John Lott in 2013, on an occasion when she called Wilson one “of 2A’s best.”

    I’m sorry, when was John Lott discredited?

    • “I’m sorry, when was John Lott discredited?”

      Lott could have been a bit more careful about a few things.

      Nothing major, but enough for them to scream…

    • A woman posted a glowing review of his treatise on the web page. Only it wasn’t a woman–it was Mr. Lott. And there was a problem with his database, since corrected. That’s really about all they have except for a few loose cannons who have criticized his results. But almost all studies have either confirmed his results (that more guns=less crime) or found no significant effect.

    • I saw that label as well and rolled my eyes.
      There are bus loads of discredited anti gun researchers who cooked their data and were caught doing so

    • Never, but they’re going by the Goebbels technique of ‘if you tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth’.

      Lott has been challenged. Fault has been found with some of his data. That’s how science is done. “Discredited” or “Debunked” is not even close.

  3. I don’t know who disgust me more. Catholic nuns or gun grabbing democrats. Why don’t the nuns focus on the pedophilic priest’s & the democRATS crawl under a rock somewhere.

    • I’m still wondering how a non profit religious entity can even own stock. What a shame if they were to lose their non profit status.

    • The “nuns” that still exist are all typical socialist feel good babyboomers. Stereotypically so. Just like the rest of the feminazis their religion is hatred of men then, perhaps, some like for their religion.

    • Catholic church is now officially a Liberation Theology Communist Organization. Ask Francis. I expect this out of the Nuns.

  4. Salon is worth less than the used toilet paper it should be printed on.

    Oh, and I watched the Kavanaugh hearings. What’s amazing is that I talked to some more left leaning family members and they thought the DEMOCRATS were the ones who were set up… Sometimes I wonder about people.

    • The upside is, if we manage to squeak him through, he may be interested in some political ‘payback’ with a ruling or three that he knows will *hurt* them real good…

      • I’m betting so. You can tell this scarred him personally. And it would to anybody. The only other person on the planet that’s stood up to the face of this much criticism is Trump. If he makes it in there’s going to be hell to pay from him to any left wing agenda that crosses the court.

        • You can also bet the democrats will whine and cry about it, when really, they should have thought about these sorts of repercussions before smearing Kavanaugh’s name and reputation.

        • “The only other person on the planet that’s stood up to the face of this much criticism is Trump.”

          You might have missed Clarence Thomas’s hearings. They tried some of the same crap on him.

          Here are a few highlights from his rebuttal :

        • Nobody with any conscience missed that rebuttal. The reality is that the DNC is the same racist commies today as they were in the 1930s when they hung black men from trees for the “crime” of looking at white women a “certain way”. I believe that Kavanaugh is a decent, if not perfect, man who is getting set up by commies and feminazis. He may not be the perfect choice for SCotUS, but the allegations against him are a blatant and obvious hit job by vermin who want to kill you and take your shit for “the greater good”… The same vermin that are responsible for the deaths of a quarter billion people in search of their perfect “worker’s paradise”.

          If we allow a good man to have his life destroyed by these vermin without a sliver of evidence, this republic might as well be dead. We wouldn’t live in a society ruled by law or reason anymore. We’d be living in a society where the truth, logic, or evidence literally don’t matter. At that point, we have two choices. Death, or civil war.

        • Thomas had a very bitter dissent on one 2A case rejected for cert. (Peruta, maybe?)

          I believe Thomas’s quote was along the lines “…not giving the 2A the respect it deserves…”

          I’d *love* to see a decision by a tag-team of Thomas and Kav declaring semi-auto rifles and handguns with detachable magazines of *any* capacity *expressly* constitutional…

          (And for gravy in few years, gun registration declared expressly un-constitutional…)

      • Thing is, if he’s an honorable man and takes his oath and responsibility seriously (as I’m guessing he is and would), he’d be self-bound to be as impartial as possible.

        Though I doubt the Dems would believe that.

        • He recently commented in a ruling that banning AR-platform rifles would be like “banning an entire category of speech”.

          Yeah. He’s the man we want to tag-team with Clarence Thomas (who was *also* shit on by the Democrats) on 2A cases.

          Are any on-deck for the October term?

          Anyone? Beuller?

