Mansfield Wallace, 51 from 2020 arrest and Tabitha Hemphill, 31 from a 2021 arrest. Image by Boch via Chicago Police Dept. and Cook County Sheriff.
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Sorry snowflakes, there are no “safe spaces” in Chicago. For example, in a decent neighborhood just east of O’Hare International Airport, an 80-year-old man who was recovering from recent surgery came face-to-face with a home invasion team this past week. After the initial attack, the homeowner retreated to his bedroom, grabbed his gun and began meting out some ballistic dissuasion.

His first shot cheated Darwin by grazing the head of the female half of the home invasion dynamic duo, Tabitha Hemphill. From there, the spry old guy went after the male half, Mansfield Wallace, who police say had been released on parole from prison not even two months earlier.

The two struggled for control of the pistol and the old man shot the career felon in the chest.

The wounded couple still managed to wrest control of the gun from the old man and promptly fled, both them leaking from their respective gunshot wounds.

Cops caught up with Wallace at a local hospital where he remains in critical condition. Police found the photogenic Hemphill nearby with a bag of heroin tucked in her vajayjay. They tracked her down thanks to surveillance cameras that captured her dumping her wounded partner at the ER entrance of the hospital.

From CWB Chicago . . .

The victim was in his recliner, recuperating from surgery, when someone knocked on his front door in the 8500 block of West Catherine around 10:30 Monday morning. The elderly man opened the door, thinking it was a neighbor who had been checking on him since his surgery, only to find 51-year-old parolee Mansfield Wallace on the other side, according to prosecutors.

Wallace allegedly forced his way in, pushed the victim to the ground, and physically fought him on the ground and then on their feet. The victim, a licensed gun owner, broke free and retrieved a pistol from his bedroom.

As he did, he noticed Tabitha Hemphill, 31, near a dresser where he kept his money, prosecutors said. The victim fired a shot at Hemphill, grazing her head.

He returned to the living room, fought with Wallace again, and fell to the ground as they struggled to control the pistol.

Prosecutors said the gun fired two times during the fight, striking Wallace in the chest.

Wallace allegedly took the gun away, stole a watch from the victim’s arm, and fled in a stolen car with Hemphill.

CBS Chicago caught up with a couple of the neighbors in the aftermath of the incident. Strangely, none of them had any sympathy for the home invasion duo.

Many in the neighborhood were rattled by the attack, but relieved that the victim defended himself. One woman who spoke to CBS 2 asked to remain anonymous.

“I am really heartbroken for him and the family, because he was at home alone and he must’ve been really scared when it happened,” she said. “You never know if someone’s going to come to help you in time, so this could’ve ended really badly.”

Kenny Vierneisel, another nearby resident, said, “I’m glad that he protected himself. If someone breaks into my apartment, I’m going to do the same thing. Right?”

Imagine that…real Americans who understand that the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy (or gal) with a gun. Even an octogenarian can stand up to a couple of much younger and stronger attackers when equipped with a good personal defense tool.

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    • That’s still Chicago so they will get probation if that.
      Assuming Mansfield Wallace lives they will plead it down, it is Kim Kim Foxx’s way of doing things.
      Kim Foxx will plead it down from aggravated battery and home invasion to trespassing.
      They will sue the 80 year old saying they were thought they were at a friends apartment and some old dude shot them.
      That is a huge apartment complex barely East of O’Hare.
      You probably wouldn’t even hear gunshots, the airplanes are deafening.
      My nephew lived just south of there in Schiller Park.
      The house would shake when the pattern was right.

      • They actually disarmed him and could of killed him with his own gun.

        “Surveillance video showed her dropping him off at Resurrection Hospital. Chicago police arrested her nearby and recovered the victim’s firearm from under the car’s driver’s seat.”

        “Prosecutors claimed she had cash, the key to the stolen car, and a baggie of heroin in her vagina. At the hospital, police allegedly discovered the victim’s watch in Wallace’s possession.”

        She’s got a lot of storage space.

        • “they actually disarmed him”

          Still better than the clean getaway few clues scenario. I wonder how they knew to go after the old guy. Surgery will attract druggies. They know you have pain meds, and are weakened, but where did they get the info about this one?

      • Just wondering out loud – Did the old guy get his staff of life back? If no, how long will it take him to get another?

        Hopefully, before these whackadoodles make bail.

    • Never said they were cool. Drugs. Alcohol. Tobacco. All equally uncool. But in a free society you only face charges for what you do. Not what you consume.

      Freedom is messy.

      • Surgery attracts pillheads. Mentioned at a local truckstop that I was going to get a tooth pulled, gal behind the counter was instantly smitten by my manly charms…

        • Poplovedmombut:
          I don’t get the connection, and I wish you would expand on it. I’m an “old guy” and have a 1911. It’s not for everyday carry, but I might use it in a home invasion.

