Should Detroit Mayor Bing Have Fired Police Chief Evans?

By all accounts, even his own, Detroit Police Chief Warren Evans was a bit of a pig. “It’s a shame when its problematic for two single adults to date,” the disgraced ex-top cop wrote in his Facebook page. “Shame on me for not hiding it! Or being married with a girlfriend on the job like so many others.” For NOT hiding it? Clearly, Chief Evans had a deeply skewed sense of right and wrong. The Detroit Free Press reports that Evans pressured supervisors to send an officer to Siberia for gossipping about his illicit relationship with Detroit Police Lieutenant Monique Patterson . . .

An official report says Evans’ defense of his dalliance hurt departmental morale. And yet, The Chief violated no departmental policies. More importantly, as TTAG reported last month, Evans’ policing methods have reduced Motor City’s gun crimes—both fatal and non-fatal—by more than 20 percent.

Once again, the safety of Detroit’s citizens has been sacrificed on the altar of political expediency. IMHO.


  1. avatar rollo thomassi says:

    Well, it seems to me if the chief is to be a role model, then he should hold himself to a higher standard despite what's in policy. Dating a subordinate whom he promoted (not good); flaunting relationship and taking swipes at those who talk about it (not good; having reality tv cameras rolling on a SWAT call (not good); mayor not knowing about reality tv cameras until it goes bad with death of a 7 year old (not good at all); posing with a police rifle as part of a reality tv show about the chief (not good); as chief, agreeing to have reality show filmed about him (not good)…. I'm thinking the mayor just got fed up. Good riddance. Detroit hang in there, it'll get better.

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