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Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has taken heat for accepting the NRA’s support early in his political career and his vote for the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. The left-leaning mainstream media has fixed on Bernie’s supposedly pro-gun stance as his achilles heel. On Sunday’s Meet the Press, Sanders trotted-out his usual defense – with a twist. “Coming from a rural state, I think I can communicate with folks coming from urban states, where guns mean different things than they do in Vermont, where [they are] used for hunting.” In fact, Bernie’s morphed from a “guns are OK for self-defense in rural areas” to a proper “guns are for hunting” Fudd. Check it out . . .

Nobody should have a gun who has a criminal background, was involved in domestic abuse situations. People should not have guns who are going to hurt other people, who are unstable . . . We need to make sure that certain types of guns used to kill people, exclusively, not for hunting, should not be sold in the United States of America.

Given Sanders’ support for a ban on AR-15-style semi-automatic firearms (a.k.a., “assault rifles”), we have to assume that he doesn’t know these guns are used for hunting. Given that level of ignorance, we also have to assume that Sanders doesn’t consider handguns suitable for hunting.

So, in the worst of all possible political worlds, where President Sanders was freed from parochial politics and Republican “intransigence” on gun rights, would Sanders ban handguns? I’m thinking yes. You?

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    • Gawd people are stupid falling under the Bernie spell.
      He’s a F’ing self-admitted socialist. What did you think?
      An entire freeking continent being ground into insignificance due to socialism and idiots here say….”Yeah give me some of that”.
      Our country is toast.

  1. Sanders wants another AWB, it’s that simple. He forgets that hunting weapons are often more lethal than self-defense weapons. I’d rather get shot with a 9mm bullet than get shot with a .308…

    • “… hunting weapons are often more lethal than self-defense weapons.”

      That is the inconvenient truth for gun-grabbers. A lever-action rifle in .44 Magnum can hold 10 rounds of 300 grain hardcast nastiness. Each of those hardcast bullets can easily punch a deadly hole through three average adults and probably 6 young children. That means a spree killer can, without reloading, kill between 30 and 60 people with 140 year old firearms technology.

      Other permutations can yield similar results.

      Of course similar results are possible with nothing more than a pickup truck aimed at a pedestrian pinch point. And if you don’t feel like shelling the expense or effort to acquire a pickup truck, nothing more than some chain, gasoline, and a match are a suitable substitute.

      I have said it before and I will say it again. I would much rather have a spree killer use a firearm than a truck, fire, or a bomb. Once a spree killer hits the “go button” on a truck, fire, or bomb, there is nothing anyone can do to mitigate the casualty count. However, once a spree killer starts his/her attack with a firearm, armed victims can stop the spree killer well before the ultimate casualty count that would have happened had none of the victims been armed. Experience shows us that spree killers simply keep executing victims until someone incapacitates them. And that someone who incapacitates them is virtually always someone with a firearm.

      • No, a US Socialist is someone who calls himself “progressive” or “liberal”

        Of course, you’re right as far as you went. If someone calls himself a socialist, he’s actually a Marxist.

      • I get a kick out of the “Working Families Party”. I’m sure most people don’t realize it’s just a non-threatening euphemism for the Communist Party. What are they ashamed of?

      • He is not a communist. He is too much a nationalist for that whereas communism is internationalist. He is a nationalist socialist, who has Democratic Socialist sympathies (that latter isn’t even real socialism… it might better be called, at its best, soft servilism rather than socialism).

        • Sounds like what Marx called “Bourgeois socialism” in the Manifesto–basically half-arsed Communists who themselves have too much invested in the present society to go all-in. But what leads you to the conclusion that Bernie is a nationalist? just curious.

  2. No surprise here. He’s like a patrol cop getting nominated for commish, gotta please the powers that be.

    Dem/Soc/Commie running for prez? Better be anti-2A.

  3. Left unsaid is that NY, NJ, and MD pretend that the PLCA doesn’t exist.
    Those states ignore the law and force those unlawfully arrested while traveling through to sue to get the law recognized. And no matter how many times they lose they still do it.

    • “And no matter how many times they lose they still do it.”

      And why shouldn’t they? They never pay any personal penalty.

  4. What is up with all the candidates on the left going full retard on the gun control issues? This scares me as the political pendulum will swing their way once again like in 2008 and I don’t think they will waste anytime ramming through massive gun control on a straight party line vote with bare majorities, in the dead of night with normal rules of order suspended. After all, “something” must be done and banning many guns, registering all guns and confiscation are all “reasonable first steps”.