        • FOUND IT! –

          “Brett Kavanaugh Said Banning Assault Rifles Would Be Like Banning Speech

          The Supreme Court nominee said there’s no ‘constitutional’ difference between them. Victims know there’s a life-or death difference though.”

          “A ban on a class of arms is not an ‘incidental’ regulation,” he wrote in 2011 dissenting opinion as a judge on the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. “It is equivalent to a ban on a category of speech.”

          Is that cool, or what???

          *snicker* 😉

        • There have been a whole bunch of SCOTUS rulings on abortion, providing a lot of precedent, which is supposed to be binding at least to some extent. On firearms, I’m not aware of any SCOTUS rulings except one, Miller, in (I think) 1939, about a shotgun. There is *NO* precedent on machine guns, magazine sizes, bayonet lugs, pistol grips, or bump stocks. I can foresee a lot of rulings, and a bunch of heads exploding.

      • This pretty much ensures they won’t convert him like Kennedy, but I don’t expect it to make him a champion of the 4th amendment or machine guns.

        • “…but I don’t expect it to make him a champion of the 4th amendment or machine guns.”

          It just *might* get the registry re-opened.

          I’d be cool with that…

    • That said, I’ve always been apathetic about abortion, but if it comes up, I hope Kavanaugh is the deciding vote on overturning Roe vs. Wade, just out of spite.

      • When it comes to sticking a rhetorical knife in the back of a Leftist and *twisting* it good and hard, guns are where you do it to them the best.

        And now, it looks like we have the team in place to do the job.

        I really hope Justice Thomas has big-ass grin on his face right now… 😉

      • I have to disagree…. think about how many more liberals there would be if their moms stopped getting abortions…. just kidding.
        Seriously though I do not have a problem with someone getting an abortion. Just not to be used as a wreckless form of birth control. And a teen needs parental permission.

  5. Did no one at the shareholders’ meeting rip the nuns a new one? I don’t own shares in any firearms company because I only invest through mutual funds. Perhaps, I should buy a token share in each of the major ones. It would satisfying to stand up at the meeting, after they made their pitch, and say, “I’m concerned about gun safety, too. Assuming I do my part, a gun that won’t make a hole between a violent criminal’s eyes, when I aim at him and pull the trigger, is definitely unsafe. As far as I know, all of Smith and Wesson’s current products meet that standard.”

    • It is not the nuns twisting arms so much as the nuns’ backers: Blackrock, Vanguard, Institutional Shareholder Services, and Glass Lewis. Blackrock and Vanguard alone hold 20% of the stock of American Outdoor Brands.

    • I agree. They should write a report that says “the goal of a well designed and properly functioning gun is that it is supposed to be reliably dangerous to whatever it is pointed at and nothing else. Our products achieve that goal.”

      That answers their demand while subtly telling them to “suck it, losers.”

    • Catholic nuns, of all people, should realize that the REAL danger lies in the sinful desires of mankind, NOT the objects that mankind fashions from natural resources.

      A determined scumbag, who had a modicum of intelligence and self-discipline, could successfully employ dozens of methods to murder dozens of people — regardless of partial or complete firearm restrictions, regardless of how successfully government implemented those partial or complete firearm restrictions.

      I would list some of those alternative methods, however I don’t want to provide ideas for murderous scumbags in such a widely available forum.

  6. Gee I became a fan of Lindsey “bro without a ho”(Mark Kirk) Graham today. Would that he had a tenth of that fire in 2016. LOTS of folks on the right are pizzed…I wish Smith & Wesson well. Put a “used” but unfired Sport 2 on layaway from my favorite pawnshop-373+tax=$400.

    • Great rifle for a great price. Seriously, a friend of mine just bought one as a bone stock beater rifle and I was VERY impressed when I shot it. Incredibly accurate too, as accurate as any production AR I’ve ever fired regardless of cost

      • He actually had 4 brand new “used” S&W Sport 2’s. Dropped the price from 2 weeks ago almost $100! 1 left & a DPMS. Highland,IN Pawn…

    • That was kind of a rare display of a spine from L. Graham.

      Don’t expect to see it next time from him, but be grateful if he continues to show one…

      • Indeed. I was listening to it all on Hannity and when Graham went off the way he did my jaw dropped. I said out loud “well what a time to find your balls.”

