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Person or persons unknown murdered gun enthusiast Todd Getgen yesterday at the Pennsylvania State Game Lands rifle range in North Middleton Township. As of today (Thursday), police said they had no leads and no suspects. Getgen’s gun—a custom-built, silencer-equipped AR-15—is missing. In May, a rifleman at the same range reported someone had stolen his .308-caliber target rifle when he’d walked to a target 300 yards away. also reports that “Game Commission officials said there had been a problem about a year ago at the range with people breaking into cars.” It’s not known if these events are related to the homicide. Getgen was unemployed at the time of the shooting.

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  1. Didn't the two guys in Florida who had the shoot out with the FBI get some of their guns this way? Platt and Matix?

    This could be the lead-in to a more serious crime wave.

  2. I was on staycation in Altoona, and it was a bad week for shooters in central PA. This poor guy could have been writing for TTAG:

    Todd Getgen died doing what friends say he loved.

    Raised in the scenic woods of Clinton County, the 42-year-old lawyer and Army veteran from Enola loved hunting, shooting and anything to do with firearms, including making his own ammunition.

    “He would talk about weaponry,” said Charles E. Schmidt Jr., a senior partner at the personal-injury firm Schmidt-Kramer, where Getgen worked for about 10 years until leaving last month. “He was an expert on firearms, bullet caliber. He was very much interested in that. It’s an irony that’s what led to his death.”

    … but probably not this guy, or any of his friends:

    A local Iraq war veteran died late Friday night after he accidentally shot himself in Snyder Township, investigators said.

    Christopher Chamberlain, 22, of Tyrone died from an apparently self-inflicted gunshot head wound, Blair County Coroner Patricia Ross said Saturday.

    Chamberlain, she added, was one of four young men at a Decker Hollow Road residence. The gun was mishandled "and they weren't paying attention to the weapon appropriately and it discharged," Ross added, saying she has ruled out foul play and suicide.

    It appeared at least some of the young men, including Chamberlain, had been drinking, but they were not legally intoxicated, Ross added.

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