    • The left goes full retard on multiple issues – trade agreements, healthcare, lack of border security, budget deficits, etc. Not just gun control. We have gay marriage. Yippee! We have abortion. There is no intelligent reason to vote for a candidate on the left. The left runs every ghetto and they’ll do the same to the whole nation if given the chance.

    • Primaries are about pandering to “the base.”

      And the Democratic Party’s base is full-on retard for gun control.

      • “And the Democratic Party’s base is full-on retard for gun control.”

        And they have the ‘nads to make it a part of the DNC’s published party platform.

        All the while lying through their teeth with sound bites like “Nobody wants to take your guns!”.

    • I wonder if we’ll ever get some form of blue dog dems back… I think the party has just gone too far away.

      • Blue dogs were fake anyway, When push came to shove they could be counted on to toe (not “tow”) the party line. Just like “pro-life” Democrats and “pro-gun” Democrats (speaking from a national perspective).

    • “What is up with all the candidates on the left going full retard on the gun control issues?”

      Honestly, I think their handlers are making them do it to throw the upcoming election. Obama was shrewd enough to avoid talking very much about civilian disarmament gun control before his two elections and many pro-gun moderates fell for it.

      I have no idea why but it sure seems like Republicans and Democrats are supposed to take turns occupying the White House. The Democrats are finishing up 8 years. Before that it was 8 years of Republicans. Before that it was 8 years of Democrats. Before that it was 12 years of Republicans (although those 12 years of Republicans in the White House passed some serious gun control laws). It will be the Republican’s turn for the next 8 years if they actually put a good candidate forward through the primaries.

      • It goes back and forth because both parties suck, and there are very few differences between them. And the memory of an average American is, apparently, about 7 years.

    • Oooo – please tell us all about the “pro gun” republicans out there running right now, cause I sure as hell don’t see them?

      • Borky baby, Dude. Really?? Cruz, Jindal, Perry and Walker are solidly pro-2A. Clearly you’re not paying very close attention. Are any of them swearing on a stack of bibles to repeal NFA ’34 or GCA ”68 by executive order on their first day in office? Well, no, no they aren’t. Why? Because that would be impolitic and would actually be a perfectly insane thing to do in the current political and social climate.

  5. I would like to totally ban (and confiscate) all Socialists.

    I probably have as much chance of that happening as Bernie Sanders does in banning handguns.

    Seriously, these people are talking about causing open insurrection.

    • And don’t forget a NYC liberal (just like his ice cream making buddies B&J, and parents-funded-rolling paper-turned-coffee-roaster Green mt Coffee/kurig ), who moved here in his mid-twenties and and co-opted this state along with their liberal MA/NJ/NYC buddies. VT has become the quaint playground for the city liberals who want to pretend to be a plebeian after college. Burlington area ain’t Vermont. They allow us our guns for hunting because it is quaint, but only po po should be allowed anything beyond double barrel shotgun or wood-stocked 30-30

  6. Can anyone name one Socialist that is Pro-Gun ? I don’t think that Bernie is an exception. Socialists typically want to control people. They want to take your hard earned dollars and give them to folks that don’t want to work, can’t work or can’t find work. Can’t control people with guns. Therefore: Socialist = Anti-Guns. Simple.

    • They trend to be pro gun until they get in power. Then, magically, they don’t like the idea of their revolutionary brothers and sisters being able to overthrow them.

        • Reminds me of a story, a wild -eyed lefty actor whose name I can’t recall right now was disturbed at a flight of Air Force fighters at Bill Clinton’s first inauguration and expressed his displeasure (that nasty military, you know). His pal responded, “Hey, don’t feel bad, those are OUR planes now….”

  7. I miss the goood ole days when being a commie got you watched by the feds instead of being watched for reading TTAG

  8. Question: “Does VT presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders want to ban handguns?”

    Answer: who cares? there’s too much riding on the next election to vote for a democrat. Congress could grow some huevos and stop antigun legislation, but do you think they’ll stop the next president’s SCITUS nominations? I don’t think they will.

  9. Pretty sure this guy wants to turn the U.S. into a socialist state modeled after Scandinavia, and because legally owning handguns throughout most of Europe is a major PITA, I’d be unsurprised if a UK style ban is one of his goals.

  10. Here’s a fun riddle for ya:

    Q: What does Bernie Sanders call a handgun and “assault weapon” ban?