        • Please elucidate. Why would an older person not carry/use a 1911?
          (I carry one and use the other at home.)

        • @GWB and TTAG

          Old Guys came up in a time when even obvious self defense uses were likely to come before a jury. A 1911 was considered to indicate that you were a heavy duty bad guy looking for trouble – a 38SW was more “reasonable”.

          As a sheriff of the day told me “if he shoots at you twice and misses, you can likely claim self-defense. But you still have a duty to retreat. Otherwise, it is a gunfight, winner goes to jail.”

          That’s the way it was. Hence lots of folks from that era choose a “politically approved” firearm. Hope this clarifies my meaning, and hope it gets thru, the direct reply button being unavailable.

  1. Sorry, They didn’t get what they deserved. No justice here. Both in the county morgue…Now THAT would be justice and another thug POS off the street!

  2. Weren’t the prison reforms and get out of jail free, lets not punish these poor victims of racist society laws supposed to prevent drug users and career criminals from needing to commit such crimes?

    • “Wallace was released from prison on December 2 after serving half of four concurrent 40-month sentences he received for shoplifting. Prosecutors said he is also on parole for stolen motor vehicle and burglary charges from 2019.”

      So, the SOBs most recent conviction him 4x 40m = 160m. No doubt should have been much more as he evidently was at least a three time loser. But some idiot judge made in concurrent = 40m rather than consecutive = 160m. Then the morons running Il prisons let he out in HALF of THAT short period. You can’t make this stuff up.

      • He is alive because Wallace elected to not shoot him. I’m not saying he should have rolled over and given up his house, but getting his gun and watch stolen while he lay battered on the ground does not score full marks by my reckoning.

        • It wasn’t the best outcome. But it was a much better outcome than what might have happened if he didn’t provide significant discouragement to the duo. After being shot in the chest (as probably a large majority of non-combat-trained humans would) he decided to get the heck out instead of hang around. With his girlfriend bleeding all over, too (head wounds bleed profusely).

          All-in-all, he can make improvements, as can you and I learning from his example.
          (My first teaching point would be going to the door and not checking who is outside before opening the door.)

    • Apparently, he couldn’t afford a morbidly obese white gal just a beefy crack ho. or perhaps he is taller than 5’2″ and weighs more 120lb. Seems the lil midgets get the prize/really big uns.

  3. Just the typical Chicago house warming gift.

    Pretty amazing though, people can do this and be right back at it in 2 months! I wish they would rob politicians homes instead of normal people. Maybe then those assholes would understand.

  4. An 80-year old man recovering from surgery was able to fight his way off the ground against a man nearly 30 years his junior, and was able to get to his gun?

    That is one tough senior citizen. I hope he has enough fight left in him to recover from his injuries. He’s been reported as being hospitalized in serious to critical condition himself, depending on the story.

  5. For once I can really sympathise. If we really want to do something, andn this applies worldwide I might add and not just to the USA, it’s the godamned USERS we must target with all available means because as long as there are users and the rewards are great enough the supply chain will always exist and as things are over half of ALL criminality is DRUGS linked in some way or another.
    The ONLY alternative as I see it is to decriminalise and allow free access and if somebody wants to OD then so be it. Drugs use is a voluntary occupation freely entered into and there are no acceptable SOCIAL EXCUSES – none at all.
    At the same time de-bar drug users from ALL Social Support and dissmiss o at onec drug usersfrom apprpriate areas of Employment. Take the example from ALCOHOL from Flying,Driving and operations machinery and from the food industry for certain disease conditions -somthere are preecedents, [ the 2008 Banking Crash was caused not least by coked up- traders taking unwarranted financial risks [them ”Wolf of Wall Street” was \ TRUE BLOODY STORY. Must stop rant becoming unsustainable -My apologies and I don’t say that very often do I?? And it’s got sweet FA to do with gun control either!!

    • When drugs and guns were unregulated, there were fewer problems of this type. Then guys like you started fixing this and banning that.

  6. If I were president I’d have a talk with the Mexican president and tell him you have 30days to stop the flow of fentanyl and meth into the US or I’m sending in the Marines. This is not a serious country when we let Mexico and China import that crap unrestricted. And we let China spy on us with balloons. What a joke.

  7. If I were president I’d have a talk with the Mexican president and tell him you have 30days to stop the flow of fentanyl and meth into the US or I’m sending in the Marines. This is not a serious country when we let Mexico and China import that crap unrestricted. And we let China spy on us with balloons. What a joke.

    Good for the old dude. Shouldn’t have let the bad guy get so close to him that he take his gun.


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