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Robert Brischetto (courtesy

“Until we change our politics to get control over the sale and distribution of firearms, the country will continue to be a place where extremists can act out their violent fantasies.” – Robert Brischetto, Need for stricter gun control is obvious [via]

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  1. Have these idiots forgotten that Paris attack? Killers will get what they need to kill, no matter what the laws say.

    • They all conveniently forget about shootings anywhere else.

      Obama made his “no other advanced nation” comment four months after the attracts in Paris.

      And everyone conveniently forgets the 79 killed in Norway in 2011, which is the worst mass shooting perpetrated by a single individual anywhere.

      Maybe Norway and France are third world countries now?

    • Wait for it to happen in the country where mr. Brischetto is from originally. Italy. Italy is completely deprived of any gun right. The first terror attack brought about by any crazy or random idiot there will make dozens of innocent dead. They know it, they have been warned several times. Wait and see. I know well, because I used to live there.

  2. Writes the guy who has never even been in a gun store. Much less, filled out forms, been fingerprinted and had a background check done to buy a gun.
    Just another hoplophobe trying to exert his version of control over something he doesn’t understand or have any control over.
    I can only imagine him messing his pants, and curling up into a ball. Crying and sucking his thumb were he to attend Knob Creek.

    • Order is very important here. It’s vomit, then urinate, THEN deficate, then play dead. Otherwise any gunman worth his salt would still shoot him.

      • waste of good slug to shoot this clown.

        By the way the prize for a single shooter* massacre goes to Norway’s Anders Behring Breivik who shot dead 69 people, not including the eight he killed with a bomb in 2011.

      • It’s those all-ceramic Glocks that we’ve really got to be concerned about I tell ya!

  3. “…the country will continue to be a place where extremists can act out their violent fantasies.”

    I take it he’s talking about Mexico?

  4. Anyone using the southern poverty law center as a source for gun information as this guy does is a crack pot. He is also a very dangerous crack pot. If we could just take the guns away, the black churches would be safe.
    The KKK would never be able to get guns if the government just may them illegal.

  5. Anybody over fifty years old knows that our society is more violent than it was in the past. This is true, regardless of the cause. To fail to face that fact is to be willfully vulnerable. Are guns more available and easier to obtain today than in the past, prior to the 1968 gun control act and other gun control measures, like the Clinton AWB? No, in fact, they are greatly restricted compared to those times, when just about any gun could be ordered from a magazine, catalogue or newspaper ad and sent to the purchaser in the US Mail. People are intelligent enough to see this change, along with the additional danger from terrorism and random insanity, and make the logical decision to provide themselves with the best defense against a violent assault, a gun. Yet, many of our politicians cling to an outdated model where they believe a law against carrying weapons in certain areas will have an effect on criminals and the mentally impaired. Maybe they are the true mentally impaired.

  6. because laws worked so well for alcohol, they even wrote a ban into the constitution! oh, and the war on drugs. and illegal immigration. and prostitution. . . . and child labor in foreign countries. . . and human trafficking. .. . and corruption. . . and tax evasion . . . . and adultery (still illegal and on the books in most states). . . . and murder, rape, and buggery!

  7. The same ignorant nonsense by yet another ignorant pundit.
    I had a buddy up last week who’s pretty left and he was (to his credit) asking me about the “gun show loophole.”

    I started by asking him what he knows about it. Admitted “only what I’ve heard.”

    I set him straight (he was pretty pissed that all his sources for news were blatantly lying to him) and he no longer buys into the magical “loophole” but the important part is he only knew what he had heard. How many people who have heard things are willing to go and investigate what they’ve heard? Of this jackasses audience how many will check the statutes?

    Therein is the problem. A perfect illustration of how ignorance = strength.

    All the data of the world past and present is available to anyone anywhere anytime and yet people still default to a state of ignorance. What a waste.

    • I remember in the 1980s, in high school, I was reading a newspaper article about the Texas Education Agency’s textbook selection process. One particular history book was selected primarily because it provided a mini-glossary in the margins of the chapter pages, as a reference for unfamiliar words introduced in the chapter. The thinking was that if the glossary were in the back of the book with the index, then kids would just skip over and never go look up the meanings. Being in the margin, they’d get it right away.

      As a student with a well worn approx. 50 lb. (or so it seemed) unabridged dictionary on my desk at home, the thought of not bothering to look up an unfamiliar word, and ten more tangentially related words while I was at it, boggled my mind. It stuck with me, though.

      Ever since then, I’ve seen that pattern play out daily in politics, economics, sociology, you name the field. Everybody is looking for the path of least resistance, the quick buck, the simple solution, and the easy way out. That’s fine when we’re talking about genuine optimization. That’s sound when the marginal utilities of competing options are assessed and the tradeoffs intelligently are balanced.