    A: A good start.

    Anyone who thought his record in Vermont meant that he was pro-2A has more faith in politicians than I’m capable of mustering. It seemed obvious to me from the beginning that he was pandering to Fudds just enough to stay in office. The true colors are starting to show.

  11. In a heartbeat, he would. He’s just another racist, elitist liberal who believes that some animals are more equal than others. Guns are fine in the hands of rural, older, kindly white people, meaning about 90% of Vermonters; but not for those rednecks, darkies or mojados elsewhere. Disgusting horror of a human being, this one.

  12. There is no such thing as a pro gun socialist. Bernie sanders is a liar and the gun owning voters of Vermont are stupid and keep voting for a gun grabber because they like his cultural socialism. Free education, free baby sitters, free sex, high taxes on businesses not head quartered in vermont.

    • What’s wrong with free sex among consensual adults? Or do you think that only when you pay a fortune for a wedding, house, etc that people should be allowed to have sex (because shelling out a few hundred thousand dollars for sex isn’t prostitution or anything…)?

      • As I recall from my childhood the free sex or free love crowd were extremely anti firearms. And they still are extremely anti second amendment. They said there was no reason for people to have guns. Putting flowers into the rifle barrel of a soldiers weapon was the answer to violence perpetrated by evil people.
        The occupy wall street movement that Bernie sanders supports is also about free sex and anti freedom when it comes to firearms.

        If you have an example of a elected leader who supports free love and the right to own a machine gun and any other arm I choose to own please tell me.

      • I only speak for myself, of course, but by “free sex” I took him to mean more than just literal sex between consenting adults.

        I take it to mean the entire mindset of sex without consequences, of life decisions overall made considering only the range of the moment.

        These are the “if it feels good, do it” crowd who exercise their freedom with reckless abandon, never considering or atoning for the damage and infringements they inflict upon others. This action-by-emotion mentality goes well beyond sex. For example, if the existence of firearms makes you feel bad and banning them would feel good, then do it.

        • “I take it to mean the entire mindset of sex without consequences, of life decisions overall made considering only the range of the moment.”

          That is perhaps one of the best and most succinct descriptions of a Progressive that I have ever heard. They want to be able to do anything or nothing without any consequences for themselves. Of course they are more than happy to see their actions cause consequences for you and I. Sex leads to an unwanted pregnancy? Simple solution: kill the baby. Have no work ethic and get fired? Simple solution: government thugs take money away from people who have a good work ethic and give it to your sorry @ss. Like to get angry and assault someone because it feels good and don’t want to get seriously injured/killed in the process? Simple solution: government laws prohibit your potential victims from being armed and able to stop your tirade. Want to be able to steal other people’s stuff without paying any personal consequences? Solution: government will ruin the lives of anyone who uses deadly force to stop a thief if the thief didn’t threaten the property owner. I could go on and on.

          I would say that Progressives are much closer to the “anarchist” label than libertarians.

  13. I can’t wait to get the rest of the parts to build my .308 based AR hunting rifle. I’ll post it on my facebook page because my leftists authoritarian friends will just love it! It shows just how rigid peoples thinking is when they do not realize you can use an AR or AK and many other weapons for hunting.

  14. It’s really concerning that the dem candidates are going so hard with the gun control as a pillar of their campaigns. Normally both sides are super bland about any polarizing topic.

    Are they just exposing how dumb they are or do they have some info that should worry the POTG?

    • I’m thinking the same. What do they know that would cause a general support for gun control as a winning position to campaign for?

      Economic collapse with nation wide civil unrest?

      • I would think that widespread civil unrest would make gun control less popular, not more popular, as law-abiding folks realize they might just need the means to protect themselves.

  15. Nah, He must be another shrill for TTAG and the Nazi Rifle Association.

    More guns means more unskilled individuals shooting who think they’re rambo or the terminator in a public place. An awful idea. The brainchild of the NRA and TTAG who, of course as the mouth piece of the gun manufacturers, want to sell more guns……

    Why are these brainless hicks called the “law abiding gun community” willing to believe the BS that a gun makes you safe? The evidence against your BS position is so clear terrorists. Every 1st world country has way lower crime than we do. And they all have strict gun regulation. Not many, not most, but virtually every first world developed country.All.