      • Like NCA, my jaw dropped when Graham blew his top. And then the silence after he was done, he took the wind right out of the sails of the Dems at that moment.

        Best drama show I’ve ever seen. Thank you C-Span online live feed!

  7. Salon: “Why Did the NRA Support Cody Wilson for So Long? He’s Always Been Shady.”

    Also Salon: “I’m a pedophile, not a monster.”


    “In 1937, they did an international exhibition tour of several Latin American countries and then the United States, where using the stage name “Nuns With Guns” they were a major attraction at the 1937 State Fairs in Iowa and Minnesota.”

    One of them even assassinated a German officer. The church was very different during WW2.

  9. Just as the Germans used copies of american race control laws. I wonder if the Dutch are using copies of america racist gun control laws?

  10. Most likely, rifles were used to murder more people than clubs and hammers were. Almost 3,300 murders were committed with guns where the type of gun wasn’t identified. A bit over 5% of the total reported murders with guns were with rifles. Adding another 5% of 3,300 brings the total to about 580 murders with rifles. Sorry to burst your bubble. But still, likely less than hands, fists, and feet!

  11. “There are times I’m at the grocery store and I feel that desire to turn around and look and see who’s behind me,”

    That’s called “situational awareness”. I do that all the time.
    Nothing harmful or weird about it.

    • I also noticed she liked to sit watching the front door and other good awareness practices. It’s almost as if the illusions of perfect security and the blissful ignorance of believing bad things only happen “somewhere else” were shattered by her traumatic experience. While she probably does have some real issues to work out with a professional after being witness and victim to a horrific event, it sounds more like the illusions of blissful safety that cloud minds in modern western societies was painfully dissipated.

  12. It does not behoove the monastic to concern themself unduly with worldly matters. Some of the very best people I know are nuns (Orthodox Christian). But they also received a new Christian name, dropped their surname, and spend *all* of their time in asceticism and prayer in their monastery…

  13. “…“This is not the easiest district to be an African-American woman who is progressive and a pastor,” ”

    Allow me to share something with you…. The resistance you are encountering has nothing to do with being black. Or a woman. Or even a pastor. The resistance you encounter is because you are a Democrat who calls yourself progressive. Take a b it of time and think, I mean really think, about the things you want to do in office. If those things entail limiting the freedoms of citizens ‘for their own good’ then you should probably not run for office.

  14. Isn’t the left always saying that the cause is more important, and that the heroes advocating the cause are never perfect? MLK was a serial adulterer, but I don’t think Salon would care to invalidate his life’s work or admonish others for associating with him.

    Their people can behave as they wish, people affiliated with their enemies are expected to keep their noses clean at all times.

  15. What I’d like to see on the annual report to the nuns: “We continue to design, build and test firearms that function with the highest safety and ergonomic features to protect our customers. In fact we are eliminating that stupid internal lock. As for your political agenda intended to push a PR smear on our company or otherwise inhibit or add cost to the manufacture of quality firearms, go f*** yourself.

  16. “discredited gun researcher John Lott”?
    Discredited? By whom? With what evidence?
    Let me hazard a guess. By Mom’s Demand and their ‘evidence’ that “discredits” him is that he has a hairdo that they don’t like? I certainly hope this crap wasn’t written by TTAG, or they have fallen now from “let’s write ads that look like news items”, to “Let’s just quote Bloomberg’s latest BS and go have a beer”.
    I know nobody at TTAG bothers to check sources or read the comments any more, but PLEASE, somebody from TTAG tell me that they didn’t write this, but was only quoting some idiotic fool, but didn’t make it quite clear.

    • That was a direct quote from an article on And you’e right about John Lott; the only place he’s been discredited in the fever dreams of antigun lunatics. Definitely not a TTAG writer’s opinion.

      TTAG puts these things in the daily digest to let us know what other media outlets are saying about us. And to give us an opportunity to deliver the mockery these leftist tools deserve.

  17. “My Kingdom is not of this Earth”. Pope= false prophet….. Thank God I’m a Buddhist.

  18. “We do not tell white boys who wake up in the morning and scratch themselves not to run for whatever office,” she pointed out to laughter.”

    This doesn’t even make sense. Doesn’t everyone scratch themselves? Never ceases to amaze me the people who support racism as long as its the “right” kind.


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