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“Due process is part of the (gun violence restraining order) law. By far, as the WaPo discusses, most of the lives saved will be the subject person’s own, but this law, now in effect in Florida, would almost certainly have prevented the Parkland massacre.” – Donald Sensing at Sense of Events [via]

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  1. Ridiculous! Just keep burning 🔥 the U.S. Constitutional-Bill of Rights…Globalism is on the march…More “Creeping Incrementalism.” There IS NO DUE PROCESS!”

  2. Complete nonsense. The government and law enforcement failed at EVERY level with this guy. One more law would have done nothing.

    • Come on man. If you are in the rain trying to start a fire by rubbing two wet sticks together – the solution isn’t a different method. It’s to rub harder! Lol

    • It was reported in my paper this morning that social services had recommended that Cruz be involuntarily detained for a mental health evaluation and treatment. The article opined that if he had been involuntarily committed he would not have been able to purchase any firearms. However, the recommendation for commitment was not acted upon.

      Chalk up another government failure.

  3. Great! Which one of the 40 times the law enforcement showed up would they have enacted it? /sarc

  4. It might have saved someone if it was PAID any attention to. What makes anyone think it wouldn’t get ignored yet again the next time.

  5. With all the stuff that’s come to light about Cruz, he shouldn’t have been anywhere outside of a padded cell, but all of the various state and federal agencies dropped the ball. Now, all of the marches, walk outs, and MSM virtue signaling are an attempt to cover up the failure of the Left’s golden cow, the government.

  6. How many crimes could have been prevented had the govt had cameras inside everyone’s home?

    • Whey didn’t even make the effort to interview him and we are supposed to believe they would have enforced a GVRO?

    • How many lives could be saved if we all were individually sealed in white rubber rooms incapable of hurting ourselves and others while being cared for by robots?

    • Based on the experience of the Chinese Government in its western provinces, quite a bit actually. As you may know, the Chinese have had a great deal of violence emanating from its Muslim Uighur population. In response, Big Brother was installed cameras are everywhere, with AI augmented facial recognition programs, allowing the tracking of any individual anywhere within any city or town. Plus there is complete government control and review of social media. People cannot meet face to face without being tracked, and they cannot communicate electronically without being monitored. Revolutionary violence is basically nonexistent. In addition, the Chinese have started testing AI augmented facial recognition sunglasses worn by police officers that allows them to obtain data on anyone they can see.

      The program is so successful, plans are being made to extend it to the whole of China. Big Brother Xi is watching.

      • So how much of the Chinese population is dedicated to spying on each other? Sounds like East Germany where a significant amount of GDP and energy was wasted on people spying on each other.
        This is a radical Muslim problem. Spain had a better idea in 1492.

  7. Donald Sensing is a genuine retard. Cruz shouldn’t have been able to purchase a gun before the law was passed. There are already laws in place that should have prevented him but “law enforcement” wouldn’t or didn’t WANT to do their job. Didn’t this kid get popped for several things in school that would have made him a prohibited person? By coddling minors who are going down a path of destruction you get adults that continue down that path and the law abiding suffer the consequences.

  8. “A Gun Violence Restraining Order Law Would Have Prevented Parkland”


    hey, hide your guns.

    When someone asks you to account for the firearms that they ‘have you down for’ on their illegal firearms registration list, you can say that you cut them up and recycled them. The ammo and the holsters too.

  9. “…would almost certainly have prevented the Parkland massacre.”

    Dear Donald,

    Would _you_ have been willing to have been in the school to test your theory?

    I doubt it.

    • It is sad how so few POTG have actually signed it. I’ve been watching and hoping that the number would really jump. It has been shared many times by me and others.

      Thank you for your efforts and please keep going.

  10. My typical first reaction is to assume that Sensing is a dope but then I am reminded that his viewpoint arises from revealed truth (religious belief) rather than critical thinking. Factual debate is unlikely to affect his cultish belief system.

    We face a fight to the death for our freedoms and the survival of our progeny.

  11. GVRO would have worked because concerned citizens at school were willing to put in effort that police was too lazy to act upon

    • And who exactly do you think is going to execute these unconstitutional “restraining orders”? Oh right those same “lazy” police as you put it.

      When someone fails to fulfill their responsibilities you don’t give them more to handle. The police failed miserably at all steps here, FBI and social services too. They shouldn’t be handed more work, the should be fired or prosecuted depending on the severity of their incompetence/negligence.

  12. Saw an article somewhere yesterday that claimed there were people familiar with the shooters situation that wanted him involuntarily committed 18 months before the shooting. Apparently they were overruled.

  13. Ok. Just read post from Jeff. Apparently someone knew what to do with the shooter but nothing was done.

  14. How in the blueberry flaming hell does this idiot come to that conclusion!?!?!? Seriously the school, cps, the local cops, and the freakin fbi dropped the ball on this wing nut half a million times what makes you think that this one stupid law would have somehow magically made everyone competent!?!? No, much more likely that they would have continued to be inept ineffectual progtards about it all and continued to slow walk actually taking responsibility to stop said wing nut. Just own up to it and admit government failed they could have arrested him and had him adjudicated unstable or they could’ve actually pressed some charges on him and made them stick but instead they swept it under the rug so the school district could continue slurping down that sweet federal cash like Shannon Watts slurps down….. uh…. well you know milkshakes, frostys, sorry trying not to get flame deleted but seriously I’ve had it up to the back teeth with this stupid .gov law worship so from now on ATFAgentBob is off the reservation. Just gotta find a better tag now….

