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I’ve been exchanging emails with a student at St. Mary’s who’s in a position to know about the school’s anti-gun art diktat. They figured they could live with the no pictures of scary gun-shaped controllers on their posters, but in response, they offered free admission to Friday night’s NES gaming get-together to anyone who shows up with a deadly Mark III doppleganger Nintendo Zapper. And that’s when the administration made like Dean Wormer and put its foot down . . .

“SMUSA has banned us from having Zappers at the event, their reasoning is that ‘The police may arrest someone and then our school looks bad.'” Only having been to Canuckistan a few times, it would seem to us that detaining a young scholar on his way to an evening of vintage gaming with a gun-shaped controller would reflect more poorly on the arresting officer than on SMU. But that’s just us.

Anyway, my student contact will be delivering a virtual pressed moon to the powers that be, pledging to go out of his/her way to to pick up a copy of Duck Hunt for Friday’s festivities. Guess that’s all that’s left of speaking truth to power on campuses in the great white north these days.

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  1. I feel sad for the good folks that live north of the border. And I have to wonder what is in this college dean’s mind? Is he afraid that students will be gunned down in the streets by police misidentifying vidoe game controllers?

    • The sad part is that kids educated in places like this will someday be running things. Like the government and business’s. You know, minor things like that.

  2. Whoa! The Nintendo Zapper DOES look like the Ruger MK series.

    That totally gives me a cool idea. Duracoat a MK series pistol with the appropriate barrel length matte grey (or the more PC version, blaze orange) and do the proper logos and highlights!


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