      However, the masses out there are just snapping up the quick and easy, with no regard for the true cost of what little they’re getting, whether in goods, services, or understanding of public policy. It’s encapsulated by the aphorism “penny wise, pound foolish.” These are people who buy a car based only on what the monthly payment is, or who charge a $15,000 Disneyland vacation on a credit card and take years to repay it.

      Likewise, these are the people who will believe the bilge pumped from the press and the president, without question, without verification, simply because it’s a quick and easy facsimile of information. I call it the convenience of ignorance, and it’s part of what’s ruining this country.

      • Man, you make an OUTSTANDING point here.

        I’ll give you another example. A few years back, a dude was hired to study “Middle School Science Text Books” to try to measure effectiveness and efficacy in learning.

        What he officially reported was the text books in that target market constituted an abysmal failure.

        All that “Crap” in the margins served only to DISTRACT students. There was all kinds of meta-data (different colors, typefaces, abbreviations) added to the books in the name of making information “more accessible” that only served to confuse students. Now they not only had to know how to read a book, but also to decode all the colors, typefaces and abbreviations.

        So much in education in the last 20 years done in the name of making things ‘better for the student’ has only served to dumb things down. That’s a professional opinion by a former teacher. And, it’s getting worse as we move more and more to computer/tech based “teaching solutions.”

        A friend of mine has a good name for where we are headed: “Monkey Chow.” Fill out a form (right or not) and get your Scooby Snack (in the form a grade or a check mark on a transcript).

        Meanwhile, those few percent of students that do bother to WORK at their learning (such as by looking things up in a dictionary) are still learning, but the Institution has left them behind as being corner cases the institution can’t cater to.

    • Gunshow loopholes sounds dangerous. St. Petersburg Times or St. Pete Pravda as it should be called writes about this nonexistent loophole every time the big gunshows roll through town. They never talk about how they make money off the same nonexistent loophole in their classified section. People actually advertise private sale no background check required.
      I make it a point to comment about this every time they have a story. I have actually had people tell me its not the same thing becuse those are private sales and at gunshows even dealers get to make unrecorded sales and that’s why they are so popular!
      The local sheriff after being attacked by the paper made a law last year in Pinellas county that requires all sellers to do any sale at the show through a FFL. This rule he came up with in effect opens up the FFL doing the transfers to criminal charges. Under Florida law he falls under the same rules as a pawn shop. He is supposed to hold any gun he takes in for 30 days but of course that’s not happening. The sheriff’s office says they can overlook that part of the law which is total BS.

  8. Look up his name, he’s a troublemaking leftist. He’s tried to shut down investigations into voter fraud, so that illegals can commit more voter fraud in the San Antonio, Texas area. This is just another hit piece by an elitist statist.

  9. I keep reading that ‘mysanantonio’ text in the link and parsing it as “monsanto.”

    Poetic? Subliminal suggestion (on my brain’s part)?

  10. “..will continue to be a place where extremists can act out their violent fantasies.” ”

    Does this guy live in the US? Because last time I looked around there isn’t anywhere in this country where it is legal to ‘act out violent fantasies’ when those fantasies include shooting people.

    Does he know some place where murder is legal around here and just isn’t sharing?

  11. I’ve argued before that one reason the grabbers don’t have any more success than they do is their reliance on falsity and lies, even after the truth has become known (that’s why, for example, their “eleventy gazillion and rising school shootings” crap has not gotten them any traction). It occurs to me that they have another reality-based problem: They can scream till they are blue in the face about controlling “online gun sales”, but when it comes to actually crafting legislation to stop such sales, they run into the reality that guns are not sold over the internet; as we all know here, they are sold via face-to-face transactions, either through an FFL or through a private transaction, but still face-to-face at some point. They can’t stop “online sales”, because such sales do not exist. Similarly, they can’t plug the “gun show loophole” because the “gun show loophole” does not exist to any significant degree; anyone who sells a significant number of guns at a gun show has to have a license and follow the prescribed background-check procedures. One way or another, reality keeps intruding on these idiots, and they just don’t seem to get it.

  12. “get control…” means of legal FFL’s and currently lawful people. Always the same delusional thought which is convinced if we disarm the lawful the criminals will be disarmed too.

  13. Another twisted sister who cant get his tools straight, poster boy for boss Tweed from NY early days, a corrupt political machine leader who started gun control too intimidate people and protect his interest only his people could have guns!
    Fast forward to today the same Political machine with a name Change {Democrat} and a few Rhino’s are basically trying to accomplish this nation wide, starting with the man Haters from California and Shumer, the Hebrew making up for the Final solution a little late! then Clinton’s, O’bama, the Illegal Muslim freak! all want Control, subject the Peons to not have too work and think for themselves, and Lie about it all the Way so now they are dependent on the Government,

  14. Oh…so I guess that’s why violent extremists haven’t killed anyone in Europe recently. Moron.

  15. “Until the country becomes a full blown tyrrany, able to use the state to crush differong opinions, lifestyles, or people I dont agree with, I won’t be happy.” There, fixed it for him.

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