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When it comes to Draconian gun laws, the United Kingdom takes the cake. If you so much as think about owning a gun in The Land of Hope and Glory, you’ll be here today, scone tomorrow; serving your sentence at her Majesty’s Pleasure. So what are we to make of this, from the UK’s Independent newspaper? “A footballer cleared of murder three years ago was facing a life sentence today after being convicted of another gun killing. Former Millwall striker Gavin Grant was involved in a series of ‘tit-for-tat’ shootings in and around a ‘lawless’ council estate, the Old Bailey was told.” Just how tit for tat did it get with the gat? You’ll have to make the jump for that . . .

In August 2007, Grant was found not guilty of shooting Jahmall Moore, 22, who died in a hail of 16 bullets fired by three gunmen in January 2005.

But today, he was found guilty of Mr Labastide’s murder in January 2004 after trials last December and this month.

The court was told it was Mr Labastide’s killing which led to the second murder and a spate of shootings on the estate.

Grant denied involvement and said Mr Labastide, who was known as Playboy, was a friend.

Operation Trident gun-crime detectives believe there were up to 30 connected shooting incidents in the area arising out of the fall-out.

Ah, gun control. You gotta laff mate. Just make sure you duck first.

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