    Every country where it is common to carry a weapon openly has sky high crime, no safety for anyone. Reading your idiotic posts, it is clear you want to be able to carry because you are fearful… What is it you are fearful of or is it your lacking something down there? I submit you are afraid of your very neighbors or loved ones, people you know and strangers alike because they all have guns. You are afraid of them and they, in turn are afraid of you.

    America is becoming like Somalia, like Afghanistan, like Ethiopia. And you terrorists are helping that spiral downward.

    Mexico ships drugs to America. And we ship guns to Mexico. You, and the gun manufacturers in America, and the gun owners whose very guns make them prey for burglars who want to steal them for profit, arm the drug lords in Mexico and elsewhere.

    And the NRA and TTAG sell many of their weapons to Al Qaeda and ISIS operatives who are operating across our borders. and the weapons manufacturers know this.

    Guns endanger everyone, and gun owners and their families are more endangered than most. That gun you have for “defense” is about 6 times more likely to kill you or a family member than some intruder or other bad guy.

    Gun zealots want you praying with your finger on the trigger, watching a movie with you hand wrapped around a .22, going to bed spooning an uzi and presenting a condom.

      • Willy and friends are really kind of cute and amusing in their own way. Kind of like young children, innocent, naive, unknowing of the ways of the world. Whereas in the children we see the potential to grow and learn and mature, we can marvel at their development. On the other hand, the fully grown adults that Willy and his cadre represent are at best to be pittied, and in most cases to be shamed, ridiculed and mocked.

        • “Willy and his friends…” I’m not sure anyone, not rendered uncounscious, bound and gagged first, would venture down into the basement of Willy’s mom’s house. His only companions are his trusty buddies Left and Right.

    • Willy,

      If you weren’t so ignorant, I’d actually be offended by your posts. Feel free to call 911 for someone with a gun like me to drive over in a patrol car and save you. If you don’t have the courage or the mental capability to handle a firearm, I’ll still do my best to help you out.

      Interestingly, if I can carry a gun on duty responsibly, I can do the same thing off duty. It’s the mind that makes me responsible, not the uniform. That’s just for recognition. By extension, the guys here who shoot more often and accurately than most cops can do the same. They can defend themselves intelligently and responsibly. It’s really not a difficult concept for most to understand, although it may be too much for you.

      • If he ever varied his argument he’d be amusing, but its pretty much the same show up throw around invective (terrorist, nazi, etc.) and rant about the U.S. being more violent than other oh so more enlightened countries (and never site a source) wash, rinse repeat.

        • Doubtful. It’s the “kick a hornet’s nest and run” method of internet trolling….

        • @peirsonb: True enough, but he still doesn’t rate the attention he gets hereabouts.

    • And here is the former Sexual Tyranasaurus back with another round of guilt and blame.

      A junior progressive whose wet dream is to rendition “Enemies Of The State”, give them an “enhanced interrogation” to determine the extent of their crimes, and finally send them to the “showers” for “delousing”.

      A leftist who thinks Stalin and Beria were great people who are misunderstood by the passage of time.

      Sorry we don’t parade in sack-cloth and ashes in atonement after being inspired by your revelations. Your musings are so full of inaccuracies we can’t be bothered to counter them. Keep trying. Bloomberg might make you his chief lackey.

      • At least SexT would engage and reply to being called out.

        Douchemeat is just a drive-by troll who doesn’t respond to his responses. Honestly he should be banned at this point as he adds nothing of value and is a tiresome broken record.

    • “And the NRA and TTAG sell many of their weapons to Al Qaeda and ISIS operatives who are operating across our borders. and the weapons manufacturers know this.”

      That’s some funny stuff right there… Do you know of any trolls who are a grown up? Send them. While your banter is cute, I’m pretty sure my twelve year old, who is in the midst of those gap-brained years between childhood and teenager, could craft a better argument. Might even be funnier.

    • Dude, up your game deli meat. Your old troll posts were entertaining, this current round of bullshit doesn’t even seem like you’re trying or care any more. Was it something we did?

  16. Yet another reason that we don’t just need term limits, we need age limits. He’s spent over 25 years in DC alone (not to mention his previous time in politics) and he’s approaching the age where you have that awkward conversation with your parents about how they shouldn’t be driving anymore. I know some of the older members here might foam at the mouth, but if you wouldn’t trust your parents / grandparents behind the wheel or making their own financial decisions, you sure as hell shouldn’t be letting them make the laws or decide to start wars.