  15. Here is an instance where a protective order was issued, which in MD, at least, means you’re not supposed to keep any guns for the duration. (I chose this example because it happened close to where I live… in a very gun-unfriendly state.)

    However, no one came to take his guns and he still used them to kill 3 people. Rules like this aren’t very enforceable. There are no resources to go to the homes of everyone who fits into this category to confiscate their weapons. All these laws really mean is that there are a few more counts of law breaking to hold against a perp once they’ve committed another crime.

  16. Lets say he was in the system. He could not buy from any FFL. Would that have stopped him? Nope. If he was bound and determined to go shoot up a school there are several other ways to obtain the means to do so.

    Couldnt obtain a firearm at all? Bombs, sharp edged instruments, clubs, fists the list is practically endless.

    These politicians can’t see past the nose on there face. They don’t study the well established facts before opening their mouth and inserting foot.

  17. Lol.

    We’re going to make a law called “removing due process of law”. And that law will meet the requirements of due process, as due process was taken in the implementation and enforcement of this law.

  18. Sensing has a good point. A Gun Violence Restraining Order would have allowed a FAMILY MEMBER to have Cruz committed for psychiatric evaluation and his weapons taken away for twenty one days . The FBI failed, the school system failed, and the local sheriff failed. GVRO would have empowered another person to interviene, adding an additional factor to the equation. Not saying that it would have been successful but it would have , at least, a chance of working.

    • @Jim Long – totally agree. I think folks here who are bashing Mr. Sensing aren’t reading beyond the headline. Hell he posts a video of Chris Cox saying exactly the same thing. Folks should go to his blog and read his other posts. They are enlightened and well researched.
      NRA Life Member here with a safe full of evil weapons.

  19. If the authorities had followed-up on Deputy Sheriff Peterson’s September 2016 filing for involuntary commital for the accused shooter, the murder of 17 people would not have taken place.

    Perhaps some very high in Government had ulterior motives for preventing people from doing the right thing.

    The uterly complete failure of Government in this case and the very strange circumstances surrounding the Las Vegas mass shooting is suspicious.

  20. All indications are that it would have been yet one more thing for the local PD and FBI to ignore 75 goddamn times. Somebody wanted Cruz to donwhat he did. Oversights occurs, true. Once, twice or thrice. But several dozen times by several investigating bodies from several law enforcement organizations? Either somebody wanted this to happen or the institutions we rely on to maintain this fiction of a civilization are incompetent to an improbable degree and should be disbanded entirely to at the very least save me some taxes.

  21. Once upon a time, we had a term for known trouble makers — they were the village idiots.

    Fast forward to 2018, the idiots were allowed to run the village and don’t have the collective IQ necessary to deal with basic problems.

    Political correctness has restricted people from calling out these morons and having them removed.

    So, all that’s left is forcibly removing the morons and reaffirming personal accountability and responsibility to he masses.

  22. I was thinking yesterday. What if no one broke any laws? Then I realized that ” they” would just keep making laws until compliance was unattainable. The system must have criminals, control and the power to decide how we live.

  23. Deputies were afraid to confront this psycho when he was in a school. Why would anyone believe they would have the guts to go to his house and demand he give up his guns?

    They could send in the FBI, but the memo would get lost. Again.

  24. Since the respective government agencies screwed the pooch so well, even more government intervention without due process will work even better.

  25. “Due process is part of the (gun violence restraining order) law.”

    No, it’s actually not. Having your property, which you acquired lawfully and in good faith, forcibly confiscated from you without trial, charge, or compensation is not and shall never be anything even remotely akin to due process, regardless of any and all other claims to contrary. Period.

    “By far, as the WaPo discusses, most of the lives saved will be the subject person’s own, but this law, now in effect in Florida, would almost certainly have prevented the Parkland massacre.”

    Unless and until these psychopaths are institutionalized, isolated away from greater society, it won’t save any lives because it cannot and will not stop any massacres. Especially not the one in Parkland. The question is how to do this while actually respecting due process rights, which the so-called “gun violence” restraining order law in Florida does not — nor does it do so in any other state that’s enacted one, for that matter.

  26. I am not confident that any additional law would do a damn thing given the approximately eleventy-billion existing laws, regulations, policies, and yes, deployed resources that *would have* stopped the Parkland whack-job if they’d worked even a little bit as intended.

    We have a particularly bad track record with “known wolves” like this guy.

  27. Please speak English, it and many other languages are beautiful. Please choose one (I really don’t care which, but stick to the grammar). What are you saying? If I wanted to read Charles Pierce’s hallucinogenic comments, I would read Esquire.

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