  17. I wouldn’t trust Republicans with my 2a rights either, they’ve signed their share of bans. In fact the best situation seems to be having a rabid anti-gun president for the republicans to oppose. Not a single gun law of substance has passed during Obama’s term for that reason. But they did pass during Bush’s and Reagans.

    • There is an advantage to “divided government”–if they are going after each other hammer and tongs they are leaving me alone…

  18. Right now I’m not sure how much it matters if he would ban handguns. The president alone has no power. I am less concerned with whether he would want to do that than I am with the nominations he could make to the courts. Even if Sanders were the unicorn dem\socialist who would embody VT’s gun culture, his nominations would probably be very much from the NYC style of socialism where the government knows best.

  19. How’s Hillary going to get left of Bernie on this one? Ban everything from kitchen knives to framing hammers and garden rakes?

    The thing about the progressives is they won’t elect a socialist for president, but they won’t mind if one ends up there.

  20. Here is a very simple pledge that if said by enough people will show these Progressives that no matter what these totalitarians do to us, they will never win: I pledge that while I breath, I will not give up my guns. My rights are not up for negotiation, period. Being a student of history, I know exactly what happens after mass confiscation.

  21. Oh, gee. Geriatric Fudd white man with net worth over $2,000,000 wants to keep those who aren’t like him from having access to guns.
    And about that $15 minimum wage. Why only pay your staff $12 Bernie?
    He’s just a vile oligarch disguising himself as a caring compassionate grandpa while working hard to make sure America is safe for his status quo. Put up barriers to prevent anymore people from climbing up to his millionaire status and disarm anyone who might participate in an uprising.

  22. Being relatively new to the world of a firearms with a freshly printed NRA card and having read this and other sites for the past couple of months my personal conclusion is that politicians are the biggest holophobes. And deep down inside they all want to be worshiped, emulated. They shop out their security like they do their yard work and can’t understand why others don’t do the same. Their perspective is utterly skewed. They are forbidden to have independent thoughts for risk of losing their jobs at the same time.

  23. As to why the (D)’s appear to be doubling-down on gun control I expect they are so vain that they see 2016 as a given win. People keep commenting on how even 2A supporters will push gun rights to the bottom in exchange for manufactured social issue circuses.

    So when we get a new (D) for 2016 that (D) can point to the blatant gun control statements during the campaign and say “see, I still won election. The American people are clearly ready for common-sense gun law reform” to help push along AWB 2.0.

  24. “The Ministry of Liberal Propaganda has latched on to Bernie not being Hilary Clinton as his Achilles heel.”
    There, that’s fixed.

  25. Bernie isn’t a Fudd, he is a Communist. Now guns in the hands of the working class support the Revolution. After the great proletarian Revolution guns in the hands of the Party will defend the Revolution. All other guns will be confiscated and their owners shot or sent to the GULAG. Bernie thinks he is the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky.

    Progressive: An 21st Century adherent of a 19th Century doctrine that failed in the 20th Century.

  26. I was the Berlin wall being torn down on the news when I was a kid. I never thought we’d have a socialist running for president with so much support.

    • Why? We have a Marxist for president. His mother was a Marxist, and his childhood mentor Frank Marshall Davis was a card carrying member of the Communist party. Obama attended a church for 20 years where radical, Marxist Black Revolutionary Theology were preached with much anti-American hate. He was a friend of Bill Ayres and Bernandine Dohrn, two Communist terrorists. Also, “Obama learned his lesson well. I am proud to see that my father’s model for organizing is being applied successfully beyond local community organizing to affect the Democratic campaign in 2008. It is a fine tribute to Saul Alinsky as we approach his 100th birthday.” –Letter from L. DAVID ALINSKY, son of Neo-Marxist Saul Alinsky. Saul Alinsky wrote “Rules for Radicals,” a handbook for Marxists and a blueprint for a new type of radical called “Community Organizer.” Sound familiar? He was also a resident of Chicago, like Obama and Hillary who wrote a thesis about Saul Alinsky. No offense, but if you’re surprised by Bernie Sanders, you need to be better informed. The whole democrat party is now Marxist: definitely no longer the party of Truman and JFK. These people are out to destroy the country and create a “Marxist Utopia.” There is not now or ever has been a successful working model for it.

  27. Can someone tell where to find a successful working model of Marxism/Socialism anywhere in the world?
    In a totally unrelated post I accused a person on YouTube of being a Communist propagandist. A Russian woman replied to me and said that with Obama you are the Communists, we are the Capitalists. Couldn’t disagree. Do we live in a bizarro country now or what?

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